Esa earth Observation High Speed Network (Hiseen) Rhodes, 10th June 2004 Agenda

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ESA Earth Observation High Speed Network (HiSEEN) Rhodes, 10th June 2004


  • The ESA Earth Observation use of NREN/GEANT

  • Network solution

    • Technical description
    • Pre-operations schedule
  • Challenges

    • Implementation
    • Operational
  • Issues for discussion

  • Conclusions and way forward

The ESA Earth Observation use of NREN/GEANT

The European Space Agency

The European Space Agency

ESA ESRIN organisation

  • Earth Observation Directorate

  • Operations and Infrastructure Directorate

    • Information Systems Department
      • ESACOM Network (WAN, LAN)
      • Security & Mobility
      • IT infrastructure

Satellites observing the Earth

EO data: Ozone hole

EO data: Digital Elevation Model

EO data

Data shipment in the Ground Segment

Data shipment in the Ground Segment

Online Data Access Objectives

  • The EO products shall be distributed electronically to the end users located around the world

  • The EO data (Raw, and level 1 products) shall be primarily distributed in the Payload Data Segment electronically

  • Phase 1 – 2004

    • On-demand products distribution
    • Electronic data circulation between centres
  • Phase 2 – 2005

    • Interactive online data request and retrieval
    • Integration of non-ESA missions

Basic Principles

  • On-line Archive: Mass Storage Tape Libraries or on disk

  • User data request via Internet (order or subscription)

  • Product retrieval via Internet:

    • High speed Internet backbone (GEANT/NREN)
    • ISP augmented with load-balancing and re-routing COTS
  • Product distribution via Satellite

  • Electronic data distribution between GS Centers using High Speed Intranet VPN (based on GEANT/NREN)

  • Security

    • Detect and avoid unauthorized use of EO data
      • User authentication
      • Standard COTS encryption (IP VPN)
      • Accounting of data downloaded
    • Protection from malicious intrusion
      • ESA Network Security policy as baseline with Intrusion Detection System



  • Frascati (IT): ERS, Envisat

  • Kiruna Salmijarvi (SE): ERS, Envisat, Cryosat

  • Kiruna ESRANGE (SE): Landsat MMS, ALOS

  • Farnborough (UK): ERS, Envisat

  • Oberpfaffenhofen DLR (DE): ERS, Envisat, MODIS, DLR missions

  • Matera (IT): ERS, Envisat, Landsat TM/ETM

  • Maspalomas (ES): Envisat, ERS, SeaWiFs, NOAA

  • CNES, Toulouse (FR): Envisat, CNES missions, Cryosat

  • Svalbard (NO): Envisat, ADM

  • Tromsoe (NO): ERS-2 ATSR, TPM

  • Neustrelitz (DE): TPM, ALOS

  • Gatineau (Canada) ERS-2, ADM

  • Prince Albert (Canada) ERS-2, ADM

  • (Finland) Envisat

Initial requirements

  • Electronic data shipment between Centers

    • 34 Mbps incoming or outgoing nominally 60% occupied
    • ~200 GByte per day
    • MTTR maximum 1 day
  • Internet Data distribution to users

    • > 34 Mbps outgoing per Centre
    • High availability and guaranteed QoS for NRT users
  • Bandwidth requirements evolution (next 10 years)

    • X10 for EO constellations for Global Environmental Monitoring (GMES)
    • X50 for high resolution satellites

Network solution

HiSEEN: High-Speed Network

EO Centres Connections Speed

HiSEEN User Scenario

Challenges: ESA is a customer with points of presence in many countries


HiSEEN Implementation Challenges

  • Several and different contracts and prizing policy to manage

  • Different approaches in procurement phase

    • Direct via NRENs
    • Indirect via 3rd Party (SSC, KSAT)
  • Complex interface with national TELCO

    • changes from country to country
    • difficult in some locations
  • Different technology for Access Routers to be procured and configured

    • ATM, F/G-Ethernet, E3/G.703

Implementation Challenges

  • In few words:

    • A new NREN is another small new project with consequent cost
    • fortunately the implementation challenges are “one off”
    • unfortunately some of the issues remain over time during the operational phase.

HiSEEN Operational Challenges

  • Operations are carried by the ESANOC as for the ESACOM

    • ESANOC Team located in Italy interface with:
      • NRENS,
      • customer,
      • implement changes,
      • manage the network and related IT Infrastructure
      • perform the administrative day to day tasks
  • “One to many” interface with NRENs is complex

  • Interfacing with different NREN implies:

    • Learning different operational procedures for handling:
      • trouble ticket / troubleshooting
      • maintenance
      • changes management
    • often using different languages

HiSEEN Operational Challenges

  • Not all NRENs provide the same services

  • Different access to important information likes:

      • Network Maps
      • Tools for bandwidth utilization
      • Tools for link health status
      • Access to router configurations

Services that not all NRENs provide

  • Tools for:

    • access link bandwidth utilization
    • link health
    • logical and geographical network maps and information related to utilization and available bandwidth.
  • Notification services to the customer:

    • planned outages,
    • detected faults
    • foreseen time to recover
  • Burst rate options rather than pure committed fixed rate

Issues for discussion

  • A “more standard” interface for the customer rather then different interfaces

  • End-to-end QoS

    • Today maybe possible only by direct agreement between 2 NRENs.
  • Service Level Agreement (SLA) for:

    • performance
    • availability
    • time to repair
    • etc…
  • Quick time for bandwidth adaptation

    • E.g. time commitment for increase of capacity

Connectivity Requirements

Policy and Limitations to use the NREN/GEANT network?

  • Earth Observation scenarios

    • Data:
      • ESA or other space agencies missions
      • Dual use missions
      • Value-adding data for service provision
      • EO Commercial missions (I.e.: SPOT, Ikonos
    • Data source:
      • ESA centres hosted at ESA or other establishments
      • Research institutes
      • Public organisations
      • Commercial centres
    • Destination / users
      • Scientific users
      • Experimental value-adding
      • Public value-adding service providers
      • Commercial value-adding service providers
      • Defense

Discussion and Way forward

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