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1.1 Country

 Korea, Republic of
1.2 Name, address, telephone, fax, e-mail and website of the National Section (NS)


Korean Board on Books for Young People (KBBY)

(1) 2F., 157 Insa-dong, Jongno-gu, Seoul 110-290 Korea

(2) 198 Bangha-ri, Namsan-myeon, Chuncheon City, Kangwon-do, Korea

Tel: +82-2-753-1245

Fax: +82-2-773-1481

1.3 Representatives

1.3.1 President of the National Section (NS)

Kang, Woo Hyon

1.3.2 Secretary or main executive officer of the NS

Kim, Miseon (Sally)

1.3.3 IBBY main Liaison Officer or contact person

Mr. Forest Zhang or Ms. Liz. Page

 1.4 Organization


1.4.1 How is your NS organized? Describe the structure of the NS in general.

KBBY committee member Shin, Kyung-Sook was originally an individual member of IBBY. In 1995 she gathered other Korean children’s book experts together and established the Korean national section.

Currently, KBBY consists of one president, twenty committee members, one professional international coordinator, and one secretariat. We have implemented an international outreach program for the last five years and we are in the process of reorganizing our internal structure in order to focus on public campaigns promoting Korean children’s books and reading promotion.

1.4.2 Is your NS affiliated to, or a branch of another organization or institution? If so, which one?

We are not affiliated with any other organization or institution. We are an independent nonprofit organization. However our members also belong to other organizations related to children’s books such as the children’s literature and education society, the children’s library, reading promotion groups, publishers’ associations and translators’ associations

1.4.3 Do you have an office and paid staff?

There is one paid secretariat in KBBY

1.4.4 How often do you have business meetings?

We usually have four regular meetings a year. In addition to that, we meet whenever it is necessary.


1.4.5 Does your NS have organizations as members? How many? What kind of organizations?

No, we don’t have any organizations as members.
1.4.6 Does your NS have individual members? How many? How do they contribute to the NS activities?

Currently we don’t have an individual member system. Instead, KBBY committee members implement their own projects in their own fields of expertise or they may carry out their own projects on behalf of KBBY. Their activities include the following:


1. Introducing IBBY and KBBY through Korean and international conference presentations such as the

- Frankfurt University International Seminar

- Seminar held by Korean publishing company Borim Press entitled: Research and Service Trends for Children and Young Adults Globally

- Korean Society of Children’s Literature and Education annual and monthly conferences

- Korean Children and Youth Literature Society foundation celebration conference

- Korean Children’s Literature Society seminar

- Konkuk University’s Children’s Book and Translation Institute spring seminar

- Korea- China Publishers’ Forum in Seoul Book Fair 2008
2.  Make Korean nominations for IBBY International Awards including IBBY Honour List

3. Plan and conduct the Nami Island International Children’s Book Festival.

4. Introduce the NOMA international picture book original illustration contests

5. Do various activities in their own organization or association.

1.4.7 Who are your members? What percentage are: teachers? authors? illustrators? publishers? students? etc.

KBBY committee members are professionals in the field of children’s books. The number of members has been increased from six to 21 based on the recommendation of the previous six members. The 21 committee members are listed below:



Current Position in Korea


Kang, Woo-Hyon

Picture Book Writer, Illustrator, UNICEF board of directors


Kim, Kyung-Yun

Children and youth literature critic and translator


Kim, Kyung-hui

UNICEF board of directors


Kim, Seo-Jung

Children’s Book writer


Kim, Sae-Hee

Standing committee member of Korean Society of Children’s Literature and Education


Kim, Hwan-Hee

Researcher in comparative children’s literature


Park, Sang-Ryul

Poet, children’s book writer


Song, Gyu-Chul

Representative of Gwangjang Book Store/representative of children’s book distribution industry


Shin, Kyung-sook

President, Chobang Editions


Ahn, Chan Soo

General Director of Book Culture Foundation, Poet, Library cultural campaigner


Eom, Hye-Sook

Children’s literature and picture book researcher, translator and lecturer


Oh, Suzanna Samstag

(American) assists in international outreach


Lee, Myung-Hee

Marubol Publishing


Lee, Sook-Hyeun

Director of Korean National Library for Children and Young Adults


Lee, Ho-Baek

Illustrator, Jaimimage Publishing


Chung, Dae-Ryun

President of Korean Society of Children’s Literature and Education

Professor of Children Dept. in Dongduk Women’s University


Cho, Weulye

Children’s book reading campaigner


Choi, Jin-Bong

Director of Jecheon Miracle Library


Han, Byoung-Ho

Picture book writer, Illustrator


Ok S. Han

Art director, Illustrator, Picture book writer


Kee Her

Chairman of Korean Children’s Book Publisher’s Association, Representative of a publishing company


Heo, Soon-Young

Suncheon Miracle Library

1.4.8 What categories of membership, if any, does your NS have?

We have category III membership
1.4.9 How often do you keep in touch with your members? How?

  We keep in touch with our committee members whenever we need to by e-mail and telephone




2.1 Annual Budget What is your average annual budget in US$? Is it increasing or decreasing?

KBBY doesn’t have an average budget. We have received financial support from Nami Island, Inc for our activities including the KBBY general assembly, seminar and contest. If KBBY needs any funding – for example, for the promotion of reading by children, we find different sponsors to cover our budget.
2.2 Sources of income

2.2.1 Is there a membership fee? How much is it? What percentage of your budget does this account for?

There is no membership fee because there are no individual members in KBBY. However there is another reason why we don’t have a membership fee system. We have found that when we ask for membership fees, initially there was no problem, but as time went by we realized that a membership fee places a burden on some members and distracts from the real purpose of our organization.
2.2.2 Do you receive financial support from individual sponsors and/or donors? If so, how much? What percentage of your budget does this account for?

KBBY currently receives financial support from Nami Island, Inc. (the KBBY president is CEO of Nami Island). This amounts to approximately 300,000 US dollars per year and equals 100% of our budget. If Nami Island were to end its sponsorship, we feel confident that we could find another sponsor.

2.2.3 Do you receive grants from government or national institutions? If so, how much? What percentage of your budget does this account for?

We don’t receive any grants from the Korean government because we wish to be free from their control.

2.2.4 Do you receive grants from other organizations? If so, how much? What percentage of your budget does this account for?

No, we don’t

2.2.5 Have other NS contributed any financial support? If so, how much?

No, they haven’t given us direct financial support, but we have received a lot of help from other national sections for our festival which has included them sending their books or professionals to Korea. We are highly appreciative of this support.

2.2.6 Do you generate income through publications? If so, how much? What percentage of your budget does this account for?

Sometimes we print exhibition catalogues but this is not financially helpful.

2.2.7 Do you have other sources of income not mentioned above? What are they and what percentage of your budget do they account for?
Currently we don’t have any other sources of income.
2.2.8 Are the sources of income listed in points 2.2.1 to 2.2.7 regular contributions?
We don’t have regular income but we don’t think we have barriers to our activities.
2.2.9 Do you receive support specifically for your IBBY dues? If so, from whom?
We don’t receive financial support for our IBBY dues, but our strong sponsors will keep supporting us as long as we continue to do our activities.

2.2.10 Describe successful fundraising strategies your NS has developed.


We have not developed any fundraising activities yet.



3.1 Main activities

3.1.1 Has your NS organized national, regional or international meetings and conferences? Which ones?

We organized an international seminar with the theme of “Make a Library in Nature” for the 3rd Nami Island International Children’s Book Festival. Twenty-three people from 18 IBBY national sections participated. In addition, whenever we hold the Nami Island International Children’s Book Festival, many IBBY friends including ex-President Peter Schneck and President Patricia Aldana have visited and encouraged us.

3.1.2 Have members of your NS represented IBBY at other national, regional or international meetings and/or conferences?
KBBY committee members participate in international meetings or conferences individually but not as representatives of IBBY.
3.1.3 Does your NS organize courses or seminars at a local level? Who are these aimed at?
KBBY committee members sometimes hold seminars individually. Publishers do these for other publishers and Illustrators do them for other Illustrators.
3.1.4 Does your NS organize or host exhibitions and/or fairs?
We have held the following exhibitions:

- Andersen Fary Tale and Original Illustration Exhibition (2003)

- Nami Island International Children’s Book Festival (2005 to 2008 annually)

- Participated in Biennale of Illustrations Bratislava (2006)

- NOMA Concours Awarded Illustration Exhibition (2005 to 2007)

- BIB Korea 2007 Illustration Exhibition (2008)

And we have had exchanges with many different countries around the world through the Nami Island International Children’s Book Festival. We have also held five to nine individual illustration exhibitions per year.
3.1.5 Does your NS administer awards or prizes? Does it organize contests?
We have done or supported many different contests as below

- Picture book impression illustration contest during the Nami Island International Children’s Book Festival

- Supported three Korea Awards for Hans Christian Andersen

- Two ‘Scene of Reading’ Photography Contests

In addition to the above, we have allowed the use of our name as a sponsor for other important reading promotions in Korea.
3.1.6 Does your NS run a library or bookstore?
We opened an International Children’s Information Center with the picture books collected from the last Nami Island International Children’s Book Festival. Currently we have about picture books from about 50 countries.
3.1.7 Has your NS organized other activities? Which ones have been especially successful in your country? Please specify.


KBBY has held the Nami Island International Children’s Book Festival every year from 2005 as a major event. This festival has been known to around world as well as in Korea. Additionally, we also organize a variety of seminars. We also hold storytelling events and workshops with experts from different countries.

3.2 Communication

3.2.1 Does your NS have a website? What is its URL?

Yes, we have. The URL is
3.2.2 Does your NS publish a regular newsletter? Who receives this? Is it available online?
We published one initially but due to the expense this has been discontinued. We just use our website now.
3.2.3 Does your NS develop lists of book selections? Which ones?
We made a list of 30 Korean picture books during the Nami Island International Children’s Book Festival.
3.2.4 What, if any, are your other regular publications? Please give names (original and translation into English) and a description of their content and purpose.
3.2.5 Does your NS work with national media to promote your own activities or the work of IBBY?

  We don’t plan for public relations events specifically, but when we are interviewed on our activities, we also include an introduction of IBBY or KBBY.

3.3 Cooperation at a national level

3.3.1 Is your NS consulted about children’s books in your country? By whom?

We are consulted by KBBY committee members’ organizations.
3.3.2 Are there NGOs or established institutions in your country for which the development of a children’s reading and publishing culture is an objective? Which ones? Are you informed of their projects and needs?

There are several including the Korean National Library for Children and Young Adults and the Korean Publishers Association. Korean National Library for Children and Young Adults support child and young adult information development as a government organization and the children’s information institutional library. They also provide children and young adults with programs including reading promotion especially for those in disadvantaged circumstances. The Korean Children’s Association accelerates exchange in Korean children’s literature field. They introduce new publications to children, young adults and their parents and provide them with various programs encouraging a familiarity with books.

In addition, several publishing companies have created TV programs or supported campaigns to establish small libraries for reading promotion, and many small children’s book stores also have done a lot of work for the development of children’s reading and book culture.
3.3.3 Does your NS collaborate with these agencies?

Yes, we have done collaboration with the organizations by holding contests, exhibitions and performances. They are eager to allow us to use their names as sponsor for our events and some of KBBY committee members are directly involved in these projects. We will actively work together with them for the development of Korean children’s literature.



4.1 International activities in cooperation with IBBY

Congresses and General Assemblies

4.1.1 How many of your members participated in the last two IBBY Congresses and General Assemblies?

KBBY president Kang, Woo-Hyon presented a power point with the title ‘Children’s Freedom and Space’ in IBBY Congress 2006 in Macao China.
4.1.2 Does your NS participate in IBBY regional conferences? If so, which ones?

No, but two or three KBBY committee members will participate in the IBBY Congress 2008 in Copenhagen Denmark.

International Children’s Book Day (ICBD)

4.1.3 What activities, if any, does your NS organize to celebrate the ICBD?

4.1.4 Did you design your own poster? If not, did you use the message and poster of the sponsoring NS?

4.1.5 How do you disseminate information about the ICBD?

We’re not doing that yet
IBBY Awards and projects

4.1.6 Did your NS present any nominations for the Hans Christian Andersen Awards? If so, who were the nominees? If not, why not?

No, we have not nominated anybody yet, but we will look for and nominate a talented writer or illustrator in the future.
4.1.7 Did your NS present any nominations for the IBBY Honour List? If so, who were the nominees? If not, why not?

Writer: Oh, Hosun

Illustrator: Liu, Jae Soo

Translator: Hatsal-kwa-Namukun

4.1.8 Did your NS nominate a project for the IBBY-Asahi Reading Promotion Award? If so, which one?

No, we didn’t

4.1.9 Did you nominate any titles for the Outstanding Books for Young People with Disabilities selection?

Yes, we did, we nominated the following books.

In 2001,‘The strongest Rooster in the world’ written by Lee, Ho Baek and illustrated by Lee, Uk Bae

In 2003, ‘Yellow Umbrella’ written and illustrated by Liu, Jae Soo in 2003

In 2007, ‘Yeonng’s Vinyl Umbrella’ written by Yun, Dong Jae and Illustrated by Kim, Jae Hong

‘The Story of Ppibi’ written and illustrated by Song, Jin Heon

‘Sam-Geori Jeom-bang( The Three Corner’s Shop)’ written by Seon, Anna and illustrated by

Go, Gwang Sam

4.1.10 Did you donate or recommend any books for the IBBY Documentation Centre of Books for Disabled Young People? If so, how many?
4.1.11 Did you host any IBBY travelling exhibitions (Honour List, HCA, Books for Disabled, etc.)? If so, where and when were they exhibited?

Suncheon Miracle Library operated by KBBY committee member invited and displayed the IBBY Honour List 2004 in Suncheon Children’s Book Festival in 2005.

Bookbird and other projects

4.1.12 How many members of your NS have individual subscriptions to Bookbird?

One committee member subscribes Bookbird besides the KBBY office.
4.1.13 Does your NS have a Bookbird associate editor? Have you contributed any articles to, or cooperated with Bookbird?

4.1.14 Have you participated in any other IBBY international activities not listed above? If so, which ones?

4.2 Cooperation with other National Sections

4.2.1 Are you involved in regional cooperation with other NS? What is the nature of this cooperation?

We have close relationship and cooperation with CBBY and JBBY.
4.2.2 Do you cooperate bilaterally with other NS? What is the nature of this cooperation?

We were supported picture books and illustrations from IBBY 32 national sections including Belgium, Brazil, Canada, Chile, China, Croatia, Denmark, Egypt, Estonia, Greece, Iceland, India, Indonesia, Iran, Italy, Japan, Latvia, Moldova, Nepal, Netherlands, New Zealand, Pakistan, Palestine, Peru, Philippines, Poland, Slovakia, Thailand, Turkey, Ukraine, United Kingdom and USA for the 4th Nami Island International Children’s Book Festival.

4.2.3 Do you exchange newsletters or information with other NS? If so, how often?

Whenever there is news, we exchange information with other national sections.

4.2.4 What, in your opinion, have been the major obstacles to greater cooperation between NS?

Lack of confidence and cooperation for project proposal


Under the leadership of our president, and with the efforts of our previous six committee members, KBBY has flourished for the past several years. However President Kang has expressed his intention to resign in order to encourage wider participation and cooperation. KBBY has also increased the number of its committee members in order to concentrate on domestic activities and public campaigns in Korea while still maintaining international exchanges.

KBBY has entered new era of change.

If we say that President Kang has raised a tree named KBBY tall, now KBBY committee members must work together to make the tree bloom by participating in activities that will give more benefit to the general public.

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