Claim Bill for Start-up Research Grant for insa young Scientist Financial Year

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Indian National Science Academy

Bahadur Shah Zafar Marg, New Delhi 110002

Claim Bill for Start-up Research Grant for INSA Young Scientist
Financial Year ………………….
(To be submitted in duplicate along with Statement of Expenditure)

  1. Name of the Programme

  1. INSA Sanction No. dated for the

Financial year _____________

  1. A) Name of the Young Scientist &

The address of Host Institute

B) Date of Starting the Project

  1. Name in whose favour grant is to be released

  1. Research Project

  1. Title of Research Project

  1. Annual Report of Submitted/Not Submitted/

Previous Year N.A./ (Please tick mark)

  1. Details of Grant

To be claimed from the Academy:

Particulars Equipment* Chemicals/ Travel Total

Other contingency

  1. Amount sanctioned

(current Year)

  1. Unspent balance, if any

Of the previous year

  1. Net amount claimed

  • N.B. Invoice of equipment, chemicals etc., wherever required may be enclosed.

7. Bill 1st/2nd installment/ Both

8. Certified that the amount claimed in this bill will be utilized for the purpose for which it has been sanctioned and audited statement of expenditure will be furnished as soon as possible.

Counter signature of the

Head of the Institute with

Designation and Seal


(Young Scientist)

For office use


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