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AS-1 MORNING CITY(0930-1230) Gyeongbok Palace-Folklore Museum

Seoul City Tour

Private Half Day

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Today you will tour Seoul, Korea’s capital city. You will visit Gyeongbok Palace, the Folklore Museum, Blue House, Insadong Antique Street, and Jogyesa Temple.

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Today you will tour Seoul, Korea’s capital city. Your tour starts at Gyeongbok Palace. Its founder, King Taejo, built it as the primary palace of the Chosun Kingdom in 1395, the fourth year of his reign. The Japanese invasion of 1592 destroyed the palace, and it was left in ruins for over 250 years. Rebuilding finally began in 1865, returning the palace to its original grandeur. Japan annexed Korea in 1910 and tore down most of the 200 buildings on the palace grounds, leaving only a dozen buildings intact. Next, visit the Folklore Museum, exhibiting the religious rituals, customs, household tools and implements, food and social dynamics of traditional Korean life. From here, move on to the Blue House, which houses the presidential offices. You will also see Insadong Antique Street, where about 70 shops presently deal with antique art works around the Insadong Intersection. Next, visit the Jogyesa Temple, one of the largest Buddhist temples within the city limits, and the headquarters of the Chogyjong Sect, famous for its lantern festival held every spring to commemorate Buddha’s birthday.

Yüklə 4,99 Kb.

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