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  • Welcome Jade Thomas as our Assistant Coach! She played for the Sharks & is now giving back by volunteering to help our team.

  • If you are able to volunteer community time to read to preschoolers on 11/14/, 11/21, 11/29, let Lisa know ASAP, we need to firm up that calendar.

  • No Homework This Week

  • Practice Plans will follow in a separate email from me.

~ Coach


Junior Varsity Black News Letter - Year 45, Volume 5 11/14/16

YELLOW = Player/Parent Action items!
PLAYER NEWS: See Website for full schedule & player details:



Garrett Hedican #16

Our sophomore defenseman started skating at age 3, & playing hockey at 5. Garrett came from Minnesota where he played for 5 years, then played for the Bloomington youth travel team, until settling on the Sharks this season. He is homeschooled & plays hockey to fulfill his PE credits, and isn’t sure long term what hockey may bring but is interested in possibly coaching. His most memorable hockey moment is from last year. His team beat Decatur in their “Tournament of Friends” as a last minute replacement for another team that dropped out. They beat them twice in their own rink as the away team to win their tournament. He also got to play on Notre Dame’s home rink last year - a very fun experience. Some favorites: Shea Weber, Minnesota Wild & all MN teams. #16 & #61, cheeseburgers & fries, & The Walking Dead. His community volunteering is largely with the Central Illinois Down Syndrome Organization, as his three year old brother has Down syndrome & Garrett supports him as much as possible.

How does it feel to be an MCYHA HARK?

This is a completely different hockey experience than anywhere else I have ever played. The locker room is so fun to be in and we have a lot more off-ice activities than I have ever had before.”

** Adam Herrling #2 Defensive Black Shark is doing well, but expected to be out until he’s 100% - we hope that is before EOY.

** Garrett Hedican another defenseman#16 sprained his ankle last Thursday at dry land and will be off ice for at least 3 weeks.

** Black Shark Forward #41 Dylan Halvorson has been released & on this ice this week.

**Defenseman Myles Werkeiser has a concussion from last week’s game vs JV White. ETA back to team is 1 week.

** Chase Hacker, JV White #70 expects to be on the ice this week also.

Scientific evidence shows sharks' wounds heal remarkably quickly.

  • Thank you to all who supported Bergner’s & Pie fundraising!

  • No Thanksgiving weekend tournament – not enough players.

  • Jerseys are expected 11/21/16. Nicole Bagby will receive & distribute ASAP.

  • Return your player bios - I’ve received 4/16.

  • We need 3 adult volunteers for 12/4 (game 1), & 12/11. Please let me know if you are willing to volunteer for gate admissions, running the clock, sitting in penalty box, or filling out the score sheet. I have 1 volunteer for gate on 12/4.

  • Player Volunteers Needed for Community Service:

11/14, 11/21, & 11/29 from 3:15 – 3:45pm to read to students at Montessori Preschool. We need 3 players each day.

  • Warm Up order due 11/20, they will all look the same with #’s & last names. Please confirm your SIZE & make $100 checks payable to Minerva Promotions and give to Lisa.

  • Direct everyone to: to purchase Sharks fundraising apparel. Please post on your Snaps, Insta, FB, or wherever you hang out.



Monday 11/14 3:15–3:45pm Youth Reading at Montessori Preschool at 3 Yount Dr, Bloomington, IL 61704


Tuesday 11/15 7-8:30pm Open Board Meeting in PIC Bday room

Thursday 11/17 8:10-9:10pm On Ice Practice USCC (shared ice last half)

Sunday 11/20 4-5:15PM Game vs JVW (home) in USCC

Monday 11/21 3:15–3:45pm Youth Reading at Montessori Preschool at 3 Yount Dr, Bloomington, IL 61704 & ALSO 5-6:00 pm Dry Land Practice TBD

Tuesday 11/22 8:50 – 9:50pm Practice at PIC (last half shared ice)




Year in School:

Hockey History:

When did you start playing hockey?

Who else have you played for?

Short/Long term goals?

Most memorable hockey moment?


NHL Player?

NHL Team?

Other Sport Team?



TV Show/Book/Movie?



Other Sports Played?

Community Volunteering?

How does it feel to be a member of MCYHA & a SHARK?

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