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About Seoul

Seoul is the capital of South Korea.  Many people live and work there, so this place is very crowded.  Seoul has a long history, about five thousand years, because it was capital in past.  So, this place is representative of Korea about of history and of today.  Let's enjoy Seoul.

Government Information

City Hall

Seoul is the capital of South Korea.  Many people live and work there, so this place is very crowded.  Seoul has a long history, about five thousand years, because it was capital in past.  So, this place is representative of Korea about of history and of today.  Let's enjoy Seoul.
National Assembly Library

National Assembly Library is the hugest library in Korea.  And they have a lot of books.

They are not open on the fourth Saturday of the month and holiday.  From Monday to Friday it is open at 9am and closed at 6pm. On weekends it is open at 9am and closed at 5pm.
     This website will be help you.

Places to Visit

Have you ever hear about Gung?  It means kingdom, in Korea.  Seoul was the capital of Korea, also in the past, so many kingdoms are in Seoul.  Specially, Gyeongbok Gung is very famous and huge kingdom.  In the past, this kingdom was huger but there some parts of the kingdom is destroyed.  If you go there then you can see the map when they were huge.
     When I visit this place, every times I'm surprised by our cultural history.  So, you can find out how wonderful our culture.
You can take  the metro, on orange line or purple line, and then you can get off at Gyeongbok Gung station or Khoughwamoon station.  If you take on orange line and then it will be your front of.  And, if you take on purple line then you have to walk about 10 minute.
Lila elementary school is famous for variety education.  They teach student swimming, ice-skating and skiing.  They also teach English.  They employ native speakers of English.  They are very proud of themselves, because that education system is the highest level in Seoul.
     You can come to this school by the metro.  Get off the metro at Mung-dong station, on blue line, and then step out at number 1. Turn around and keep going to big street.  You can see that on your left.
     It is Lila elementary website which will be helping you.

Places to Stay

Shilla hotel is famous hotel in Korea.  This hotel is more expensive than other hotel's average price but this hotel's quality is the best.  For example, they have great service and spa also.  They already prepare some halls which are for conferences.
     I'm sure, this hotel has the best view in Seoul, because it is in Nam mountain.  Everyone like this mountain, showing different view in four season, it is so nice.
you want to booking, this hotel.  This website will be help you.

     If you want to gioing to go there, then take the metro it is more easier than bus.  Get off the metro at Dong Dea station, on orange line, and step out number 6.  Turn right then you will on Jang Chung street. And you have to cross the street. Then keep walk and you will see hotel on your left side.



I think you already know Kimchi, traditional food and also the most famous food in Korean.  So the most restaurant gave Kimchi. Even Outback Steak House restaurant, in this country, gave this food. This food is little bit spicy but its taste is good.  Sometimes foreigner loves it or hates it, because it tastes very strong.  So, we always eat with rice.  However, it is so good for your health.  For example, it can be protect cancer.  And, this food made of vegetable but sometimes add another thing.
     Maybe you can't stand this taste but if you try many people who can be so surprised.  And they will be proud of you.


     This food is made of beef and soy sauce.  Taste is little sweet and salty but it is more good.  Korean often cooks this food during them eating because this food is much better when it heated.  Sometimes they are already cooked and serve with hot stone plat.  Many Korean likes this food and many foreigners love this food.  I can recommend this food for you, because taste is not too strong and it very good joins with rice.  If you try once then you will love this food.


     This food is one of traditional food, also health, in Korea.  This food always with rice because "Bob" or "Bap" mean is rice in Korean.  It is little spicy but you can control red pepper sauce.  Can you see that?  The most part of Bibimbap is vegetables such as bean sprouts, spinach and broad bellflower.  Sometimes that food in black hot stone bowl; we can call that "Dolsot Bibimbap."  This food usually served on the plane, Korean's air line.

     The most famous place for "Bibimbap" is Junju but it is not near from Seoul.  However, Insa Dong is also famous place for traditional restaurant.  So, if you want to eat traditional food and then I suggest this place.  It is in Seoul and you can go there by metro and bus.  I think metro is easier than bus.


Korea has four seasons; it is spring, summer, fall and winter.  There weather is very similar with U.S. but summer is hotter and winter is colder.  In the summer, there is rain frequently so it can be flood. But, usually it is not necessarily.  If you visit Korea in summer, you should bring your umbrella.
Table Manner in Korea

If you go to Korean restaurant.  You should keep these rules. First, you should wait until older people start to eat.  It meaning is respect for older people.  Second, don't make a noise during eating. If you want to blow your nose but you shouldn't be.  Korean think that is too rude.  Third, don't pick your bowl up.  May be that is Chinese manner is hold the bowl but Korean don't.

     Can you imagine that eating food without fork? Korean always use chopstick when they eating something, no matter what it is. So, many Korean restaurants give you the chopstick.  Using to chopstick is not easy especially for foreigner but it will be help you to understanding Korean food and culture. Would you try using chopstick?
Safety Issues

Seoul is huge city, so there is very liveliness at day and night.  Many stores open between 9am to 10pm, but some stores open until midnight or later than that.  So, there is as bright as day.  Many people going out at night, because they think that is not too danger outside.  It is safer than U.S. which is allowed to have gun.  In Korea, everyone can't be having gun except police.

     However, lately a cruelty murder is caught.  This murder was kill seven women.  He usually search and kill victims at night. So, don't go to unfrequented place at night.
English Village
There is a little village in Korea, different form normal village in Korea.  This village is very small but they have some buildings such as post office, police office and school.  They can be help to using English.  For instance, in there's restaurant if we want to order food.  We have to order in English.  It is not comfortable for native but it is must in English village.
     This place is quite famous, so many children and parents come and see in vacation.  This place is shows that how much Koreans interested in English.  That information will be help your project.

     English Village is not in Seoul, but it is not too far.  If you want to go here, this website will be help you.

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