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Mr. Azmi is the President and Chief Operating Officer for IMTAS. He offers more than 30 years of leadership experience and demonstrated success in the development, nurturing, program management, performance management, organizational maturity, and operational integration of advanced technology systems and solutions to meet a variety of enterprise modernization needs. c:\users\azmi-zal\desktop\azmi-zal.jpg

Mr. Azmi is also the Chief Executive Officer for Nexus Solutions LLC focusing on solutions and service in cybersecurity, organizational transformation, executive mentoring, and supporting the critical infrastructure. Nexus is dedicated to excellence in cybersecurity and Enterprise IT strategies as well as organizational transformation.


Before Nexus Solutions LLC, Mr. Azmi was a Senior Vice President at CACI International. He was primarily responsible for the Cyberspace Security Solutions and services that support the full life cycle of preparing for, protecting against, detecting, reacting to and actively responding to the full range of cyber threats. The Cyberspace Solutions group focused on support to Defense, Intelligence, Diplomatic, and Homeland Security organizations.

Earlier in his career, Mr. Azmi served for 25 years in variety of leadership positions within Department of Defense (DOD), Federal, and Intelligence agencies. In his last 10 years in the government he served as the CIO for United States Attorneys (2000-2004) and the FBI (2004-2009) where he established the Chief Information Officer (CIO) organizations, information assurance and cybersecurity programs, program management, portfolio and asset management capabilities and completely modernized the information technology infrastructures to support the mission. As the CIO for the FBI he managed an operational budget of $1.3B annually. Mr. Azmi was a member of the Intelligence Community and the DOJ CIO Councils. He also traveled to Europe and Middle East to collaborate with Law Enforcement counterparts’ on related technology projects and capabilities. He was an active member of the Five Eyes CIO council.
Mr. Azmi has received several prestigious awards including the Presidential Rank of Distinguished Executive Award, the President G.W. Bush Award for Excellence in Counter Terrorism Support, the Arthur S. Flemming Award for Excellence in Applied Science and Technology, Federal 100 award, two Bronze medals from the Department of Commerce, and numerous military service medals.
Mr. Azmi is an Adjunct Professor at George Washington University, a Fellow at the National Academy of Public Administration (NAPA), a member of the Air Force Communication and Electronic Association’s (AFCEA) Cyber and Intelligence Committees, a member of Intelligence and National Security Association’s (INSA) Cyber Council, IEEE, Chair Person of the Advisory Board for University of North America, Chair Person of the Advisory Board for ICR Technologies, and several other industry associations.
Mr. Azmi holds a Bachelor of Science in Information Systems from American University, and a Master of Science in Management Information Systems from George Washington University.
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