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August 2006 (5) JAMES - Ferris of Knox County IL


Also see the separate paper from They Broke the Prairie.


( SYLVANUS (SILVANUS) FERRIS (Photo) born March 5, 1773 Greenwich, Connecticut and died June 13, 1861 Galesburg, Knox, IL. He removed with his parents from Greenwich to S. Salem (Lewisboro), Westchester Co NY 1782; married 1st March 15, 1798 Sarah ‘Sally’ Maria Olmsted born 1779 (of Sharon CT) and died September 6, 1845 Galesburg IL. (her parents were Hezekiah and Sarah (Gale) [daughter of G.W.Gale] Olmstead - See Separate Paper on the Olmsteds) in Connecticut and they immediately moved to Norway, Herkimer, NY and purchased 100 acres of unimproved land and built their farm cabin there on the edge of what was then the Adirondack wilderness where for nearly 40 years they engaged successfully in dairy farming. One source says they had seven sons and 3 daughters; only six sons and 3 daughters are shown below. Silvanus was a dairy farmer and cheese maker in New York (See Separate Paper on Herkimer County). [There was a Justice of the Peace, ‘Squire’ Silvanus Ferris who performed numerous marriages in Norway between 1808-1820 - don't know if this is the same Silvanus, but am not aware of any other Silvanus in Norway, Herkimer Co at that time - Jim] [There was also a Private Silvanus Ferris in Captain Jared Smith's Company, September 14, 1811 - again, don't know if this is the same gentleman - Jim] Silvanus and his wife were Presbyterians of the staunch type and inculcated those principles in the lives of their children. To the Presbyterian Church, he was always loyal and generous with his money. In 1813 when the Norway Presbyterian Church was built he gave $150.00; later he built a chapel on the state road east of Norway. In Russia he erected the chapel for the Presbyterians that stood so near the old Russia Union Church; was always a trustee of the Russia Union Church. Silvanus was one of the founders of Knox College, Illinois. (See They Broke the Prairie.) Silvanus and Sally came to Knox Co in the spring of 1837. He was not a large, robust man, (photograph) but was of medium height, perhaps 5'9" and very quiet, not a great talker. Silvanus's siblings that accompanied them in 1837 were Gideon, James, Hannah, Sarah, and Mary E. The Ferris’ passed the winter of 1837-38 at Log City and probably remained there during the summers of 1838-39, and possibly until some time during the year of 1840, when comfortable frame homes were being rapidly constructed in Galesburg; moved into their frame house at the corner of Thompkins and Cherry Streets, diagonally across from the site of Knox Seminary, now known as Whiting Hall - where he lived for the remainder of his life. He continued the tradition of giving his sons a section of land after they had married, except he gave, G.W.G, his youngest, 720 acres; apparently his son Nathan O. paid him for his section. (See diagram, at the end of this chapter, of Galesburg Township and the land owned by the Ferris’, a total of 4,565 acres - Jim – incredible!) [According to the Illinois Archives - Land Purchases, Sylvanus bought over 10,000 acres in 1835.] According to family tradition, he was connected with the underground railroad, hiding slaves in the church belfry and his own home by day, and helping them on their way north by night by concealing them in loads of straw. Silvanus took an active interest in the affairs of Knox College and was a member of the Board of Trustees for 21 years (1837-58) until at the age of 85 he resigned. The motion to accept his resignation was amended so as to order a committee to prepare a resolution expressing the sentiments of the Board. The resolution follows: “Mr. Silvanus Ferris having tendered to this Board the resignation of his seat as member thereof, and the same having been accepted, it is hereby declared as the sense of the Board of Trustees of Knox College, and as a matter of history proper to be spread upon the records of their proceedings, that they recognize in their late associate, one of the earliest, most substantial and most faithful friends of the enterprise which resulted in the founding of Knox College, and that to his liberality and devoted labors the Institution is largely indebted for its present financial prosperity. Entertaining these views, this Board does hereby express their high regard for Mr. Ferris, and an earnest hope that health, peace, and happiness may attend his declining years”. Sally died September 6, 1845; both buried Hope Cemetery, Galesburg IL (see tombstone photo). After Sally's death, Silvanus married October 27, 1846 Mrs. Sarah Warner (Stevens) Hitchcock, a widow who had joined the Galesburg settlement some time before with her seven children. He took the sons and daughters of Mrs. Hitchcock into his heart and home and treated them as his own and she did likewise with his. She was loved by his grandchildren as though she was their own. She died August 1, 1881 and is also buried at Hope Cemetery. [Jim - see separate papers at the end of this chapter on The Ferris Family.]; and born to Silvanus and Sally were:

( SILVANUS WESTERN FERRIS (Photographs), oldest son of Silvanus, born June

30, 1799 Norway, Herkimer, NY and died September 30,1887 Galesburg, Knox, IL; buried with his wife at Hope Cemetery, Galesburg; born in the first rude log cabin which his father had erected on his farm; S.W. grew up in Norway and in May 1821, married Aurinda Sophronia Doty [dau of Danforth Doty of Norway NY] born 1795 and died September 10, 1883 Galesburg; S.W. built a house, barns and a cider mill and engaged in dairying, then sold his farm to Peleg Wilcox, Jr. When his father, Silvanus, became interested in the Rev. Dr. George W. Gale's project for the founding of a college on the western prairies, S.W. followed his leadership and accompanied him on his first expedition to Illinois in September, 1835, when Silvanus went out as a member of the Purchasing Committee to buy the lands recommended by the original Exploration Committee, and was a member of the little group that staked out the site for Knox College at Galesburg in October, 1835. S.W. was unable, however, to accompany his parents to Illinois when they finally moved there in the early summer of 1837 (1838?), doubtless because of the necessity of his remaining behind to settle up his own and some of his father's business affairs. Exactly when S.W. migrated with his family to Illinois is uncertain, but it seems probable that he did so in the fall of 1837, and it may be that he and his brother Nathan Olmstead and the latter's family traveled together, for the latter also probably went in the fall of that year, having written on July 31, 1837, to his brother William Mead, who had accompanied the father in June, that he intended to start the first week in September. S.W. lived on the farm northwest of Galesburg given to him by his father, and was more or less active in the affairs of the community throughout his life. He made at least one trip of some duration away from home, when, in 1877, he visited Washington, apparently, in part at least, for the purpose of attempting to collect a debt, and was in the capital when President Hayes was inaugurated. He wrote a letter to his brother at Galesburg, which reflects his state of mind about several things - the inauguration, his anticipation that his stepmother was not long for this world (with respect to which, however, she deceived the family by living 20 more years, since she did not die until 1881.), the fact that for some undisclosed reason he had become peeved at his brother Timothy Harvey, back in Herkimer Co NY. (See Letters at the end of this Paper.); S.W. and Aurinda buried Hope Cemetery, Galesburg; and born to them were:

( CAROLINA (CAROLINE) ELIZA FERRIS born March 24, 1822 Norway NY and died March 7, 1904; buried Hope Cemetery, Galesburg IL, with his husband. From the Monmouth Review, March 9, 1904: “For the second time within six days, death made a visitation to the Gale family circle last night and at the hour of 9 claimed for his own the spirit of Mrs. Caroline Ferris Gale. The end came at the family home, 340 North Broad Street and removed one of Galesburg's oldest and most widely known and respected residents. She was one whose every acquaintance was a friend and the announcement of her taking off created great and genuine sorrow wherever it was made. Caroline Ferris, daughter of Mr. and Mrs. Sylvanus Western Ferris born March 24, 1823 in Norway, New York. She made her home in that city until 1838 when with her parents she moved to Galesburg. Her education had been gained in a girl’s school in the East. Upon her return to Galesburg, she met W. Selden Gale and they married October 6, 1845. Since that time Galesburg has always been her home.” She married August 10, 1845 (October 1, 1845?) in Knox Co IL, William Selden Gale born February 15,1822 Adams, Jefferson, NY and died September 1, 1900 and they had eight children. Caroline attended Knox College 1841-42. William was the son of George Washington Gale, D.D., the founder of Galesburg, Illinois; his mother Harriet was the daughter of Hon. Charles Selden and Abigail (Jones). [Note: Harriet was a cousin of Mary Mead, the mother of Silvanus Ferris. Charles Selden graduated from Yale 1777 and in the presence of General Washington, from whom he received, with others of his class, a commission on graduation day, and entered the Army.] William attended school in New York prior to 14 years of age, when he came to Galesburg in 1836 with his father, and read Law in Galesburg as early as 1842, with the Honorable James Knox, and was admitted to the Bar in 1845. He continued to practice, however, only five or six years, as his attention was occupied with other business. He was one of the organizers of the Chicago, Burlington, and Quincy Railroad; in fact, was the originator of the idea. Mr. Gale took an active part in political matters, was a member of the first board of supervisors, and served with that group for many years. In 1850, the News-Letter was started by Mr. Gale, Mr. Lanphere and Dr. Bunce; taking the place of the Intelligencer, the local newspaper. He was the Galesburg Postmaster 1849-53; from 1853-95 with the exception of five years, was Supervisor of Galesburg Township of Knox County; Representative State General Assembly 1870-72. He was a member of the Constitutional Convention in 1869, and on the City Council from 1871-82, 1891-95; and a delegate to the National Republican Convention in 1880; member of the State Revenue Commission, 1885-86; Trustee of the Illinois Western Hospital for the Insane, 1895-97; and Presidential Elector, 1872. In 1853 he was nominated for County Judge during his absence from home; he did not desire the office, made no canvass and was defeated. He was a trustee of Knox College from 1861 until his death. William finished his years attending to his large farming interests in Knox and Warren Counties. In 1859, there were five hundred acres of meadow in timothy on the Gale farm. Additional information on Mr. Gale is available in the Historical Encyclopedia of Illinois and Knox County, 1899; both buried Hope Cemetery, Galesburg; and born to Caroline and William were:

( WILLIAM SELDEN GALE, JR., born June 8, 1846 Galesburg and died December 5, 1912; buried Hope Cemetery, Galesburg; attended Knox College 1857-58, 1859-64 but did not graduate; never married; listed as city alderman and member board of supervisors; resided 312 N. Broad in the 1892-93 Galesburg City directory

( GEORGE WASHINGTON GALE III born August 16, 1848 Galesburg and died October 4, 1938 Campbell CA; attended Knox College 1857-64 but did not graduate; a trustee of Knox College 1900-1937; farmer; married 1st September 4, 1872 Frances Candee (1850-1904) born LaFayette IN [dau of Isaac Newton & Elizabeth (Greene) Candee], and married 2d November 1, 1906 Georgiana Smith (1864-1925); Frances attended Knox College 1863-64; George and both wives buried Hope Cemetery, Galesburg; and born to George and Frances were:

( GEORGE CANDEE GALE (Photo) born July 12, 1873 Galesburg and died September 1, 1927; buried Hope Cemetery, Galesburg; boyhood was spent on the family farm; attended the Galesburg public schools including one year in the High School; two years in Knox Academy admitted him to Knox College 1887-93, graduating with the Class of 1893, with first honors, receiving a B.A.; M.A. from Knox 1895; honorary LL.D, 1923; on the Knox faculty 1900-01; received his LL.B, New York Law School 1896; admitted to the Bar of Wisconsin May 1895 and Illinois 1896; a lawyer and a tax expert and a member of the Illinois Constitutional Convention; practiced law and was associated with Mr. Wilfred Arnold; married September 6, 1900 Irma Reel (1873-1964)(buried at Hope Cemetery) of Milwaukee WI who is listed as being a special student at Knox 1918-24; there was an Irma Gale listed as a history teacher at Galesburg High School – not sure if same person. During WWI, George was County Chairman first YMCA Fund and United War Work campaigns; City Chairman second Red Cross Membership and second Red Cross War Fund campaigns; Vice-President War Service League; Four-Minute Man; member Executive committee second, third, and fourth Liberty Loans; and associate member Legal Advisory Fund. Born to them were:

( JEANETTE REEL GALE born June 6, 1901 and died January 28, 1921; buried Hope Cemetery, Galesburg

( GEORGE WASHINGTON GALE IV (Photos) born February 9, 1905 Chicago IL and died 1985; buried Hope Cemetery, Galesburg; Phi Delta Theta as a Sophomore at Knox; George graduated from Knox College 1924, B.S.; received his J.D. from the U. of Michigan 1929; a lawyer and partner, King, Robin, Gale and Phillinger, 135 S. LaSalle Street, Chicago; married January 29, 1932 Ann M. Van Nice (1908-); 1963 they resided at 403 Jackson Ave., Glencoe IL; and born to them were:

( JANE GALE (1935-1938) buried Hope Cemetery, Galesburg

( ANN GALE (1939-)

( MARY E. GALE (1940-)

( SELDEN REEL GALE (Photo) born March 17, 1909 Galesburg, Knox, IL and died 1959 presumably Maywood IL; attended Knox College 1926-28, 1929-31 and graduated with the Class of 1931, B.A; member of Knox Men’s Glee Club; served with the Air Force 1949-53 (Major); free lance journalist; contributor to the American Guide, King Features Syndicate; a staff writer, Fed Writers, Chicago; married October 3, 1931 Mildred E. Goelz, of Aurora IL, and born to them were:

( JOYCE JEANETTE GALE born May 9, 1933; married a Mr. Brown

( ROBERT S. GALE (1935-1960)

( JOHN F. GALE (1936-)

( FRANCES CANDEE GALE born March 20, 1911 Galesburg; attended Knox College 1927-28 and received a Ph.B. from the U. of Chicago 1931; 1963 Frances was a section chief, Business Methods, Western Electric Company, 195 Broadway, New York City and resided at 25 Monroe Place, Brooklyn NY; married 1st July 29, 1933 Arthur Charles Thompson born October 4, 1905 Quincy IL - apparently divorced; Arthur attended Knox College 1924-26 and was in newspaper advertising sales and resided Forest Hills NY 1963; apparently no offspring from this marriage; married 2d 1957 Glen Higgins Colby, an accountant, who brought 2 children, Glen and Leonora, from a previous marriage with him

( WILLIAM SELDEN GALE born January 30, 1878 and died September 16, 1878; buried Hope Cemetery, Galesburg

( ALICE CANDEE GALE born February 23, 1881 Galesburg and died July 16, 1964 Santa Clara County CA; attended Knox College 1896-1902; married August 25, 1903 Lew E. Wallace; a farmer (Jim - wonder if he was related to the Illinois Union General by the same name?); Alice was a magazine writer and involved in astrology; 1963 resided at 19749 N. Oakmont Dr., Los Gatos CA; and born to them were:

( GEORGE WASHINGTON GALE WALLACE (Photo) born September 6, 1904 Monmouth IL; graduated from Knox College 1923, B.A; M.A. from Chico State College 1962; also attended San Francisco State College and San Jose State College; George was a farmer, salesman and a teacher; Principal of Oakdale and Salem Schools, Chico CA; married November 11, 1927 Elizabeth Hayes of New Rockford ND; 1963 they resided at 1448 Esplanade, Chico, Butte, CA. Note: 2004 – this address is the Enloe Medical Center – Foundation; and born to them were:

( JEFF (JOFF?) GALE WALLACE born October 14, 1928 (twin); deceased 1963

( GEORGE HAYES WALLACE born October 14, 1928 (twin)

( SARAH JOSELYN WALLACE born December 6, 1938 Chico CA; attended Knox College 1956-57; received a B.A. from Chico State College; married 1958 Richard C. Williams – divorced; 1963 she resided at 1150 Broadway, Chico CA

( CAROLINE GALE WALLACE born May 10, 1908; attended Knox College in 1927; married November 23, 1926 William Grant Lewis; and born to them were:

( JOANNA GALE LEWIS born December 16, 1927

( WILLIAM GRANT LEWIS born November 24, 1929

( CAROL CHRISTINE LEWIS born October 14, 1933

( LEW GREGORY WALLACE born January 27, 1910 IL and died December 7, 1982 Santa Clara Co CA; married July 17, 1933 Amy Elizabeth Collins born September 19, 1914; and born to them was:


( CAROLINE SELDEN GALE (Photos) born October 4, 1882 Galesburg; attended Knox College 1896-1900, 1901-03, graduating with the Class of 1903, B.A.; Pi Beta Phi, 1903 Gale Board and member of Senior Basketball Team; received her M.A. at Pratt Institute, Brooklyn NY 1906-08; married October 1, 1908 Worth Cleland Harder of Washington, D.C.; the Deputy Securities Commissioner for the State of Indiana; 1963 they resided at 47 W. 32d St., Indianapolis IN; and born to them was:

( MARGARET ANN HARDER born August 25, 1919

( FRANCES GALE born March 20, 1888 and died August 30, 1888; buried Hope Cemetery, Galesburg

( CHARLES SELDEN GALE born November 1850 and died October 24, 1851; buried Hope Cemetery, Galesburg

( CAROLINE FERRIS GALE born December 27, 1851 and died January 18, 1927; attended Knox College 1867-72 graduating with the Class of 1872; attended the 75th Anniversary celebration of Knox College, 1912; married August 29, 1878 Rev. James Gibson Lowrie (1846-1927), D.D., a Presbyterian minister [was he son of John Marshall Lowrie, Presbyterian minister and author?]; both buried Hope Cemetery, Galesburg; and born to them were:

( ALICE CAROLINE LOWRIE (Photo) born October 8, 1882 Mt. Sterling IL and died 1954; buried Hope Cemetery, Galesburg; graduated from Knox College in 1905, B.A.; Diploma Knox Conservatory of Music, 1916; Music B., teacher of voice, Bellevue College, Bellevue NE, 1917-19; supervisor of Public School Music Monmouth, Kirkwood, and Avon IL, 1919-21; teacher of music in high school, Wyandotte MI, 1921-23; Knox Conservatory, 1925; Professor of Voice and Public School Music Methods at the Knox Conservatory 1928 through at least 1938; Professor of Voice and Theory, 1934; retired from Knox College 1944

( SELDEN GALE LOWRIE (photos) born August 13, 1884 Mt. Sterling IL and died 1961; graduated from Knox College in 1907, B.A.; Honorary LL.D, 1937; M.A. U. of Illinois, 1908; Ph.D. U. of Wisconsin 1912; Captain in the Army Ordnance Department 1918-19; author and contributor to technical journals on economics and politics; professor for 49 years; professor emer. of political science at the U. of Cincinnati. Who’s Who. According to the 1905 Gale, Selden was a reserve left guard on the Knox football team; married January 21, 1932 Agnes Potter Van Ryn (1892-1964) of Chicago; buried Hope Cemetery, Galesburg

( JOHN MARSHALL LOWRIE (Photo) born June 7, 1887 Elkhart IN and died 1954; graduated from Knox College in 1908, B.A; M.A. 1909, U. of Illinois; LLB, 1912, Columbia; Trustee Knox College 1935-42; a musician; married December 19, 1916 Rebecca Lawrence who attended Knox 1905-07 and was on the Faculty 1913-16. From the 1909 Gale: “I had planned to be a professional man, but during my college course the ambition to become a railroad magnate has overcome me. I hope some day to possess a little Alton property. It is “the only way”.”

( HARRIET GALE born July 28, 1854 and died August 27, 1925; buried Hope Cemetery, Galesburg; graduated from Knox College 1872

( JOSEPH DUDLEY GALE born 1856 and died October 19, 1857; buried Hope Cemetery, Galesburg

( JOSIAH GALE born September 18, 1858 Galesburg and died August 29, 1889 in a railroad accident; buried Hope Cemetery, Galesburg; attended Knox College 1872-78, graduating in 1878 with a B.A.; Circuit Clerk of Knox County at his death

( JOHN GALE born April 4, 1859 and died September 27, 1862; buried Hope Cemetery, Galesburg

( ORIN CLARK FERRIS (Orrin) (O.C.) born August 29, 1825 Norway NY and died July 25, 1899; listed as attending Knox College as a Special student 1842-44; married November 11, 1858 in Knox Co, Phebe (Phoebe) Thorne Matteson (1836-1899). O.C. was one of the prominent breeders of Shorthorn cattle in Knox Co; listed in the 1888 Farmer’s & Land Owner’s Directory as owning 120 acres in Sections 5-6 of Galesburg; and born to O.C. and Phoebe were:

( CAROLINE FERRIS born February 9, 1860 and died 1861

( CATHERINE B. FERRIS (Katherine?) born June 1, 1861 and died June 26, 1890; married July 22, 1885 in Knox Co IL, George D. Meyer; and born to them was:

( JESSIE LEAH MEYER born September 19, 1886; married June 12, 1907 Frank Loder (Frank Loveler of Welsback, Neb.); and born to them were:

( CARROLL FRANKLIN LODER born February 25, 1910

( ROBERT BRUCE LODER born August 21, 1916

( DOROTHY JEAN LODER born June 15, 1920

( FRANK WESTERN FERRIS born January 2, 1863 and died December 6, 1933; buried Hope Cemetery, Galesburg IL; there is a Frank Ferris listed in the 1892-93 Galesburg City Directory as a plumber for McLaughlin & Flynn residing at 106 S. Cedar – don’t know if this is the same one. Frank W. is listed as a farmer in the Farmers and Breeder’s Directory of Warren County, c1920, RFD 2, Alexis, Warren County as the owner of 240 acres since 1900; owner of a Ford automobile; not listed as owner of a tractor; married November 15, 1888 in Knox Co IL, Adda L. Cone; and born to them were:

( MAE LOUISE FERRIS born October 30, 1891 and died May 5, 1984; married in Warren Co IL, January 12, 1910 Charles Harrison Squire born November 13, 1888 and died February 17, 1972; and born to them were:

( FORREST CHARLES ‘Pete’ SQUIRE born August 5, 1911 Galesburg IL (obituary says he born in Warren Co) and died November 21, 1997 Galesburg IL; buried Oak Lawn Memorial Gardens; married May 12, 1934 Lowava Alice Ahenger born December 7, 1917; Forrest lived in Galesburg most of his life; an operating engineer for Local Union 649 from 1949-75 before retiring; also worked for Gunter Construction Company for many years; member of the Coldbrook Christian Church in Warren Co where he served as a Deacon for several years; a first chapter ‘Dad’ for the Future Homemakers of America; and born to them were:

( LOWAVA JEANINE SQUIRE born June 17, 1936; married February 13, 1955 Richard Eugene Corbin born November 13, 1930; and born to them were:

( DARRELL EUGENE CORBIN born January 20, 1956; married July 16, 1977 Sandi Kay Bordner; and born to them were:

( BRENT MATTHEW CORBIN born March 29, 1979

( BRANDI MICHELLE CORBIN born March 30, 1982

( LOWAVA DENISE CORBIN born March 27, 1958; married 1st a Mr. Rutledge; and born to them was:

( TIFFANY MICHELLE RUTLEDGE born February 9, 1979

( DOUGLAS CHARLES CORBIN born July 20, 1963; married November 11, 1993 Eliza Jane Blazer born August 12, 1969

( JACQUELINE ANN SQUIRE (Jackie) born October 10, 1939; married April 29, 1958 Wayne Hoteling born May 13, 1936; resided Commache IA; and born to them were:

( DIANE MARIE HOTELING born March 13, 1959

( KIMBERLY KAYE HOTELING born June 29, 1964; married August 2, 1992 Steve Piper born June 9, 1963

( JOYCE ELAINE SQUIRE born June 5, 1943; married November 13, 1971 Larry French born April 11, 1938; resided Monmouth IL

( JUDITH KAY SQUIRE born December 18, 1944; married July 28, 1963 Donald Fredrickson born May 5, 1941; resided Biggsville IL; and born to them were:

( DONALD LANE FREDRICKSON born March 2, 1967; married April 25, 1987 Karen Earp born July 25, 1967

( JUDITH LYNETTE FREDRICKSON born December 5, 1968

( SHAWNA REANNE FREDRICKSON born January 30, 1970; married October 20, 1992 Eric Roberts

( JON CHARLES SQUIRE born August 28, 1948 and died May 20, 1992; married January 23, 1971 Betsy Sayrs born July 30, 1950; and born to them were:

( JON TROY SQUIRE born July 29, 1971

( TRAVIS LEE SQUIRE born October 10, 1972

( JOSHUA CHARLES SQUIRE born September 6, 1977

( JAN FORREST SQUIRE born August 28, 1948; married 1st name unk; and 2d May 21, 1977 Terri Schoonover born August 9, 1955; resided Abingdon IL; and born to Jan and his 1st wife were:

( JAN PATRICK SQUIRE born September 13, 1971

( JAMES HARRISON SQUIRE born December 15, 1972

Born to Jan and his 2d wife Terri were:

( JEFF THOMAS SQUIRE born November 14, 1977

( JOEL TYSON SQUIRE born March 18, 1979

( JARED TODD SQUIRE born April 4, 1981

( JERRILYN SUE SQUIRE born November 25, 1955; married 1st a Mr. Kenney; and 2d November 23, 1991 Jon Hajostek born September 26, 1947; resided Cameron IL; and born to Jerrilyn and Mr. Kenney were:

( LISSA DANIELLE KENNEY born January 24, 1979

( DUSTIN DEAN KENNEY born February 21, 1983

( JULIE DIANE SQUIRE born October 21, 1958; married May 18, 1979 Bob McGraw born March 10, 1957; resided Oneida IL; and born to them were:

( EUGEN MCGRAW born November 20, 1979

( CASEY ADAM MCGRAW born August 24, 1989

( TAREN JON MCGRAW born December 26, 1992

( HERBERT DONALD SQUIRE born February 23, 1919 Galesburg IL; served in the U.S. Army 1941-45 with the 1st Infantry Division, participating in campaigns in the African and European theaters. Upon his return to Galesburg, he was self-employed operating a garage; then employed by Admiral where he worked for 32 years in the Engineering Department before retiring 1982; married June 20, 1948 Helen Marie Cravens born June 2, 1927 Mercer Co IL, graduating from Monmouth High School; Herbert and Helen currently reside in Galesburg IL during the summer months and then go to Brandenton FL for the winter where they stay active; Herb plays golf, at least once a day. [Herb and Helen have furnished all of this information on the descendants of Mae Louise and Charles Squire - thanks folks!]; and born to them were:

( GARY HERBERT SQUIRE born June 11, 1950; married January 31, 1970 Lois Jean Bevenour - divorced 1973; Gary resides Sarasota FL; and born to them were:

( COREY CHRISTOPHER SQUIRE born August 10, 1970

( TY AARON SQUIRE born September 25, 1971 and died March 29, 2000; buried Memorial Park, Galesburg IL

( LYNN MARIE SQUIRE born February 20, 1952; married, June 7, 1975 Frank Ray Burg born January 22, 1948; they reside Evergreen CO; Lynn is home schooling two of the kids (1998) and teaches outside the home 3 days a week; and born to them were:

( AMY LYNISE BURG born April 6, 1980; recently won first place in the Optimist Club public speaking contest for all of Colorado and Wyoming and later won first place in the Colorado State 4H public speaking contest

( JENNIFER RENEE BURG born June 12, 1982; sings in the Colorado Children’s Chorale and was one of 30 selected to sing on the Kathy Lee Gifford Christmas Special, which was on CBS, December 20, 1995

( AARON CHRISTOPHER BURG born February 26, 1984

( JORDAN MARIE BURG born July 25, 1986

( TAYLOR FRANKLYN BURG born April 23, 1990

( TIMOTHY JAMES SQUIRE (Rev.) born February 18, 1955; married August 6, 1983 Sally Bond Harris born October 19, 1955; they resided Vidalia GA and Ravenel SC; and born to them were:

( JAMES SAMUEL SQUIRE born December 21, 1987

( ELIZABETH BOND SQUIRE born June 12, 1994

( GORDON ROBERT SQUIRE born April 1, 1923 Galesburg IL; resided Mountain View MO; married May 1, 1942 Shirley Jean Crandall born June 1, 1924 and died June 3, 2000; buried Mountain View Cemetery; and born to them were:

( LINDA JEAN SQUIRE born September 1, 1944; married 1st a Mr. Richards; 2d July 11, 1992 Robert Curtis born January 22, 1946; and born to Linda and Mr. Richards were:

( CATHERINE JEAN RICHARDS born June 23, 1966


( SHARON LOUISE SQUIRE born October 8, 1946; married 1st a Mr. Blake; 2d Clifford Wayne Skinner born April 8, 1942; and born to Sharon and Mr. Blake were:

( KIMBERLY ANN BLAKE born October 9, 1968; married May 20, 1989 Robert Norris born August 20, 1964

( HEATHER LORRAINE BLAKE born August 7, 1970

( HERBERT SCOTT FERRIS born March 22, 1893 Galesburg IL and died April 24, 1987 age 94 at the Knox Co Nursing Home, Knoxville IL; buried Knoxville Cemetery (residence as per death certificate was North Market Street in Knoxville) (cause of death cardio-respiratory failure; chronic congestive heart failure and arteriosclerotic heart disease); farmed for most of his life and worked for Consumer Grain Elevator in Galesburg for several years retiring 1969; had lived in Knoxville since 1952; a member of the Knoxville American Legion Post 749 and an Army Veteran of WWI; married August 22, 1925 Alice Josephine Nelson who died December 17, 1981; and born to them were:

( DONALD RICHARD FERRIS (Dr.) (presumably PhD) born September 20, 1927 Galesburg IL; married November 26, 1952 Ruth Ann Coulter, a speech pathologist; resided at San Jose CA and then at West Lafayette IN where he was an Associate Professor of Education; 2003 a Don & Ruth Ann Ferris, members of the Unitarian Universalist Church of Lafayette were the recipients of the 2003 Outstanding Unitarian Universalist Service Award; a donation was made to the Tippecanoe Community Health Clinic in Lafayette 2005 in honor of a Mr. & Mrs. Donald R. Ferris – presumably same folks – have written to Dr. Ferris, no response, maybe deceased but was alive in 2005; a Dr. Donald R. Ferris & Ruth Ann Ferris were donors to the Purdue U Libraries during 2004-2005; Don and Ann Ferris were donors to the Lafayette Urban Ministry Hunger Hike 2005; donors to the Tippecanoe Public Library; and born to them were:



( CAROL FERRIS married John Liston; resided Gilson IL. Note: 2003 – I stumbled upon John at McDonalds in Knoxville IL on a visit back there this year – after the initial introduction he said I am married to a Ferris and we got to talking and this is Carol, his wife. Then a couple of days later at the same McD’s I met Carol – small world!!!! Born to them was:


( ORRIN TEDDY EARL FERRIS born August 29, 1932; resided Lakewood CO

( MILDRED IRENE FERRIS born February 8, 1895 Galesburg IL and died age 85 at Steubenville OH; married 1st in Warren Co IL August 8, 1914 William T. Stone - they divorced; married 2d April 18, 1937 at Springfield IL, Alvin Andreen of Woodhull IL (-1971); and born to Mildred and William were:

( ROSE IRENE STONE born October 2, 1915 - deceased date unk; married a Mr. Varner and born to them was:


( LILLIAN KAY STONE born May 27, 1917; married 1st a Mr. Stevens?; and 2d a Mr. Johnson. Born to her and Mr. Stevens was:

( SHERRY STEVENS married a Mr. Thompson

( CLARK WESTERN FERRIS Sr., born February (17?) 27, 1897 Galesburg IL and died there September 20, 1992; a farmer in the Wataga area; married June 7, 1922 Alice Kathryn Hendricks born June 23, 1901 Knoxville IL and died September 15, 1994; and born to them were:

( BETTY MAE FERRIS (Groom) born December 27, 1922; married a Mr. Cole & Shorty Groom; resided in Galesburg IL; and born to them were:

( DAVID ALAN COLE born March 1946; married 1st (*) and born to them were:

( DAVID COLE had 2 kids

( EARL DEAN COLE had a son

( CHERYL COLE (twin) born August 1947; married 1st Mr. Kirby; and 2d John Swanson; and born to Cheryl and Mr. Kirby were:

( DEAN KIRBY married 1999 – had a son

( KIM KIRBY had 2 kids

( CAROL COLE (twin) born August 1947

( THOMAS COLE born December 19xx; married/divorced - born to him were:



( BONNY JEAN FERRIS born January 25, 1924; married March 4, 1952 in Galesburg IL, Irving Clinton Anderson; resided Galva IL; and born to them were:

( NANCY JEAN ANDERSON born December 21, 1952 Galesburg IL; married April 3, 1976 Lynn Arden Sutton; and born to them were:

( JOSHUA LOUIS SUTTON born November 22, 1984 Galesburg IL

( VALERIE LYNN SUTTON (twin) born January 5, 1989 Galesburg IL

( NATALIE SUTTON (twin) born January 5, 1989 Galesburg IL

( PATRICIA KAY ANDERSON born October 15, 1954 Galesburg IL and died November 18, 1977

( ALAN IRVING ANDERSON born January 12, 1959 Galesburg IL; married March 11, 1989 in DeKalb IL, Marie Luedtke - Alan & Marie have provided this updated information on this twig - thanks folks! Born to them were:

( BENJAMIN ROBERT ANDERSON born November 15, 1995 Downers Grove IL

( EMMA MARIE ANDERSON born November 3, 1997 Maywood IL

( DARLENE LOUISE FERRIS born November 30, 1925 and died 1995 Knox Co IL; married Norman Lester – divorced; and born to them were:

( DEBBIE LESTER born February 1950; married Ronald Erickson – divorced; and born to them were:

( LISA ERICKSON born September 1969; she had twins - a son and daughter

( DENNIS ERICKSON born November 23, 1972

( ROCKY LESTER born October 15, 1951; married (*) and born to them were:

( STEPHEN LESTER had 4 kids

( JEFFREY LESTER had 2 kids


( CINDY LESTER born January 1960; married a Mr. McCormick – divorced; and born to them were:

( CASSIE MCCORMICK born April 23, 1983

( ERYN MICHELLE MCCORMICK born April 18, 1986

( NORMA LESTER married a Mr. Morgan and born to them were:

( CHRISTY (not Mr. Morgan’s child) born May 22, 1983

( KENT MORGAN born June 8, 1986

( KELLI JO MORGAN born February 19, 1992

( WALTER FRANK FERRIS born January 1, 1928 Oquawka IL and died July 30, 2004 Seminary Manor, Galesburg, Knox, IL; buried Knoxville Cemetery, Knoxville IL with military rites; resided Abingdon IL; a WWII Army Vet serving 18 months in Japan; worked for Admiral Corp for 39 years retiring 1991; involved in several bowling leagues

( CASSILEE JANET FERRIS born May 28, 1931; married 1st Kenneth Smart; and 2d John Mabey; resided Caldwell IN and Caldwell ID (2004); and born to Cassilee and Kenneth were:

( KENNETH SMART, JR., (1953-) married at least three times - born to him were:


( ALEXANDER LEE SMART born September 18, 1996


( JAMES CLARK SMART married Donna {maiden name unk} - adopted two kids

( GERALD SMART (1958-)

( CLARK WESTERN FERRIS Jr., ‘Bill’ born March 1, 1933 and alive 2004; married Lucille {maiden name unk}; resided Wataga IL - no offspring

( CHARLES GILBERT FERRIS born February 26, 1865 and died April 27, 1926; a Charles G. Ferris is listed in the 1892-93 Galesburg City Directory as being a fireman for the railroad and residing at 341 Monmouth; listed in the 1917 Prairie Farmer’s Reliable Directory of Farmers and Breeders of Knox County; R5 Galesburg Township, Section 19 tenant of Dr. Corbin’s on 160 acres; married July 16, 1887 in Knox Co IL, Elizabeth ‘Lizzie’ Jane Goetler born August 30, 1869 and died November 27, 1955 Riverside CA; and born to them were:

( BLANCHE THORNE FERRIS born August 17, 1888 and died July 11, 1965 San Mateo Co CA; married February 17, 1910 Arthur Joseph Terpening (photo) from Coldbrook IL [son of Edwin Ezekiel & Cynthia Elizabeth (Adcock) Terpening] born December 24, 1883 and died September 8, 1973 San Mateo Co CA. Arthur attended Knox College 1898-1904; a farmer in the Gladstone IL area; 1921 they lived in Ocotne WI, but moved west because in 1963, they resided at San Carlos CA; and born to them were:

( RICHARD EDWIN TERPENING (Photo) born January 5, 1911 in the Coldbrook IL area and died July 18, 2006 Galesburg IL; attended Barnett Grade School, then to Galesburg High School, then transferred to Monmouth High School and graduated from West Seattle High School in Seattle WA 1929; enlisted with the Cavalry in the Army, 1941 and was stationed in Italy during WWII as a building engineer, returning to Coldbrook in 1945 when the war ended; re-entered the service in 1950 for 2 years and was stationed at Camp Atterberry IN; when he returned, he farmed near Monmouth; moved to Galesburg in 1950 and began working for Simpson-Powelson Lumber Yard and retired from there 1980; member of the First United Methodist Church of Galesburg; buried Terpening Cemetery, Warren County IL with military rites conducted by the Ralph M Noble American Legion Post 295; married 1st Lois Gardner; married 2d February 11, 1963 in Galesburg A Jane Welch Gardner who died January 6, 2004; surviving Richard were 2 stepdaughters, brother Francis Terpening of Clinton WA; 5 step-grandchildren and 12 step-great-grandchildren

( BARBARA ELIZABETH TERPENING born December 24, 1912/13 and died before her brother Richard; married August 24, 1933, J. Whitney Fraser – and/or December 24, 1940 Harold D. Kachel

( FRANCIS CHARLES TERPENING born July 23, 1915; married Violet M {maiden name unk}; 2006 resided Clinton WA

( LOUISE MAY FERRIS born September 12, 1890; married November 12, 1913 Lawrence M. Waddell [son of Michael Lawyer & JoAnna (Hughes) Waddell] born June 8, 1888 near Hills Grove, McDonough, IL and died c1930 CA; and born to them were:

( LAWRENCE FERRIS WADDELL born September 26, 1924

( JOANNE ELIZABETH WADDELL born March 18, 1916

( RUTH EILEEN (AILEEN) FERRIS born April 20, 1895 Galesburg IL and died July 16, 1921 Ocotne WI; buried at Hope Cemetery, Galesburg IL; educated in the public schools of Galesburg and graduated from that city's High School 1913; took a course at Brown’s Business College; a member of the Central Congregational Church and took a great deal of interest in the work of that religious body. [Galesburg Evening Mail, July 19, 1921.]

( RAYMOND ORRIN FERRIS born May 14, 1901 Illinois and died April 10, 1989 San Diego Co CA (resided Fallbrook); married September 14, 1922 in Oconto Co WI, Leona Lundgren/Lindgren [dau of Charles]

( AURINDA SOPHRONIA (Aunt Orie) FERRIS born June 29, 1872; married April 24, 1894 in Fulton Co IL, William Sanford Berry [son of Isaiah & Sarah D. (Burress) Berry] born December 1866 Washington IN and died December, 1948 San Bernadino CA. [Jim - there was a William W. Berry who was a Knox trustee 1883-94 - I do not know if related.][She is identified as Orah S., in the 1880 census.] They moved to Gardiner MT c1902 and owned the Gardiner Photographic Studio; Willy and Aurie were award-winning photographers, operating Gardiner Studios just outside the north gate to Yellowstone National Park; in 1918 Willy became warden of Sully’s Hill Game Preserve at Fort Totten ND; the preserve being established by President Teddy Roosevelt to help rebuild the herds of elk, deer, and bison which had been over hunted nearly to extinction; after several Dakota winters, Willy decided there was too much pioneering at Fort Totten for a man his age and in 1920 moved his family to sunny Long Beach CA; 1926 relocated to Pomona; and born to them was:

( FERRIS MILTON BERRY (Colonel) (Photos) born February 13, 1912 Livingston MT and died December 26, 2003 Charleston SC; adventurer, outdoorsman, and world traveler; moved with his parents to Long Beach CA 1920 and then to Pomona CA 1926 where he attended high school and Pomona Jr College; married April 24, 1941 in Los Angeles, Jean L Riley; 1932 he joined the California National Guard and was commissioned a Second Lieutenant of Infantry in the Reserve Officer Corps in 1936; ordered to active duty 1937 with the CCC and commanded camps in Death Valley CA, Alaska, and Washington State; with the close of CCC and the beginning of WWII, he commanded a Military Police Company and was later assigned to the Army Transportation Corps; 1944 he assume command of the Army repair ship USS Connors and served in New Guinea, Biak, and the Philippine Islands. Upon his return from the South Pacific, he commanded the Army transport ship USS Patch out of the Port of New York; during the Korean War he was sent to Yokohama, Japan where he was the military commander of the Assano Shipyard, a Japanese facility supporting US Army ships and landing craft; Ferris was one of the Army’s first hard hat deep sea divers, receiving his dive training and certification from the USN; assigned to the US Army’s Charleston Transportation Depot 1954-57 as Assistant for Supply Operations and Deputy Depot Commander; 1957 he joined the Army’s guided missile air defense program at Fort Bliss TX where he retired from the Army in 1964 with over 32y of active service; 1964 Ferris and his family returned to Charleston as a civilian with DoD where he worked at the Charleston Naval Yard; transferred to Okinawa 1967, retiring at Charleston 1972; Jim – Ferris called me in 1997 and we discussed Ferris Genealogy – I told him I would come visit him one day, but never did – my loss; as his daughter Jennifer says, “he was an outstandingly kind, happy, and interesting man, and he made such an impression on all who met him”; Jean moved to Bismarck 2005; and born to them were:

( DAVID BRUCE BERRY married Susan M {maiden name unk} – 2003 of Silver City NM; he works six months of the year at McMurdo Station, Antarctica; and born to them was:


( JEFFREY FERRIS BERRY (Captain) married Jennifer Tang-Chin of Guangzhou, Guangdon Province, China; resides in Singapore; she is a liaison for Proctor-Gamble and speaks 5 languages

( JENNIFER BERRY is head of Technical Processing at Bismarck Public Library; married Dr A. Wesley Jones – of Bismarck ND 2003; Wesley Jones – from his website: I am a professor of Humanities and the Director of the Program in England at the University of Mary, Bismarck ND, where I have researched and/or taught since 1976. My undergraduate and M.A. work were in English (Virginia Polytechnic University and State University) with an emphasis in medieval and Renaissance studies (undergraduate minor in history). My doctoral work was in linguistics (University of North Carolina, Chapel Hill) with a concentration in Germanic historical linguistics (especially Gothic inflectional morphology). I was hired at the U of Mary as staff linguist for Hidatsa in the North Dakota Indian Languages Program, and moved into the English Department in 1979/80. My chief hobby interests are evolutionary biology, cognitive science and religious studies. My teaching areas are composition, world literature, literary criticism, and linguistics. Born to them was:


( CHRISTOPHER SANFORD BERRY, M.D. (Optometrist) married Carol A Lien – 2003 of Olympia WA

( CHARLES J. FERRIS “Charley” born May 3, 1831 Norway NY and died March 21, 1909; attended Knox College 1847-48, 1849-1850; married May 6, 1851 at the Mansion House in Knoxville IL, Sarah Jane Lipe born 1834 and died October 9, 1922, buried with Charley; Sarah attended Knox College 1849-51;

Obituary, Western Kansas World: Charles Jackson Ferris was born May 3, 1831 in Norway Township, Herkimer County, NY and died March 22, 1909 at Kansas City MO, where he was temporarily residing. When Mr Ferris was about seven years old his family moved to Galesburg IL; that town having been founded by the Gales and Ferrises, two related families. He secured a better than average education for those days in Knox Academy, Galesburg and was married to Sarah J Lipe at Knoxville May 6, 1851. Some years later, hoping to improve his health, he moved to Portage City WI and remained there twelve years, serving as county surveyor most of the time. Still in search of health he left Galesburg a second time and filed on a homestead in Trego County KS about nine miles southwest of Wa-Kenney. This was in 1879, the family moving out in the spring of 1880. Being appointed a deputy for County Surveyor Peck, and later appointed to the office, Mr Ferris moved his family to Wa-Keeney which has been their home for the last twenty-seven years. He was nine times elected surveyor of Trego County and served Trego County about twenty years. The present Ferris House was built by him in 1855 and since Christmas day of that year it has been the family home, becoming well known for its hospitality and home like comforts. Mr and Mrs Ferris in recent years made two trips to the Pacific coast and last fall went down to Kansas City to spend the winter. Several years ago Mr Ferris selected choice lot in the WaKeeney city cemetery and in accordance with his expressed wish his remains were brought here for interment. Funeral services were held at the Presbyterian Church. Services at the grave were conducted by the Masonic Lodge of WaKeeney to which Mr Ferris belonged since 1883. He joined the Craft at Galesburg in 1852 and for a time as a member of Galesburg Chapter No 46, R.A.M. Mr Ferris is survived by his wife and all his children, these being Mrs. Louise Biedrich (Dietrich) and E. L. Ferris of Kansas City, Mrs Luella Davis of Los Angeles, and Mrs. Bessie Huyett of Minneapolis KS, all being present at the funeral except for Mrs. Davis;

and born to them were:

( LOUISE IRENE FERRIS born September 10, 1853; attended Knox College 1867-68, 1870-71, and 1873-74; married March 18, 1879 in Knox Co, George Corwin Dietrich; George was a student at Knox College 1866-67; apparently resided Dalton City IL; and born to them were:

( NEIL BLAINE DIETRICH born April 15, 1880; married August 12, 1903 Anna M. Satterlee; and born to them were:

( NEIL BLAINE DIETRICH JR., born April 22, 1910

( PAUL DOUGLAS DIETRICH born May 5, 1912

( MARY IRENE DIETRICH born July 26, 1917

( CARL FERRIS DIETRICH born November 29, 1883 and died October 27, 1908

( FREDERIC CORWIN DIETRICH born July 26, 1889 and married December 24, 1917 Millie B. Stukey

( D. LOUELLA FERRIS (Luelle) born September 18, 1857 and died May 21, 1931; attended Knox College 1872-73, 1874-77; married February 16, 1887 Arthur J. Davis – 1909 resided Los Angeles CA

( EDWIN L. FERRIS born September 10, 1861; married April 17, 1887 Josephine Buis – 1909 resided Kansas City; and born to them was:

( EARLE PERRY FERRIS born January 1898 and died at 18m

( ELIZABETH FERRIS (Bessie) born August 29, 1878 and died January 4, 1951; married November 23, 1897 Guy L. Huyett (Photo) born 1874 and died October 24, 1949; both buried Bennington, Ottawa, KS. G. L. Huyett Inc. was incorporated in 1906 Minneapolis KS and in still in operation today (2004) – see Born to them were:

( GUY FERRIS HUYETT born November 3/4, 1899 and died March 24/25, 1908; buried Bennington, Ottawa, KS

( ELIZABETH LOUISE HUYETT born July 12, 1906 and died April 6, 1971; married September 12, 1920 Daniel Gaines Hon [son of Judge Daniel & Margaret Pamelia (Gaines) Hon] born January 21, 1898 Waldron AR and died May 14, 1950 Los Angeles Co CA; and they had a child – they lived in Los Angeles where he was an attorney;

( DELIA AURINDA FERRIS born March 7, 1843 Galesburg IL and died February 6, 1909; attended Knox College 1854-59; married August 29, 1871/72 in Knox Co IL, William H. Brainerd (1841-1908). In the 1892-93 Galesburg City Directory, a William H. Brainerd is listed as a life insurance agent, residing at 223 N. Broad; and born to them were:

( SARAH AURINDA BRAINERD born January 22, 1874 and died October 22, 1888

( CAROLINE FRANCES BRAINERD born November 11, 1876

( HARRIET GALE BRAINERD born January 8, 1880; married July 7, 1904 William Johnston; and born to them was:

( FAITH ELEANOR JOHNSTON born July 4, 1905

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