Celt-p module 4 – Portfolio task template

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CELT P Module 4 Task Template

CELT-P Module 4 – Portfolio task template

Module 4 – Resources for learning in the primary classroom

Portfolio task – Plan, teach and evaluate a coursebook activity.

Task focus – Making more effective use of your coursebook; adapting materials for learners.



Name of teacher

Afag Gasimova

Name of trainer

Gulnar Hasanova

Part 1 – Before you teach the lesson
Provide details of the activity including the aim of the activity you adapted (for example, the language or skills learners will practise) and details of your class.

Description of activity in the coursebook

The text about animals ( unit 7, p. 55“ At the Zoo “) was too easy for students ( it was below their level )

Grade 4. https://www.trims.edu.az/site/resource.php?id=897

Description of adapted activity

I chose more difficult reading task and real videos to challenge them and develop their vocabulary base.

Reason for adapting this activity

The level of the text was low and it was boring for students.


Number of learners



A 1



Aim for learners

Practise skimming and scanning skills in reading. Enlarge their vocabulary base.

Lesson Procedure – Write the stage aim for the adapted activity in the Aim: Why you are doing this task column. (Does it involve vocabulary, grammar, listening, reading, speaking or writing? What outcome do you want for your learners? For example, Reading for gist: to help learners get a general idea of the text.) Write the procedures you will follow at each stage when you use the activity.


Aim: Why you are doing the task

Procedure: What you and the learners will do


To prepare learners for the activity and get them interested in the topic

The students watched the video about animals in brainpop and solved the interactive quiz about animals.
It was whole class activity

Pre-teach vocabulary

To help learners understand the activity

We listened to the different sounds of the animals first. I asked the students in pairs to discuss and say the name of the animal and how their babies called. For example: it is a horse and its baby is foal. For each correct answer they got one point.

Adapted activity

To get more interested in the text and to get more encouraged.

I divided students into 2 groups and gave different animal’s pictures to the students and ask them to group them according to their classification (reptiles, mammals, amphibians ) and make a poster. Then students in groups came to the middle of the class with their posters and presented them to classmates.

Interaction patterns – Tick () to show how learners will work at each stage.

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