Exercise Write these numbers in full

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Ex 1 \
Consumer – awareness;
Sales – revenue;
Management – style;
Company – headquarters;
product – range;

  1. Management style;

  2. Product range;

  3. Consumer awareness;

  4. Sales revenue;

  5. Company headquarters;

Exercise 2. Write these numbers in full.

  1. 14 =fourteen;

  2. 40 = forty;

  3. £8.50 = eight point fifty pounds;

  4. 515 = Five Hundred Fifteen euro;

  5. 12.5 = twelve point five;

  6. 13.36% = thirteen point thirty six percent;

  7. 0.125 = zero point one hundred twenty five;

  8. 1/3 = one – third;

  9. 3/4 = three – fourths;

  10. 5,678 = five thousand six hundred seventy-eight;

Task 2. Reading

  1. Horticulture – f;

  2. Philosophy – h;

  3. Mathematics – a;

  4. Science – g;

  5. Geography – e;

  6. Astronnomy – b;

  7. Medicine – c;

Exercise 2. Find the descriptions for all the words in bold through the text above.

  1. Discovery - a fact or thing that someone finds out about, when it was not known about before;

  2. Facilitate - to make it easier for a process or activity to happen;

  3. Inheritance -  money, property etc that you receive from someone who has died;

  4. Pioneer - someone who is important in the early development of something, and whose work or ideas are later developed by other people;

  5. Forerunner - someone or something that existed before something similar that developed or came later;

  6. Patient - someone who is receiving medical treatment from a doctor or in a hospital;

  7. Elegance - beautifulattractive, or graceful;

  8. Uncharted - not marked on any maps;

  9. Graft - a piece of healthy skin or bone taken from someone’s body and put in or on another part of their body that has been damaged;

  10. Refraction -  if glass or water refracts light, the light changes direction when it passes through the glass or water;

  11. Medieval -  connected with the Middle Ages;

Task 3. Grammar
Sweden has long history of rules and regulations aimed at guiding citizens on the right path.
A majority of Swedish seem content with the prohibitions they believe help keep their country one of the safest on Earth.
As Sweden is an extremely child-focused society, much of the paternalistic protection is directed towards children.
For example, all television advertising aimed at children under the age of 12 –from junk food to toys to video games – has been banned on terrestrial channels before 9 p.m. since 1991.
Although it has many admirers, the ban is not entirely successful because the satellite television stations that broadcast from outside Sweden are free to target children as much as they like.
Despite this, health professional say the relatively low incidence of children’s advertising has been a big factor in the exceptionally low level of overweight children in Sweden.

Task 4. Writing

One of the historical figures that I admire the most would be Thomas Alva Edison. He was an American Inventors who lived at the end of the eighteenth century. It is said that Edison was one of the greatest inventors in the world, as he had found more than 1000 inventions during his time.
One of his greatest inventions would be the bulb light that we still use until today. In his biography, it was told that he had done almost 1000 experiences for the light and almost failed. But due to his persistence and strong determination, he finally found the bulb light. He was also the co-founder of the giant multinational company, General electric, which still exist until today. But the Company has transformed into a high-tech company which sells various kinds of products these days.
I personally like Edison, because of his great determination. During his time, scientists had limited equipment, as there was no computer, no calculator and people have limited access to the library. But with that limitation, he never complained and gave up and continued to make some experiments. His story has motivated so many people all over the world and I believe that we should continue to pass the story to the young generation.
One of the fascinating things about Edison's life would be when he was a child. He was dropped out from school because his teacher believed that he was too stupid to learn. But thankfully he had a kind and loving mother who never gave up on him. She became Edison's teacher who always supported him in every situation. And in the end, Edison became one of the greatest inventors in history.

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