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Lesson Focus:

Writing (Grammar)



Age group:

Adults – General English

No of students

15 adults


75 minutes

Lesson Objective:

students will be able to write about an event that happened to them


Dictionary, pieces of paper to write the verbs, white board and markers.


Stage Objective

Teacher’s Actions

Students’ Actions

T/S Ratio & interaction

Any comments you wish to make to clarify or justify why or how you are choosing to do this particular stage.


A revision of preposition (previous knowledge)

To remove mental blocks and build confidences using the previous knowledge.

I will give them a puzzle about three missionaries and three cannibals who all want to cross to the other side of the river.

The problem is that there is only a small boat which can only take two at a time and there must never be more cannibals than missionaries together.

They have to form a group of five each agree on a way out all in five minutes.

The first group to finish shout out.

All students are active reinforcing the information before them, they appoint a leader.

He tells the class the solution.


It encourage the students to use the language and there is a focus on preposition like in, out, over, inside and so on.

It also prepares them for the lesson of the day.


To introduce the past tense which will help them to be able to talk about an interesting or sad thing that took place at a particular point in time in the past in their lives.

Show them the objectives for the lesson which is that they will be able to talk about an event/s that happened to them

Students listen with interest



To teach past simple tense uses in real life context

Draw the time line on the board

Use gestures to indicate past and present

Use of time: example the current time(present) in the classroom and two hours before(past)

Asking them questions like where were you at 1pm?

Where were you now?

Tell them what past simple tense is and show it by giving examples

On the board write examples of affirmative, negation and question pattern using past simple tense also breaking it down into bits

Involve students to produce more examples following the example on the board as an input

Elicit from them drawing a diagram with gesture

Past present

Pointing backwards and forward.

I may get answers like “at 1pm in the office, now in the class”

I make them note that 1pm is the past and classroom is the present

I write on the board that a simple past tense is to show an action that has happened in the past.


John sailed to an island in1949.

My grandfather died six years ago

He lived in NewYork in 2006.

Indicate the different times that past tenses can be used or the time it refers to.

It indicate a definite and indefinite point in time.

Write each examples to support what you said.

Examples of definite time, last month, yesterday, this morning.

I went to the seashore last month

She saw her brother this morning

The company sacked Sally yesterday.

Examples of indefinite time, the other day, ages ago, a long time ago.

The other day she told him she loved him

There was a fire in the store a long time again.

They fled ages ago

Elicit from them to give examples.


Subject verb+ ed

I land ed


Subject did not verb

She didn’t walk


Did +subject +infinitive without to

Did she go?

Negative question

Didnot+subject +infinitive without to

Didn’t he call?

Tell students to produce verbs and to write four sentences using the four styles as seen in the examples but in the simple past in the notebook

I go around to check what they wrote and make corrections where necessary

Take few of their examples and show the form of the parts of the sentence by eliciting from them to break it into subject and verb

Students pay attention and write it down

Students respond individually about where they were at the two different times

Students should be writing and asking questions

Students should respond and use the language before them with their own ideas.

Students will produce examples in their notebook and may ask the teacher questions

Students will also take note of this



To produce structured, semi-structured and unstructured practice to build both fluency and communicative skills.

Give instruction that the student are to use a dictionary to check for the simple past tense of the two verbs which they will get on a piece of paper and they are to make sentences in the affirmative, negation and question form in ten minutes.

The dictionary is taken from them and they will be told to pass their verb given to them to the back, then now without the dictionary they form four sentences in the simple past tense with it.

Student will be told to pair up and exchange their note book with their pairs (note one group have three in a pair), they are to check the verb form with the help of a dictionary correct it if necessary and return the notebooks back.

Students are busy.

Students note their errors.



To ensure that everyone can use it to communicate

Teacher has to pay extra attention to do on the spot error correction

Now the student will have to come out one after the other to read out what they have written out to the classroom (affirmative and negation of their verb in simple past tense)

Students come out and read out their work while others check for them if this pattern is right or wrong.


Students are exposed to four different verbs with the simple past tense that they may not know before.


To check for learning to see if the uses of past tense has been learnt

Teacher can now ask them that, the use of past tense is?

Students may respond individually


The teacher gives homework to the students to find three regular and irregular verbs and to use it to write about their last vacation(one page)

Students can use dictionary and have to read out their essay in the next class.

Students take note of the homework and may ask questions if they are not clear as to the instruction




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