Gchs cheerleading Try-outs

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FOR: Incoming Freshman, Sophomore, Junior & Senior LZHS Students
WHEN: Tuesday& Wednesday

April 9 & 10, 2013



The LZHS 2013-2014 Cheerleaders will be chosen by the coaching staff with the assistance of independent specialty consultants. The number of individuals on each team will be determined by the coaches. Grade level does not determine team. There is no minimum skill requirement to try-out for cheerleading. Ccheerleaders are placed on a team based on the skills they bring to the position they are trying out for.
Visit us at: www.lzhscheerleading.org

for any additional try-out information

LZHS Cheerleading Try-outs

Thank you for your interest in LZHS Cheerleading! We have a strong cheerleading tradition here at Lake Zurich High School and are excited to see so many new people interested. Cheerleading is considered an IHSA sport; thus we follow the LZHS Athletic Code, and the IHSA and NFHS cheerleading rules. We currently have a Large Varsity and Jr. Varsity cheer team. If interest warrants, we may add a 3rd team.
This will be a two day, all-inclusive try-out. All spots are open. Existing team member must re-tryout. Athletes will be taught a side line cheer, a short dance, jumps & stunts. Try-out will include the side line cheer, dance, tumbling, stunts and jumps. Try-outs will be in an open gym format. Teacher/coach evaluations will be considered at try –outs. All potential cheerleaders will have an individual photo taken upon registration. This will be attached to their try-out application and evaluations and is used to assist the coaching staff with visual recognition during the selection process.
Information regarding the LZHS CHEERLEADING Program


    • April 9-10, 4-9pm, LZHS Main Gym

    • Conflicts? Contact Coach Pam Bonnevier (coachpam65@sbcglobal.net)

    • Paperwork

      • 3 teacher evaluations (1 may be from a coach)

      • Try-out application

      • Waiver for USGTC clinics

    • Attire

      • Shorts, t-shirt, gym shoes (preferably cheer shoes)

      • Pony tail

      • No jewelry

    • Pre-tryout Clinics

      • March 4, 11, 18, April 1 & 8

      • 7:30-9:30

      • USGTC – 405 Enterprise Parkway

      • Cost - $5/session (no charge for current team members)

      • Signed waiver must be provided

      • Not mandatory

      • Tumbling instructors and coaches will be onsite.

    • Parent Pre-information meeting

      • Monday April 1 at USGTC 9pm

      • Questions and answers for potential new parents


    • SPRING

      • May 6- July 1

      • Mondays 7:30-9:30 (USGTC)

      • Exceptions are made during this time for vacations and other school activities

    • SUMMER

      • All practices mandatory

      • July8-Auguts 8

      • M-F Time TBD

      • Away camp will be at some point end of July or early August

      • Exact camp date/location is TBD

    • FALL (football Season)

      • August 12-Thanksgiving

      • All practice/games mandatory

      • Practice Monday 7:30-9:30 (USGTC)

      • T-W-TH 3:45-5:45

      • All home football games

      • Varsity will travel for football playoffs

    • WINTER (basketball/competition season)

      • Thanksgiving – End of February

      • All practice/games mandatory (this includes winter break)

      • Practice Monday 7:30-9:30 (USGTC)

      • T-W-TH 3:45-5:45

      • All home Basketball games

      • Competitions as determined


    • Approx $2,000 for the entire year (this includes all expenses)

      • Tumbling instruction/offsite practice space for 12 months $840

      • LZHS Summer Practice fee $125

      • LZHS Athletic Fee $220

      • Away summer camp $400 (includes all training, hotel and meals)

      • Cheer gear $200 (shirts, shorts, hoodies, bags)

      • Shoes $100 (2 pair)

      • Bows $35 (camp/practice/competition)

      • Miscellaneous expenses $80


    • All uniforms/warm-ups are provided by the school, and remain the property of the school


    • All travel must be with the team

    • All travel expenses are provided by LZHS or Spirit Boosters


    • Cheer is an IHSA recognized sport

    • You cannot be on a club/all-star team and be on LZHS cheer

    • Positions are based on all around skill, not just one skill.

      • Jumps

      • Motions

      • Showmanship

      • Stunts (flyer/base/back-spot)

      • Tumbling

    • You should be willing to learn any/all of these skills

    • There will be alternates on the varsity team for competition only

    • Everyone cheers games.

    • All practices are MANDATORY


    • Spirit Boosters hosts several fundraisers each year

    • All are mandatory

    • Helps offset expenses that the HS does not pay for. (Team meals, gifts, social outings, travel expenses, choreography, music, etc.)

    • If excess funds are raised, refunds may be given

This is general information, and is subject to change. We hope this sheet has been helpful. Please feel free to contact us with any questions!


Pam Bonnevier

Head Cheer Coach

Cassie Cleary

Asst. Varsity Coach

Kim Philipp

JV Cheer Coach


If you are looking for what skills to be working on, here is a little help:


Tumbling is not required on JV, however it is encouraged. Standing back handsprings and Round-off back handsprings are highly recommended. Students can help their position with front and back walkovers, ariels, and back extension rolls

Tumbling is mandatory on Varsity. A standing back handspring is the minimum expected skill level. Students looking to put themselves in a better position for Varsity should look to show the following skills: Back handspring back tuck (running and standing), Cartwheel back tuck, standing tuck, layouts, Fulls
All tumbling skills must be executed on a cheer mat, not a spring floor.


Girls looking to fly at the JV level should be working towards solid single leg skills. Single leg skills are not necessary to try out, however it is what you should be working towards.

Girls looking to fly at the varsity level should be prepared to execute an overstretch (bow and arrow), scale and arabesque. Girls should also be prepared to Full-up or tic-tock up. Multi-skill baskets are encouraged.
Girls/Guys looking to base or back at the varsity level should be prepared to execute elite level basing skills…full-ups, single base skills, and multiple stunt reloads, tic tocks.


Everyone should be prepared to execute a single toe-touch, a double toe touch, a double 9, a pike and a front hurdler. Those looking to reach the varsity level should be working for inverted toe-touches, double 9’s and pikes that are level to the ground, and hurdlers that are at a 45 degree angle. Jump/tumble combinations are encouraged at the varsity level.

These are some of the skills that we will be looking at as we access each candidate. Each individual is unique and will bring a unique set of skills with them. One skill does not make or break a candidate. This is intended as a guide to help you better prepare for try-outs.

Lake Zurich High School Cheerleading Try-outs

Teacher/Coach Evaluation Form

(You must have a total of 3 evaluations in order to try out.)



The above student is trying out for a position on the Lake Zurich High School Cheerleading Squad for next year. Please take a moment to evaluate him/her on these items. Please be honest. Please return these forms to the student, or Fax them to the athletic office at Lake Zurich High School (847-540-4737). Thank you for your help. We couldn’t have great squads without your input!


Pam Bonnevier, Head Cheerleading Coach

Cassie Cleary, Asst. Varsity Coach

Kim Philipp, JV Cheer Coach

Please score each item.
1. Poor 2. Below Average 3. Average 4. Above Average 5. Excellent

Attendance & punctuality

Honesty and dependability

General conduct


Cooperative attitude

Ability to get along with others

Personality and enthusiasm

How well do you feel this person could represent Lake Zurich High School

as a member of the cheerleading squad?


Approximate current grade (if applicable)

Teacher/Coach signature:


Tryout Application



City St. Zip


e-mail address

School Age Current Grade in school

Cheerleading experience (please list teams, years and positions filled)

Dance experience

Other sports experience

I/We have read and understand the information in regard to LZHS Cheerleading clinic, tryouts, expenses and expectations.

I/we give our child permission to attend the LZHS Cheerleading clinic/tryout on April 9 & 10, 2013 for the 2013-2014 Cheerleading Squad.

Parent/guardian signature Phone number

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