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DyNA / DyCS with the Govt. of India



Date :  23rd May 2006

 Subject:  Issuance of Certificate of Competency and endorsements to the representative's of Recruitment and Placement Services registered with the Directorate General of Shipping 

In order to tide over the shortage of Officers, the Mercantile Marine Departments were authorized to deliver the Certificate of Competency and other endorsements to the designated representatives of INSA,FOSMA and
MASSA so as to facilitate delivery of these documents to the seafarers directly on board the vessel to enable them to continue sailing.


To further facilitate the delivery of Certificate of Competency directly on board the vessel, the Directorate has
decided to extend the authority also to those
Recruitment and Placement Services having license issued
by the Directorate, under Merchant Shipping (Recruitment and Placement of Seafarers) Rules, 2005.


Recruitment and Placement Services are advised to forward the name along with the specimen signatures of the authorized representative to the respective Mercantile Marine Department. Only authorized representative will be allowed to take the delivery of the Certificate of Competency, and they shall be responsible for the safe delivery
of the Certificate of Competency to the candidate and submission of the office copy back to Mercantile Marine Department within three weeks. Certificate shall be delivered only if the authorized representative has the
authority letter duly signed by the candidate.


This facility is extended to seafarers on board vessels trading overseas only.

This authority of collecting Certificate of Competency on behalf of the candidate is a temporary measure and may be withdrawn at any time when the situation improves.

List of Recruitment and Placement Services issued with the license is available on the DGS website.

This issues with the approval of Chief Examiner of Engineers & Master and Mates.

Dy. Chief Surveyor cum Sr.DDG(Tech)

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