Dear Relatives

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August 2001

Dear Relatives,

I am Sharen Simmons, the wife of Jack Simmons who is the son of Grace Ellen Winterton who is the daughter of Sarah Van Wagoner. Our children have wished that the Van Wagoner Book, which was printed about 1967, could be available for all the descendants which did not have that opportunity to get a copy the first time. It was decided that we would make it available on the internet for all who would like to have these special stories and pictures.

I would like to thank those ancestors that these stories were about for their special lives and dedication, and also those who worked so hard to gather these stories and pictures to share with us in the original book.

As I retyped these stories I found a closeness with these ancestors and our Father in Heaven. I hope that you can feel the same closeness and renewing of the spirit as well.

To access the genealogy of these ancestors go to

May your heart be touched as was mine.


Sharen Simmons
The original book was laid out in a horizontal, legal page size format to accommodate the family group and pedigree charts following the format of the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-Day Saints. Do to the corrections and additions to this information that has occurred over the last four to five decades, we decided it best to leave this information out of the book and direct the reader to the genealogy web site for the LDS Church: . Here the reader will find a more current version of this information than was included in the original copy of this book. Where pedigree information was removed from this copy, the numbering of the pages has also changed. If a page has a number in parenthesis at the top center, this would be the page number in the original book. All pages and information from the original book were kept in sequential order, but it was not possible to keep the same amount of information on the same pages. Therefore, if a page has a number at the top center, this is the information that started on this page in the original. Following pages in the same set of stories or about the same family are most likely not numbered the same. The numbers in the lower right hand corner are the sequential page numbers for the copy. These have been added for ease of printing out particular pages or sections with computers and have no reference to the page numbers in the original. With it being our attempt to make this history work with internet browsers the layout format has required a bit of change. It is also our intent to make this available from our own web site as a download. To accomplish this, we have entered the photos and text onto 8 ½ x 11 (standard letter size) in a vertical (portrait style) format in a Microsoft Word document. This has changed the page numbering from the original. The table of contents however has one number in parenthesis and another number next to it for each listing. The number outside the parenthesis is the page number in this copy of the original. The number in parenthesis is the page number of the listing in the original book. Hopefully this will make it a little bit easier to refer back and forth between versions. We regret any inconvenience that these inconsistencies between the original and the copies may cause. However, the reader will be able to download the book, which can be immediately printed, allowing a hard copy of the book. Most office supply stores will bind the book with plastic or wire type combs at a small charge. Lamination of front and back covers for another small charge might also be considered.
At this time we would like to thank Oren Simmons and Clair Simmons for the use of their original copies of this book for use in making this copy.



AND BOOK COMMITTEE Clarissa Van Wagoner Pyper

Nancy Van Wagoner Haueter

1st President Willard Van Wagoner Luella Van Wagoner Brienholt

(called to British Mission)

2nd President Frank Alton Van Wagenen FAMILY REPRESENTATIVES:

Vice Pres. Histories Frank Alton Van Wagenen Elmo Van Wagoner Loree Chipman Van Wagoner

Vice Pres. Genealogies Miriam Van Wagoner Maxfield Edna Culmer Harding Donna Rae Van Wagoner Sweat

Researcher Lilia Smith Seegmiller Mamie Hair Blackett Paul H. Van Wagoner

Vice Pres. Publication Alton Huffaker George Pyper Margaret Clyde Rasband

Vice Pres. Photography Leland Van Wagoner (deceased) Eva Van Wagoner Hill Grace Winterton Simmons

Irene Jacobson Van Wagoner Bryce Van Wagoner Alberta Van Wagoner Eastman

Secretary Loree Van Wagoner Orullian Phyllis Clyde Beck

Treasurer 1. Enid Kartchner Hayward

2. Wanda Griggs Van Wagenen * * * * * * * *

Chairman of Reunions Bernard Van Wagenen The remaining sons and daughters of John Halmagh Van

Typists Mary Bronson Wagoner had no family organizations. Their family

Georgia Dawn Clegg representatives were:

(first wife’s son)

Ephraim Eldon Van Wagoner

Ann Minerva Ann Bagley

President Arthur LeRoy Van Wagenen Cynthia Mary Bronson
Vice President Clyde Van Wagenen William 1st wife Lelia Hamilton McAfee

Vice President Eva M. Bushman 2nd wife Blaine Van Wagoner

Secretary and Treasurer Ethel V. W. Harding (deceased) Clarissa LeRella Boyden
Ethel Van Wagenen Harding Clyde Van Wagenen John Alfred Leah Van Wagoner Barr (deceased)

(deceased) Genevieve Johnson Van Wagenen Franklin Douglas Frank Alton Van Wagoner

Eva Murdock Bushman Frank Alton Van Wagenen Mary Clinton chambers (deceased)

Bernard Van Wagenen Carl Bronson Elizabeth Frank Alton Van Wagoner

Stella Jane Bliss Titus


Norman Wright

President Albert Van Wagoner Parley Pratt Zoe Van Wagoner Gibson

Vice President Leo Van Wagoner Maude Atha Fisher Dent

Secretary and Treasurer Maxine Van Wagoner Powell

Assistant Secretary Anita Van Wagoner Fitzgerald * * * * * * * *

Genealogist Miriam Van Wagoner Maxfield

Historian Loree Van Wagoner Orullian A word of thanks to all, both the living and the dead who

News Letter Luella Hair Whyte have contributed to the genealogy and history of our book.

* * * * * * * *


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