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María del Socorro Pérez


María del Socorro Pérez Garza

Hacienda Villa Vieja 514,

Hacienda del Valle,

Garza García, Nuevo León, México

Telephone : (52) (81) 8390-3822 (81) 1133-9968 (81) 8338-8201

Mobile Phone (52) (81) 8162-0362

Education Background:

First 12 years studied in: Dallas Texas (1 year) Monterrey, Mexico (2), and Mexico City (9).

Two college semesters at University of Dallas - Dallas, Texas.

One college semester at University of Dallas - Rome Campus-Rome, Italy

Finished Secretarial Studies in Mexico City.
Work Expertise:
1970-1971 - Worked as secretary at DeVilbiss de México General Management offices and Industrias Guillermo Murguía, México City.
1973 - 1987 - Got married and raised five children.
1988-1990 - English language teaching in different levels: Basic, College, Executive, etc.
1990 to date - National and International Simultaneous Interpretation and Translation in different topics, as well as private meetings with executives in many different industries ( cement, glass, grain, tile and ceramic products, gas companies etc.) escort translating for different groups and individuals in different fields (cellulose fibers, storage systems, glass, cement, etc.) and simultaneous interpretation for market research focus groups and in-depth interviews for different marketing studies (restaurants, fast foods, OTC products, telecommunications, fragrances, construction materials, cosmetics, cake and pastries, soft drinks, purified water, TV channels, telecommunication systems, long distance industry, etc) .
International Seminars and Meetings in the U.S.A. and Central America for Paccar International, Heckett International and Home Interiors. Personal Interpretation for Gov. A. Schwarzenegger in visit to Monterrey, 2006.

The following list includes some of the topics I’ve had the privilege of interpreting:

Installation and Maintenance:
Operation and Maintenance Computerized Drills - Vitroflex - Monterrey

Preventive Maintenance - Dr. B. Coulter - Management Center México

Total Preventive Maintenance - Dr. A. Salee.

Computerized Grinders-Vitroflex

Operations and Maintenance for Paslode Nailers and Staplers

Signode, Steel and nylon strapping, strapping tools and machinery

Water Soft - Water Treatments

Electrical and Mechanical Training for P & H Overhead and Portal Cranes

Parts and Service Meeting 1994 - 1995 Kenworth - Mexico

Kir Foods/Sara Lee Corp. - Security

Castech Saltillo – Aluminum Casting

Pinturas OSEL - Product Line presentation and training

Extrusion Process - Masterpack - CYDSA

Glass Properties - Dr. Koss - Vitroflex

Manufacturing Process Management

Supplies for the Paint Industry

Training on Plant Start-up - CEMEX

Porcelainized Steel Products

Waste Reduction Program - Terry Knabe - Gamesa, February 1996

Grease Monkey Service Meeting - May 1996

Vitro - Standarized Maintenance - May 1996

Exxon Chemical Americas - Steve Kluck - June 1996

Container Design - Vitro - June 1996

Bard Reynosa – Manufacturing Medical Devices

Organization Development and Human Resources:
Master in Organization Development at UdeM, all the modules during several years.

Personnel Recruitment Training

Understanding Customer Services - Dr. P. Parasuraman

International Congress “Gente Nueva”

Operating a Convenience Store

Continuous Improvement Program - CEMEX

Harvard University - Universidad Autónoma de Coahuila

EVA - Spencer Stuart - Vitro - March 1996.

University of Monterrey - Organizational Development Congress

Family Business Congresses- Several years

Dr. Jeffrey Sacks at UdeM and Board Meeting

Telecommunications and Satellite Systems

Communication Systems Via Satellite - Scientific Atlanta

International Platform Systems - PepsiCo-Gamesa

Electronic data Network - Infosel

Satellite Systems and Voice Mail - Disitem

Master Program in Systems Communications - Dr. Wong

Oracle Systems

Telecommunications Seminar - Integer

Sara Lee Knits - Train the Trainer - September 1996

Zebra Technologies - Bar Code printers - October 1996

Transportation & Urban Development

Transportation Engineering - Texas Government Officials - Government of State of Nuevo León.

International Road Federation

Urban Development and Ecology
Quality Management
Master Program in Quality Management - Alfa - UDEM

Quality Audits - Alfa - UDEM

Quality Costs - Alfa - UDEM

Customer Service - Alfa - UDEM


Total Quality Management

Inventory Control - Dr. Thalmann - Management Center México

Customer Satisfaction Management

Sara Lee Knits - Train the Trainer - September 1996

H.E.B. Start up meetings - October 1996

Avraham Goldratt Institute - Theory of Constraints - Dr. Novotny

ISO-9000 - Dr. R. Oley

American Chamber of Commerce - Monterrey

El Norte - Wall Street Journal

University of Monterrey - Industrial Engineering Simposia 1992, 1993, 1994

Amway de México - Nutrition and Beauty Tour - April-May 1994

Amway de México - New Products Launching

Wheat Future Markets in México - U. S. Wheat

International Agribusiness Seminar

Department of Education - International Seminar in Teaching Techniques

Department of Education - UNESCO - Education Indicators

International Labor Organization - Organización Internacional del Trabajo

Australian Swimming School Seminar

OSHA-Safety Procedures in Construction systems

Real Estate Business Seminar 1995

International Seminar of the Mexican Stock Market 1994

Construction opportunities in the Border States 1995

Kenworth International Dealers Meeting, March 1995, Naples, Florida

Kenworth International Dealers Meeting, April 1996, Palm Springs, Calif.

Kir Foods/Sara Lee Corp. - Security

H.E.B. Start up meetings - October 1996
Focus Group Sessions
Covering great number of products as simple as beauty products or aluminum foil up to telecommunications and some medical research. Many of the subjects are also covered within the above topics.
Miscellaneous Written Materials for:
Sociedad Panamericana de Estudios Empresariales - IPADE

Gallup Mexico S. A. De C. V.

UdeM – Academic Program for Business Master Program

Family Business Network Mexico A.C

Amway de México

Corporativo Grupo IMSA – Human Resources Policy Manual for Internet

AC Nielsen – Pepsi, BBC


Kenworth Mexicana – Service Net

Paccar Institute

Kenworth Seattle

Paccar Parts USA

Mabe Saltillo

Asociación Internacional de Clubes Sembradores de Amistad A.C.

ESB de México S.A.

Ogihara Proeza

AC Nielsen



Thomas & Betts

Among many others.


Tel: (81) 8390 3822, (81) 1133-9968 (044818)162-0362 • e-mail:

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