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Change of enrollment form

FALL 2017 Return this form to The Friday Center, email:

DROP To drop a course assumes you have other courses on your schedule for the current term. For a full refund for the course, you must drop by the deadline.

CANCEL is dropping all of your courses before classes begin. It is, in effect, the same as not having a registration at all. No entry is made on your permanent record and 100 percent of your prepaid tuition and fees is refunded.

WITHDRAWAL requires an additional step. Go to your Student Center in ConnectCarolina and submit an electronic withdrawal request under the OTHER ACADEMIC drop down arrow.
TODAY’S DATE _________________ ACTION: DROP CANCEL WITHDRAW____________

NAME ________________________________________________________PID_________________________________

SIGNATURE_________________________________E-MAIL ADDRESS______________________________________

ADDRESS _________________________________________________________________________________________

COURSE ________________________Reason for drop______________________________________________________

Calendar and Deadlines for Fall 2017:
April 12 Registration begins

July 21 Billing by University Cashier for students who have registered by this date

July 22 Prepayment period begins

Aug. 15 Tuition and fees due for students who have registered before the billing date

Aug 21 Last day to cancel your registration; no tuition or fees charged

Aug 22 Courses begin; late registration begins

Aug 28 Last day to add a course by 5 PM

Sept 4 Labor Day Holiday

Sept 5 Last Day to reduce course load and have tuition adjusted. Note: Dropping all courses requires processing a withdrawal of enrollment from the University.

Sept 5 Last day for all Undergraduate students who began as First-Year students prior to Fall 2014 and all Transfer Undergraduate students who entered prior to Fall 2016 (Old Drop Rules) to drop a course using the web registration system. Drop transactions after this date will require seeing an academic advisor.

Oct 17 Last day for all First Year undergraduate students who entered in Fall 2014 or later, all Fall 2016 Transfer undergraduate students and all other Fall 2016 admitted undergraduate students (New Drop Rules) to drop courses online. Drop transactions processed between weeks 3-8 will remain on the student’s record with a grade of WC (Withdrawal by Choice).

Oct. 17 Last day for all non-First Year Undergraduate students admitted prior to Fall 2016 (Old Drop Rules) to drop courses. Drop transactions processed up to this date will not remain on the student’s record and there will be no grade recorded.

Oct 17 Last day for graduate and professional students to drop a Fall course using the web registration system.

Oct 18 Fall Break begins 5 PM

Oct 23 Classes resume at 8 am

Oct 24 Last day to withdraw from the entire semester for any prorated refund

Nov 22-26 Thanksgiving Holiday

Dec. 6 Last day of classes; Last day to withdraw – no tuition credit

Dec. 7, Dec 13 Reading Days

Dec 8, 9,11,12, Exams

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