Extended Abstract Introduction

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Extended Abstract

Extended Abstract
Assessment and evaluation can be done in multiple purposes in education. It is sometimes done for the purpose of which targeted behavior is most acquired, is more difficult and sometimes done for learning deficiencies of the students. It is disputable for the students whether it is useful or not which affects the education lives of the students.
Some exams for secondary school students LGS, Institution Exam by MEB for high school students, Student Selection and Placement Examination for high schools (OKS), placement tests (SBS) are applied (Cengiz, Daşdemir and Uzoğlu, 2013). OKS was applied until 2007, after that Placement Test has been applied for 6th ,7th ,8th grades since 2008. As of today SBS was abolished, instead of it from basic education to secondary education TEOG (BESE) which is only 8th grade students, has been started to applied (Özdemir and Özkan, 2014). In the light of this information, from basic education to secondary education (TEOG) will be evaluated inclusively by Science and Technology, and results will be aimed to present by insight of teachers, students and parents.
Exams determine the level of acquired learning outcome. Accordingly, exams are quite important for the students who want to prove the knowledge and take the performance awards. Exams are used for multiple purposes in many countries in the world. Improvement of the exams and remarks which are taken from exams suitable for its purpose are quite important. TEOG exam has quite importance for students and parents. For this reason, in this research it is aimed to study the effect on parents and students who are involved in TEOG Science and Technology exam. Nowadays, after TEOG, LGS (the system of transition for high schools) is upgraded. Just like TEOG, there are 6 lessons that students have to take an exam and will be upgraded according to the remarks they get. From this aspect, LGS is like TEOG exam. With the results that are taken from the research, it is thought that it will contribute to the new researches about LGS. Thus, the problem sentence of the research is ‘ What do the students, teacher, and parents think about TEOG Science and Technology Exam?

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