Choose up to12 classes per semester (based on your home university requirements)

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Choose up to12 classes per semester (based on your home university requirements)

  • Choose up to12 classes per semester (based on your home university requirements)

  • Each class is worth 3 ECTS credits

Degree Program (BA)

  • Degree Program (BA)

  • 20 classes in the three different components have to be taken during the year

    • 12 classes in Management Studies
    • 5 classes in European Studies
    • 3 classes in French Language Studies
  • Students must successfully complete each component (grades are subject to compensation)

Standard Program:

  • Standard Program:

      • EM Strasbourg Business School and partner universities: Stirling, Edinburgh, Moscow, Alcala, Granada, Cracow,
      • Pavia, Tübingen, Dresden, Nürnberg, IBMEC & EAFIT…
      • One Year Exchange:
        • One year of classes in a chosen major at EM Strasbourg
        • an internship + report
        • a thesis (can be done in Strasbourg or at the home university) in French, English, Spanish, Italian or German

Classes are taught in:

  • Classes are taught in:

    • French
    • English
    • German

  • Classes in English:

  • 40-50 classes per semester

      • “Business in Europe”
      • “Product Management”
      • “Cross Cultural Issues of HRM”
      • “Managing People in International
      • Companies”

Classes in English

  • Classes in English

  • Academic Year 2013-2014


  • A few examples:

  • Business Ethics and Corporate Governance

  • Intercultural Management

  • Principles of International Business Negotiation

  • Business and Corporate Strategy

  • Control and Auditing

  • International Aspects of Ethics and Values

  • Sustainable Development

We offer several types of French language classes:

  • We offer several types of French language classes:

    • “Business French”
    • “French Civilization”
    • “French Literature”
    • “Conversational French”
    • “Intermediate Grammar”
    • “Beginner’s” Intensive French

    • “Planète EM Strasbourg”
    • An annual Student Fair held at EM Strasbourg for our foreign exchange students to showcase their country, culture and university
    • National costumes, exotic food and information galore
    • Planet EM Strasbourg 2012


  • Library

  • Culture Card

    • Students get a large discount on tickets for the movies, the theatre, the opera, museums and concerts
  • Computer & Language Labs


  • Sports

    • A large list of activities/sports available such as aerobics, Latin American dancing, parachuting, horseback riding, swimming and much much more….
  • Access to subsidized meals at the university restaurants and cafeterias

  • Medical Services

Student Clubs

  • Student Clubs

    • International, Sports, Multimedia groups
    • Orientation weekends organized by the International Clubs in the fall and winter semesters
    • Various excursions planned for fun and integration, such as the skiing week during the winter semester
  • Work opportunities

    • Work up to 18 hours a week in any field with the long stay visa (OFII procedure required)

University Housing

Private Housing*

  • Private Housing*

    • EM Strasbourg provides a database of private housing in Strasbourg that have been recommended and used by former students
    • The EM Strasbourg International Student Clubs can help you find shared accommodation with other students
    • Facebook group
  • *EM Strasbourg is neither involved in, nor liable for any contractual arrangements between the student and owner / realtor / landlord.

Our school

  • Our school

  • Our City

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