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FATHER’S NAME: Late Sh. Fakiran Pandey

DATE OF BIRTH: January 01, 1967

MAILING ADDRESS: Department of Geography, Delhi School of Economics, University of Delhi, Delhi-110007 India

CONTACT NO: Off: 91-11-27666491 Res. (00) 91-9560 5252 60, (00) 91-7838189040
Present Position: Teaching as Associate Professor, Department of Geography, Delhi School of Economics, University of Delhi.

Ph. D. Geography, University of Delhi (2000) Hazard Risk Assessment and Sustainable Land Development in Upper Beas Basin”

M. Phil. Geography, University of Delhi (1992) “Environmental Aspects of the Rural Water Supply in Cholapur Block, Varanasi, Uttar Pradesh.”


Vulnerability Assessment in High Altitudes. Chryospheric Studies. Climate Change, Hazard-risk Assessment and Natural Resource Management.

    1. Nodal Officer for admissions in M. A., M. Phil and Ph. D. for the Academic years, 2016-2017 and 2017-18 in Department of Geography, Delhi School of Economics, University of Delhi.

    2. Superintendent of Examinations, M. A. Geography at Department of Geography, Delhi School of Economics, University of Delhi.

    3. Teacher-in-Charge of M.A. for the Academic years, 2015-2016, Department of Geography, Delhi School of Economics, University of Delhi.

    4. Teacher-in Charge for M. Phil. And Ph. D. for 2014-15 Department of Geography, Delhi School of Economics, University of Delhi.


  1. PI in Research and Development Grant 2015-16, University of Delhi Project on Chryospheric Hazard Susceptibility and Vulnerability Assessment for Livelihood Security in Mid Altitude Region of Western Himalaya. Department of Geography and Department of Economics, University of Delhi.

  2. Mentor in Innovative Research Project on Stipulating the Role of Agriculture and Forestry in the Urban Environment: Mapping and Analysing Green Spaces of Delhi. Shaheed Bhagat Singh College, University of Delhi.

  3. PI in Research and Development Grant 2014-15, University of Delhi Project on Impact of Rural Water Supply on Livelihood Security in Lower Ganga-Gomati Doab.

  4. PI in Innovative Research Project 2013-14 on Religious Segregation in the Residential Pattern of Delhi: A Study in Causes Measurement and Consequences. University of Delhi, Shaheed Bhagat Singh Eve. College Research Unit.

  5. Research Assistant for the Canada International Development Agency (CIDA)–Shastri Indo-Canadian Institute (SICI) Partnership Project on Sustainable Development of Mountain Environments in India and Canada. June 1994 to June 1996.

  6. Research Assistant for the Government of India, Ministry of Agriculture Project on Perspective Plan for Land Resources in Northwest India. March 1993 to May 1994.


Supervised 01 Ph. D. and 01 M. Phil. In 2017 and presently Supervising 05 Ph. D. and 06 M. Phil. Scholars on various topics related to Himalayan Ecology, Vulnerability and Sustainable Development.


1. Funding for Japanese Society for Promoting Science (JSPS 2016 for Hiroshima University jointly with Indian Council of Social Science Research (ICSSR) –, 2. Funding for Teach the Teacher” Workshop at University of Fribourg, Switzerland 2016. The Global Programme on Climate Change (GPCC) of the Swiss Agency for Development and Cooperation (SDC) 3.Travel Grant Financial Assistance from University of Delhi 2016. 4. Centre for Mountain Studies, University of the Highlands and Islands, Scotland UK, Financial Support 2015. 5. International Council for Science ICSU) Financial Support for Our Common Future under Climate Change Conference, UNESCO Paris France. 2015 6. University of Bern, Switzerland Financial support to attend Global Fair of Mountain Observatories at University of Nevada, Reno, USA.2014. 7. European Commission Financial Support for European Geological Science Congress Participation in 7th EUROGEO Congress at Bologna, Italy, 2012. 8.United Nations Organization International Polar Year 2012 Financial Grant from Aboriginal Affairs and Northern Development, Government of Canada for International Polar Year Conference, Montreal, Canada April 2012. 9. NASA Financial Grant Open Science Meeting, Arizona State University Tempe, Arizona, USA, 2010. 10. International Geoscience Education Organization (IGEO) Financial Grant for University of Witwatersrand, Johannesburg, South Africa. 2010. 11.Oxford University Financial Grant, for Food Security and Environmental Change Conference, 2008. 12. International Geographical Union (IGU) Commission on Marginal Regions, Financial Grants, Kitami, Hokkaido, Japan, 2007. 13. International Geoscience Education Organization (IGEO) Financial Grant, Bayreuth, Germany, 2006. 14. Global Corban Project Financial Grant from National Institute of Atmospheric Research, Denver, Colorado, U. S. A. 2005. 15. University Grants Commission (UGC) Grants for GGRS Conference, Gottingen, Germany. 2004. 16. UNESCO (Paris) Financial Grant, for UNESCO Conference on Global Health and Equity, Paris, France 2001 17. Indian National Science Academy (INSA) Financial Grants for IGU Conference Stockholm, Sweden, 2001. 18. University Grants Commission (UGC Travel Grants for IGU Conference, Tague, South Korea, 2000. 19. National Association of Geographers, India (NAGI), Young Geographers Award 2000, Dharwad, Karnataka, India. 20. United Nations University, Tokyo, Host and Travel Grant Award in 29th IGC, Seoul, South Korea, 2000. 21. UNESCO / IAHS (International Association of Hydrology Sciences) Financial Grant to attend at ICIMODE, Kathmandu, Nepal, 1996. 22. International Geographical Union Young Scientists Host and Travel Grant in 28th IGU, The Hague, the Netherlands, 1996. 23. Canada International Development Agency (CIDA) and Shastri Indo-Canadian Institute (SICI) Research Fellow, 1995. 24. Commonwealth Geographical Bureau(CGB), Financial Grant to attend the International Seminar on the Global Change and Commonwealth at University of Hong Kong, Hong Kong, 1994.


  1. Water Resources: Potentiality, Vulnerability and Management: Indian experiences. (Ed.)Research India Press, New Delhi. 2017. ISBN: 978-93-5171-0950

  2. Environmental Concerns and Sustainable Development in Himalaya (Ed.) Research India Press, New Delhi. 2017. ISBN 977-93-5171-0967

  3. Dynamics of Land Use Change: Sustainability and Management (ed.) Research India Press, New Delhi. 2014. Pp.316 ISBN: 978-93-5171-002-8

  4. In Search of Sustainability: Global Perspective on Marginality, Technology, Politics and Planning of Land Use. (ed.) Research India Press, New Delhi. 2011. Pp. 312. ISBN: 978-81-89131-49-4

  5. Hazard Ecology: Approaches and Techniques (ed.) Mittal Publication, New Delhi, 2010, Pp. 395. ISBN: 81-8324-105-0

  6. Natural Resource Management. (ed.) Mittal Publication, New Delhi. 2005. Pp 465. ISBN: 81-7099-986-3

  7. Geoenvironmental Hazards in Himalaya: Assessment and Mapping. Mittal Publication, New Delhi, 2002. Pp. 460. ISBN: 81-7099-864-6

Research Papers (Peer Reviewed Journals)

    1. 21 Research Papers have been published in reputed/ refereed journals.

    2. 39 Research papers have been published as Chapters in Books

    3. 17 Articles have been published in Magazines.

    4. A number of citations in Newspapers and Periodicals.

    5. 05 Book reviews.

    6. Editor, Joint Editor and Member of Editorial Board for many National and International Journals.


Life Member, Associate Member and Corresponding Member of about 15 Learned Bodies.

  1. Executive Member of Council: International Geosciences Education Organization (IGEO)

  2. Member of the Governing Council: Indian Institute of Geographers (IIG) for the Years 2016-2019.

  3. Executive External (International) Member of the Advisory Board the Afromontane Research Unit (ARU) Advisory Board, University of the Free State, (UFS) Qwa Qwa Campus, South Africa. Private Bag X13, Phuthaditjhaba, 9866 Republic of South Africa

  4. Secretary of the Governing Council: Indian Institute of Geographers (IIG) for the Years 2010-2013.

  5. Joint Secretary of Executive Committee: National Association of Geographers India (NAGI) for the Years 2002-2006.


Participated and Chaired the Sessions, Panel Discussant and Presented Research paper in about 130 International/National Seminars/Workshops/Symposium in India and abroad.


Delivered 46 Lectures as Resource Person in various organizations in India and abroad.

(Bindhy Wasini Pandey)
Yüklə 23,36 Kb.

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