Grade: 8 Age: 14 Time

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Lesson Plan No: 1

Date: 4th June 16

Topic: Perfect Tenses

Level: Upper intermediate Students

Grade: 8

Age: 14

Time: 1 hr

Language Skills: Grammar, speaking, writing

Language Objectives: At the end of the lesson,

  • Ss should be able to do the gap-fill worksheet based on the clues given.

  • Ss should be able to understand present perfect, past perfect and future perfect tense and differentiate the three.

  • Ss should be able to interview classmate and collect data based on grammar rules taught.

  • Ss should be able to analyse time charts to write sentences or vice versa.

  • Ss should be able to complete homework grammar worksheets, Lifeline sentence writing worksheet given

Methodology: Task Based, Lexical, PPP, CLT

Resource Materials: Robin Hood Gap Fill Worksheet, PowerPoint on Verb Tense, projector, Computer, Whiteboard, marker, all tenses cheat sheet, timeline worksheet, Tenses practice worksheet1, Tenses Worksheet Practice 2, Lifeline Worksheet

  • Tenses cheat sheet and Timeline worksheet is given so that student can take home to expose themselves to more examples.( not to be used in class)

Pre-task: Students should group themselves in groups of four and they should be able to recall their schema and complete the gap fill worksheet in 5 minutes. By the end of the five minutes, each team’s scores are written on the whiteboard.

Teaching: Teacher will use PowerPoint to teach the Lexis using the time-charts and explanations along with example sentences for each tense discussed in this following sequence (Present tense, past tense, present perfect, past perfect tense, Future tense and Future Perfect) Students are given the PowerPoint handouts so that they do not need to copy the slides. (20 mins) Immediately after teaching each lexical point, the students in each group of four students will move to pair –work and do interview with the questions given on the PowerPoint.

Practice (Interview- Pair Activity): Students will use their understanding of grammar rules in the presentation to practice interviewing their partner on the immediate questions given by the teacher. They will need to use the A4 paper, the notes of the PowerPoint given to write their answers to the interview. Sequence of Questions will be given in this order: (Present tense, past tense, present perfect, past perfect tense, Future tense and Future Perfect). Teacher will walk around and award 1 point for each correct sentence to the teams which complete writing the sentences perfectly well using the correct tenses where appropriate. Teacher will give extra one point for the fastest team. One correct sentence gains one point. The points will be written on the board to tabulate points scored so far. One or two good performing teams chosen by the teacher will present their findings in their interview to the class. (20 mins)

Post- Activity: Teacher will give a timeline practice worksheet 1 where students will individually need to read the timeline and write sentences for the respective timeline. Teacher will go through answers and they will exchange in pairs and do peer- marking. The student with full score will be awarded two points for class mark. (10 mins)

Follow up: Teacher will recap learning with students, reveal scoreboard, winners and assign tenses practice worksheet 2 (similar to tenses practice worksheet 1) and Lifeline Worksheet as homework. (5 mins)

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