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PETRA is an Incorporated Technology Research Association, established on August 24, 2009. The organization is approved by METI (Ministry of Economy, Trade and Industry) under Japanese Act on an Incorporated Research and Development Partnership. PETRA carries on National Research and Developments Projects on leading-edge “Photonics and Electronics Converged Devices and Systems” in Information and Communication Technology area, where photonics technology and electronics technology are mutually incorporated. www.petra-jp.org
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PhoeniX Software is an independent high-tech company headquartered in Enschede: the Netherlands developing, supplying and supporting world class software solutions for micro and nano technology corporations and institutes. Based on a history going back to 1991, PhoeniX Software is offering a unique fully integrated mask layout, process flow design and simulation environment and the only dedicated Manufacturing Execution System and Technology Knowledge Base for the industry. Furthermore PhoeniX Software is supporting Multi Project Wafer runs at various foundries with process design kits for InP, TriPleX, silicon photonics and microfluidics. Today, customers worldwide benefit from PhoeniX Software’s solutions and services to enhance research, improve quality and reduce time to market. Every single member of the PhoeniX Software team is dedicated and driven to create innovative software solutions based on customer needs and wants. www.phoenixbv.com
Funded Research Projects Experience .

  • RAMPLAS: Silicon-based, integrated Optical RAM enabling High-Speed Applications in Computing and Communications

  • PLAT4M: Photonic Libraries And Technology for Manufacturing

  • COMANDER: Converged Optical-Mobile Access Networks with Dynamic and Efficient Resource allocation. Revolutionizing Next Generation’s Fiber-Wireless Networks.

  • PhoxTrot: Photonics for High-Performance, Low-Cost and Low-Energy Data Centers and High Performance Computing Systems: Terabit/s Optical Interconnect Technologies for On-Board, Board-to-Board and Rack-to-Rack data links

  • PARADIGM: Photonic Advanced Research And Development for Integrated Generic Manufacturing

  • TDK4PE: Technology & Design Kit for Printed Electronics

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PhotonExport is committed to research scientist and sustainable entrepreneurs who truly believe that responsibly innovation is one of the ways of minimizing environmental impact and ensure wellness growth. Solutions: R&D Outsourcing and Technology Valorisation Services – PhotonExport find the right institutional research partner in an IP secure context to extend and accelerate innovation. Products: Commercial distribution in Spain and South America of products or Services for Research Centres: Codex-International exclusive representation in Spain providing Material for vacuum evaporation operations: High purity materials. Inorganic materials. Epitaxy. E-Beam. Pure metals. Antimonides. Arsenides. Borides.Carbides. Fluorides. Nitrides. Oxides. Selenides. Silicides. Sulfides. Tellurides. www.photonexport.com
Photon Lines, created in May 2001, is a distribution company selling value added solutions into the French, Spanish, UK and Ireland photonics market. The focus of the company is two fold: We supply a range of cameras and spectrometers (including CCD cameras, CMOS and sCMOS cameras, streak cameras, intensified cameras) into low light level, high speed vision and imaging applications as well as high technology lasers and laser components into the fields of machine vision, life sciences, military, aerospace, semiconductor, pharmaceutical and scientific research. We also supply advanced scientific imaging solutions primarily into the areas of biophotonics and Spectroscopy. With offices in the UK, France and Spain, Photon Lines is able to call upon a pool of expertise in the field of photonics to the benefit of customers and suppliers alike. Photon Lines is ISO Accredited to comply with the Quality standards ISO9001:2008. www.photonlines.com

PhotonTranfer.com is a trusted community marketplace for companies, research institutions, universities, business schools, venture capitals, scientists, students and professionals to exchange and/or acquire photonics technologies worldwide. It was created to bridge the gap between science and market, photontransfer.com serves as an innovative intellectual property (IP) marketplace and on-line technology transfer facilitator for a wide gamut of photonics technologies through market Listings. www.PhotonTranfer.com

Photonics Finland is the Finnish research, innovation and technology cluster and platform in photonics. It connects Finnish photonics companies, research centres, universities, and public authorities together. Photonics Finland supports the development of the photonics field from basic research through to the deployment and market launch of products. Photonics Finland develops new business and research opportunities, and helps realize the full potential of the photonics industry in Finland in sectors like health care, energy efficiency, safety, manufacturing, and sustainability. Photonics Finland supports networking within Finland and establishes contacts within Europe, especially to the European technology platform Photonics21. www.photonics.fi
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PhotonicsNL Association (PNL) is the unique Dutch platform for 'high tech' companies, knowledge institutes and educational institutes at all levels to exchange and spread knowledge regarding photonics. Creating awareness of the importance of Photonics as key enabling technology, resulting in new entrepreneurship and new jobs is our main objective. We are well connected to a widespread photonics network, both national and international. Besides our Photonics Magazine and website we organize all kind of activities like trade shows, workshops, tailor-made trainings and last but not least our own annual Photonics Event. As the unique Dutch platform PNL is involved in several EU-projects together with partners from all over Europe that aim for the same goal. www.photonicsnl.org
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Photonics Bretagne is a cluster of research centers, schools and companies in the field of photonics, based in North-West of France: Brittany. PERFOS, R&D platform of Photonics Bretagne, develops custom microstructured fibers: Airclad, Highly Nonlinear, Solid or Hollow Core Photonic Bandgap, PM, Multiclad, etc. for your applications. PERFOS’ expertise extends to all types of fibers: doped and un-doped with particular emphasis on silica and chalcogenide photonic crystal fibers but also to capillaries, tapers, couplers for fiber sensors or fiber lasers... We can also offer a global solution involving some of the members of our cluster or redirect you to the right partner within our network. www.photonics-bretagne.com
Funded Research Projects Experience .

  • OASIS: Open the Access to Life Science Infrastructures for SMEs

  • NEXPRESSO: Network for EXchange and PRototype Evaluation of photonicS componentS and Optical systems

  • LIFT: Leadership In Fiber Technology

  • InnoPho21

Photonics Marketplace is the first and unique platform to buy and sell used equipment of photonics. With a team of experienced professionals in the world of Photonics and an extensive network of experts and prescriber, PMP is a smart solution for converting an unused hardware to investment budget to meet the latest technology needs...or just find a low cost optical instrument or non strategic component dedicated to your physics research. Our goal is simple:

  • facilitate the resale of your unused materials;

  • offer you the best buying opportunities in relation to your needs;

  • dissemination of used optical equipment on the web;

  • search of specific devices on product specifications.

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The Photonics Institute (TPI), at the Nanyang Technological University, Singapore is led by a triumvirate of world-class directors, namely Professor Tjin Swee Chuan, Professor Sir David Payne and Professor Nikolay Zheludev. It consolidates the research and innovation activities of photonics related research centres across the University. Under its umbrella, there are currently 5 research centres within the Institute as listed below:

• Centre for Optical Fibre Technology (COFT)

• Centre for Disruptive Photonic Technologies (CDPT)

• Centre for Optical & Laser Engineering (COLE)

• Centre of Excellence for Semiconductor Lighting and Displays (LUMINOUS!)

• Centre for OptoElectronics and Biophotonics (OPTIMUS)

AT TPI, we aim to establish a cradle of scholarship, research and innovation - making the transition from fundamental science to applied science. http://tpi.ntu.edu.sg
PI miCos develops and produces positioning units with up to 6 motion axes for applications that require high precision down to the nanometer range. In addition, PI miCos designs complete systems by integrating precision axes in other system components, such as machine vision or pick-and-place robots and by combining them with an application-specific software. Optical metrology or Photonics Packaging are possible application areas of these motion control components and integrated systems which are used for producing components for telecommunications or high-speed data transfer. Especially for the production of Silicon Photonics devices, PI miCos develops production and test machines for fully automated processes. PI miCos was founded in 1990 and has been part of the PI (Physik Instrumente) Group since 2011. www.pi.ws
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PILOT-3D (3D Photonic Integration Laboratory) aims at advancing industrial application of three-dimensional (3D) additive nanofabrication in optics and photonics with a special focus on wafer-level micro-optics and photonic multi-chip integration. These techniques combine highest precision with unprecedented design freedom and flexibility and are about to set new standards in direct digital manufacturing of photonic micro- and nanosystems. www.pilot-3d.de
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Plasma-Therm is a leading provider of advanced plasma processing equipment. Plasma-Therm systems perform critical process steps in the fabrication of integrated circuits, micro-mechanical devices, solar power cells, lighting, and components of products from computers and home electronics to military systems and satellites. Specifically, Plasma-Therm systems employ innovative technology to etch and deposit thin films. The company's Mask Etcher® series for photomask production has exceeded technology roadmap milestones for more than 15 years. Its new MicroDieSingulator™ systems bring the precision and speed of plasma dicing to chip-packaging applications. Manufacturers, academic and governmental institutions depend on Plasma-Therm equipment, designed with “lab-to-fab” flexibility to meet the requirements of both R&D and volume production. www.plasmatherm.com

PNO Consultants is Europe’s largest independent grants advisory with 250 staff and over 25 years in operation. We help our clients and partners identify public funding opportunities based on their competencies and objectives and we help define project ideas and put together the consortia. PNO manages the application process and writes and submits the proposal. Most of our staff has scientific and research backgrounds, enabling us to contribute to the scientific content and research planning. PNO also supports it clients during the negotiation, kick-off and management phases of their projects. We also provide a range of innovation management services which can be deployed within regionally, nationally and EU funded projects including creation and management of networking platforms, stakeholder relationship management, market & technology analysis, planning and roadmapping, coordination, surveys, impact assessments, training, business case development and dissemination. PNO raised over €150M in funding for its clients in 2011. www.pnoconsultants.com
Funded Research Projects Experience .

  • LIGHT JUMPS: An efficient and effective platform for the cooperation of photonics clusters and the exploitation of European SMEs potential.

Politecnico di Torino (POLITO) is a leading public university, in Italy and in Europe, in technical-scientific teaching and research. POLITO takes part in many EU and international programs. In the 7th Framework Program it was involved in 209 projects corresponding to 57.5 M€. It is closely connected with industries, as demonstrated by several contracts with external companies and has a long experience in national and international research projects. The Photonic groups of the Department of Applied Science and Technology (DISAT) and of the Department of Electronics and Telecommunications (DET) have a long experience in developing materials and technological solutions for photonic applications. They have state of the art laboratories and technologies, they participated to several EU research projects and work together with main industrial players in the fields of ICT, materials processing, biomedicine, transportation and sensing. www.polito.it
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PolyPhotonix is a supplier of OLED: Organic Light Emitting Diode technology for a wide range of markets including lighting, automotive and healthcare markets. PolyPhotonix also develops novel processes for manufacturing OLED devices in high volume. Founded in 2009 it is based at the UK National Centre for Printed Electronics – CPI, in the North East of England. www.polyphotonix.com
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Powerlase Photonics Ltd is an innovative, independent, high power laser company, focused on powerful femtosecond, picosecond and nanosecond high energy Diode Pumped Solid State lasers. Powerlase Photonics Ltd has accelerated the introduction of high power lasers into a variety of industrial applications worldwide, primarily in materials processing, marking, annealing, and cleaning as well as other applications. Customer-focused, and with an in-depth knowledge of applications, Powerlase Photonics Ltd enjoys significant expertise in designing and developing state-of-the-art process solutions for flat panel displays, photovoltaic, microelectronics, EUV, machine tool, automotive, and aerospace markets. Powerlase Photonics Ltd has successfully combined high average power, high repetition rates, and high energy pulses; a combination not previously available together and offers these in IR, Green and UV wavelengths. Its unique utilisation of these product features introduces laser processing into new and innovative applications. www.powerlase-photonics.com
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Prima Electro is a Contract Electronics Manufacturing company based in Italy that designs and produces a Turnkey Service including boards, inverters, drives, UPS’s, converters and complete control units for industrial and rail applications. Prima Electro is a full-service technology company and a leading player in the embedded product market, with a strong know-how in industrial, transports & energy markets. DOTS electronics (Dedicated-Off-The-Shelf) is the business model of Prima Electro, aiming to provide “dedicated” products tailored to customer’s specifications, requirements and applications, but with the same industrialisation level as any standard commercial product. It is a business model that combines the ability to offer dedicated solutions with a fast time-to-market and competitive costs. www.primaelectro.com

PSA Peugeot Citroën is a French multinational manufacturer of automobiles sold under the Peugeot, Citroën and DS brands. Headquartered in Paris, PSA was in 2012 the second-largest Europe-based automaker, and the 9th largest in the world measured by unit production. www.psa-peugeot-citroen.com

The Italian Quanta System is today an important player in the worldwide laser technology market, specialized in 3 scientific fields: Surgery, Aesthetics and Art. They are distinct sectors, united by a common methodological approach which focuses onto the quality of life and care for People. Quanta’s orientation to innovation is realized through a constant effort to introduce new technologies and equipment which are able to satisfy the most demanding requirements. The top value, which the firm calls “Discovery”, the one of Research, is inside the company DNA. It links human needs to Research, whatever technology is necessary, always granting the best and timely solution to physicians and patients. Quanta deeply follows the tradition which, since ever, has accompanied Italians, a Population of explorers and great inventors. Quanta’s successes all over the world confirm the strong push for innovation and the internationalization of Italian projects and technologies. They represent some of the stages into that beauty and health route which is every day explored through systems for Aesthetics and Surgery, always led by their principle: “taking care of people, our masterpieces”. Quanta System’s solutions are often the main bricks for an evolutional passage inside every market like Life-science & Health, Surgery, Applied Sciences, Physics, Microelectronics, Photovoltaic, Advanced Materials, Advanced Manufacturing Processes, Environment & Fine Art Conservation. www.quantasystem.com
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Quantel, a key international player in the solid-state laser industry since 1970, puts its technological expertise at the service of the scientific, industrial and medical markets. With a focus on research, development and innovation, Quantel offers products at the forefront of technology. Quantel offers a wide range of products that meet the requirements of both industrial and scientific applications: Pulsed solid-state lasers: Nd:YAG and Nd:Glass, Fiber lasers, adapted to the industrial: marking and scientific: atom cooling markets, High power laser diodes. Quantel can also design and manufacture custom lasers to meet specific customer application requirements. www.quantel-laser.com
Funded Research Projects Experience .

  • LIFT: Leadership In Fiber Technology

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RAYLASE is a global market leader who develops and manufactures galvanometer-scanner based components and submodules for laser beam deflection, modulation and control. Since its foundation in April 1999, RAYLASE is known in the market for innovative, high performance quality scan solutions. DIN EN ISO 9001:2008 standard certified RAYLASE offers customized solutions for the increasing requirements of laser technology in many industries such as automotive, electronics, packaging, textile, security and solar. In these industries laser technology is used for diverse applications such as cutting, marking, perforating and drilling of plastics, metal, textiles, glass or other materials. In addition to robust and reliable 2-axis laser beam deflection units and 3-axis laser beam subsystems, RAYLASE offers customers the right combination of application software and control electronics to accompany them at exceptional value in a one-stop solution. www.raylase.de

Resolution Spectra Systems offers Ultra-high Resolution Spectrometers: typ. 0.005 nm in the visible and near-infrared range dedicated to laser characterization. Based on the extremely compact SWIFTS™ technology, these innovative spectrometers are easy-to-use, cost-effective and provide an excellent absolute accuracy with a very robust calibration. This is a key tool for tuning control, operating point search and fast spectral mapping of laser diode, VCSEL and tunable laser, either single or multimode. www.resolution-spectra.com
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