Business Administrator Interview Questions: How do you deal with busy and stressful business periods?

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Business Administrator Interview Questions

Business Administrator Interview Questions:
1. How do you deal with busy and stressful business periods?
Look for candidates that highlight tried and tested stress management techniques. Candidates should also touch on the importance of staying organized and employing effective time-management techniques.
2. What is the key to drafting and working with a successful budget?
Look for candidates that demonstrate a talent for numbers and can prioritize business activities.
3. What challenges or difficulties do you often find with budgeting?
Look for candidates that acknowledge their challenges. Candidates that appear to be over-selling their abilities could land the business in financial trouble.
4. Tell me about a time when you had a difficult situation with a supplier. How did you resolve the issue?
Look for candidates that demonstrate problem-solving and conflict resolution skills. Applicants should also demonstrate good negotiating skills.
5. What office software, computer applications, and business technology are you proficient in?
Look for candidates that stay up to date with technological advancements and have used a range of apps and software. Also, applicants should be comfortable learning and introducing new technology to the role.
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