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1) What is the reason behind why a woman or a young girl can’t cut their hair? 2) So can a married woman cut her with and without her hijab to please her husband, the same with makeup? 3) If a person tells you a wrong thing which they believe is right and you do the wrong thing all your life; which one of you will receive punishment on the day of judgment?
Please refer to questions 89, 230, 232, AND 254; which cover the issue of women cutting hair and using perfume, the same method applies to makeup. But remember majority of chemicals in makeup material are derived from ingredients that are haraam.
While the punishments of wrongful telling is based on intensions and situation, i.e. if a person tells you something knowing to mislead, then you are not punished but they are committing a sin and will receive punishment, but if you know they are misleading you and you follow what they have informed you of, then you both have sinned. If the person saying or telling something has researched the issue and made a wrong opinion then neither are punished in fact they both will be rewarded (i.e. scholars opinion) .
QUESTION 302 TOPIC : Girlfriends / Boy Friends
I know that in school you are not allowed to have girlfriends and boyfriends but is a girl allowed to be just plain friends with a boy and visa versa?
If the boy and girl are baligh (in to adolescent), whereby they have developed sexual attributes (desires), then they are not allowed to have friendship with the opposite sex. The Islamic ruling is that a man and woman can not be friends with those that are Gair Mehram, i.e. those eligible for marriage. However one still has to act with respect and good manners toward others.
QUESTION 303 TOPIC : Marriage
I want to get married to a non Muslim, can you please tell me, should I have to tell her to change into Muslim or is that ok, getting married to her? Other question: Do you have to get married in Islam, or can you stay single? Thank you, Allah Hafiz

It is necessary that one should get married when he develops sexual desires; it is also a Sunnah (method) of our beloved Prophet (SAW) to get married, he never educated his followers to remain single. The basis for marriage should be Islam and not desire. It is better to marry a Muslim as the girl will be bearer of your children and will educate them with what she knows and believes (even though it is permissible to marry the practicing Ahley-kitaab (people of the book i.e. Jews and Christian)).
QUESTION 304 TOPIC : Destiny
Explain what it means when we are told Allah knows what is in front of the creation and if so what is the point in all of this?
When it is said Allah (SWT) know what’s in front of us i.e. destiny (taqdeer) it means that when say Allah (SWT) created me he wrote my manual, but he also inserted all options into it. He also has the power to override what has been written.
This in simpler terms means that Allah (SWT) knows at each point of my life what decisions could be made, i.e. at each point of life there are 2 options some Allah (SWT) has given us choice over and the decision we make will be judged and we will be rewarded/ punished in accordance with that. Even though He (SWT) knows what we can, and will do, but has given us the power of choice, therefore it is a misconception that we do what has been pre written.
What we do is not controlled we have the choice of decision (that is the reason human beings are considered afzalul makhluuk – the best in creation).
QUESTION 305 TOPIC : Kissing
Can a Muslim man kiss his wife like the Non Muslims do? i.e. (snogging)?
To kiss your wife is permissible. If it is done with the intension of imitating the non believers (as Islam is all to do with intensions) then that is not allowed, as imitation of the non believers is not allowed, otherwise there is no restriction on kissing your wife.

QUESTION 306 TOPIC : Wife Rights
I would really like to know if my husband has any right over my earnings.  He thinks that I should pay for everything, I already pay the mortgage, and many other bills and while he sends all his money to his parents.  

Also I pay for all my clothes etc, is this the responsibility of my husband?  Even if I don't work he never gives me any money for groceries and so on.  I have to work, pay the bills and look after our 2 children.  What does Islam say about this?
It is obligation for the husband to provide financially for his wife and children. Even though he has to care for the parents his prime duty is his immediate family. All people have right in one’s life and this is proven by Quran and Sunnah.
Asalaam o laikum. I don’t know if I am supposed to ask this or not because I have heard that we are not supposed to find out meaning of our dreams... this dream is not mine but it is about me my uncle's daughter had this dream: the dream was she doesn’t know if it is my wedding day or a function during them days but she sees her boyfriend in the dream and it is snowing and he gets lost in the fields she says to my sister to go with her and find him but my sister doesn't go with her and I say to her that I will go with you, me and her are following her boyfriends foot steps in the fields and we are just going round and round but we cant find him so my cousin says leave it because he's playing a game we are just going round in circles and then she wakes up. After she awoke she told her boyfriends father about the field part but not about the wedding part and they at that moment had a peer sahib at the house, the peer asked her who is getting married and she said me, the peer said to her that something bad is getting planed by a family member for the wedding but they don’t know if it is from the dad's side or the mum's side of the family and because she said in her dream its a game we are just going around in circles, we will figure out the plan but by then it will be to late. I am really very worried and don’t know what to do I have turned my self towards Allah. Please is there anyway I can find out what is going to happen and who is planning the bad. I hope you understand what I have written and can you email me the reply back. Allah hafiz
If a peer sahib has interpreted the dream for you ask them the same question with regards to the future events, they may be in better position to advise.
Our advice would be to Read Darood Shareef consistently and to read Surah Falak and Surah Naas and pray to Allah (SWT) that he protects you from all evils from man and jinn. Inshallah we will make Dua for you.
Does Wuzu have to be performed in the exact same steps as shown on your website? I have been washing my face before I wash my nostrils. Does this mean that my wuzu was not valid? Thank You.
To keep the order is a Sunnah, and the order on our website is the best described method. However as long as you complete the Fard your wuzu is valid, i.e. washing your face is a Fard.
Do you have to get up at Sehri to keep the fast?
To do the Sehri is a Sunnah, a Hadith states that there is blessing in Sehri. Many Hadiths show the importance of this very good act (Sunnah).
QUESTION 310 TOPIC : Controlling Wind
I have a problem controlling wind. What can I do about reading Namaz or the Quran whilst I have this problem?
The best method in these circumstances is to do fresh wuzu before each prayer or just before you start reading Quran Pak.

(i.e. You do not have to do wuzu again if say, you start reading Zohr Namaz and your wuzu break(due to your Problem). You can read the full Zohr Namaz even though you have released wind. However at Asr Namaz you are required to do wuzu again).

QUESTION 311 TOPIC : Kissing the Nails
Why do we kiss the nail and rub on our eyes?

We do this for the utmost respect for RasoolAllah (SAW). Its stated in a Hadith that this action was carried out by Hazrat Abu Bakr Siddique (RA) when Hazrat Bilal (RA) was saying the Azan and it was done in the presence of RasoolAllah (SAW).
Please also go to the Janathi Message website and in the literature section, this topic is fully explained.
QUESTION 312 TOPIC : Donations
Where could you give donations to Janathi Message ?
Janathi Message does not take any direct donations or funding, we are fully financed by Gulzar-e-Habib Mosque and Education Centre. All our projects are assessed and supported by the committee of the Mosque. Please remember that your support and donations can be forwarded to Gulzar-e-Habib Mosque.
QUESTION 313 TOPIC : Adoption
Are you allowed adoption?
If you are able to afford to keep a child and the child is an orphan then adoption is

allowed. Otherwise it’s better to support the child financially rather then adopting, the practice of paying to adopt children from the poor is prohibited.

QUESTION 314 TOPIC : Plastic Surgery
Are you allowed plastic surgery?
Plastic surgery is permissible for the purpose of medical correction and not for alterations of fashion and changing features (looks).

QUESTION 315 TOPIC : Marriage
Does everyone have to get married ?
It is Sunnah to get married. RasoolAllah (SAW) said marriage completes ones Imaan.
What does Hazret mean?
This word is used for the respect of an older / superior person, often used for Prophets, Sahaba’s, ulemas and family elders.
QUESTION 317 TOPIC : Sleeping
Is it true that you have to go to sleep with your head point in towards Hajj?
The correct position to sleep is to sleep on the right side of the body with the face towards the Kaaba Shareef.
Please refer to our Website on Ramadan 2006 Section, Topic 5 covers this in detail.
I wanted to know what is happening after death and I want clear information about 40 days journey after death. Please explain to me about life after death. Thanks
After death (when the person is buried) the angel’s Munkir Nakeer visit you in the grave. The angels question you on your Imaan, Aqeeda and actions in duniya. The first three questions will be 1) Who is your Rabb? 2) What is your Deen? 3) Who is this person and what did you use to say about him? (With RasoolAllah SAW being present). After this if you are a good person your grave is stretched wide and a widow from heaven is opened and you rest. If you are a wrongdoer the grave is closed to the extent that your squashed together to the point where your ribs cross each other and you continue to receive punishment with the insects and animals of ground eating you and you suffer in the pain. This state remains till the day of judgement when your actions are presented before Allah (SWT) and you receive the ever lasting pleasure in heaven or the grave punishment of hell.
Why do some Muslims think the number 786 means Bismillah irahma nirahim? The reason I ask is because you could create any sentence of which

the letters could be added up to make the number 786. Did our Prophet (PBUH) use this number?
This is a numeric order of the words of the linguistic Bismillah (7) Hirahman (8) Niraheem (6) from Arabic grammar, the number idea was developed in the early Islamic institution of Baghdad (the current Iraq). Its origin is accepted by the Ahle Sunnah Wal Jammah Ulama and Islamic Mathematicians.
This was not used by the Prophet (SAW), but that doesn’t make it bad, as the Prophet (SAW) did not use for example a car, plane, computers and many other advancement of today’s society, which does not make the use of such things incorrect or non rewarding.
Can you please tell me whether the background Zikr in Owais Qadri's naats is right or wrong because it sounds like they are chanting which sometimes sounds

like a drum beat?
Different Ulama hold different opinions on this issue. If you’re seeking our opinion then I would say that if you personally find this incorrect then refrain from listening to it. According to my understanding if it does not deter your concentration and is bringing people to love Naats and do Zikr of Allah (SWT) and his Beloved (SAW) then it is allowed.
QUESTION 321 TOPIC : Prayer Mat
I would like to ask the imam that can you read Namaz on a clean material or cloth

or do have to read on a prayer mat I am asking this for example you go some where and cannot find a prayer mat or the ones in your House are being used?
You can even pray on the clean (Pure) ground without a prayer mat. So using another clean material is definitely allowed.
QUESTION 322 TOPIC : Contraception
I just wanted to know if Muslim men are allowed to use condoms and if women can use the morning after pill?
The question is referring to what is known as Azl (withdrawal prior to ejaculation, or preventing pregnancy). There is a slight difference of opinion between Ulama, the most common opinion is that contraception is permitted (i.e. both man and woman can use prevention). However it is far superior not to engage in contraception without genuine reason or benefit, because the Quran and Hadith encourage having children as stated in a Hadith “marry and multiply” (Abu Dawud and Nasai).
Hazrat e Jabir Ibn Abdullah RA relates that “we used to engage in contraception (Azl) while the Quran was being revealed. Had it been something that was interdicted, the Quran would have forbidden it (Bukhari 5209, Muslim 4220).
It is disliked to engage in contraception ((Azl) preventative ejaculation) without the wife’s agreement. This is because intercourse with ejaculation is the means to having a child and having a child is the wife’s right. By using contraception without her permission, her right is not fulfilled. However if the contraception was with the wife’s agreement, then it is not disliked, as she will have willingly foregone her right and vice versa where the pill is used. And Allah (SWT) knows best.
I am going on holiday to Pakistan is it possible to read Namaz while travelling on an airplane, if so what is the right procedure.
There is praying facility on most flights where the direction of kiblah is shown. Namaz

can be prayed on plane, or at reaching your destination. Both methods are acceptable. This is kasr Namaz (the traveller’s prayer).

QUESTION 324 TOPIC : Four School of Thoughts
Does a person have to follow one of the four schools of thought (Hanafi, Shafi, Hanbili, Maliki). If the answer is yes, then could you please explain why?
Refer to question 300.
Please check the previous questions to avoid asking same questions again which results in wasting both Janathi Message team and Imam Sahibs’ time.
During Namaz in the sitting position, we read at-hiyath and then Darood Shareef. I have been taught to read Darood Shareef to "ina ka hameed duma jeed" and then I read "rabij al ni .." However, I noticed on the Namaz kitab that there is a verse in between these two. Do we have to read this section also? As I have not learned it. What should I do for future Namaz prayers?
There should be no verse between these two (Darood Shareef and Dua). Your current practice of Darood Shareef and Dua is correct.

Some books indicate an alternative Dua instead of Rabi ja’alni. Please Quote your book (title, author and who is the publisher and we will investigate further) or bring the book to Gulzar-e-Habib Mosque.

My question is that before Fajr Namaz can we read the Namaz that we have missed?
Generally in Fajr time, you can only read Fajr. This time is known as the time where except for the prayer due, making up other prayers is not desirable (Zawaal). However if you pray regularly and have missed say your Isha Namaz, then you should make up for it during this time, and no other prayer. The same rule applies to the time of Asar.
Please also refer to previous questions, under the Namaz section of Ask the Imam on our website.
If the person is dead do they come back alive on judgement day?
Yes, Everyone will be raised from the dead.
QUESTION 328 TOPIC : Problems
Would Allah (SWT) help you if you had problems?
Yes, only Allah (SWT) can help, we must believe in him. All Prophets and other pious people intercede for us. Allah (SWT) is all forgiving, most merciful and the best helper.
I made wishes and a while later they came true, did Allah make it true?
Yes. Allah (SWT) fulfilled your wish.
QUESTION 330 TOPIC : Parenting
If a child is being naughty and the parents hit them, will it be the parents fault or child’s?
Parents think the best of their child, and use various methods to discipline children. Parents smack their children to teach them lessons, as part of disciplining. However, there are other ways in which to teach them. Parents are not allowed to beat them in order to relief their own tension. Smacking should only be the last resort for the better welfare of that child.
QUESTION 331 TOPIC : Non Muslim
There are some people who are not Muslims and they are very good would they go to hell or heaven?
The Quran says that only the believers will go in to heaven.
Can a dog see or smell shaitaan?
Yes, some animals can see things that humans cannot see. Dog is one of the animals that can see shaitaan.
If you are a different religion will Allah still love you?
Allah (SWT) made all creations so Allah (SWT) loves all creations. Allah (SWT) also

has told us the right and wrong paths. It is up to us to choose the correct path. On the day of judgement we will be judged on the path we take.

QUESTION 334 TOPIC : Boy Friends
If you go out with a boy and you are going every time are you getting Gunnah?
It is not permissible to have boy/girl friends. Please also refer to questions 193 and 302.

QUESTION 335 TOPIC : Marriage
What do I do if I fear that my husband dislikes my parents, leaves me to marry another woman or does not listen to me despite me listening, obeying and supporting him when he needs me.
At present he has all the assets in his name and I do not know what he will do next. I am due to receive some money from my parents he has said that requires me to insert his name on the account. If I mention anything my opinions he gets very defensive.
Generally he looks after us but does not trust me. I am very confused and distressed. I read Darood Shareef but I am sacred that he may leave me for someone else. We have one son who he loves. Please help.
I’m sorry to hear your story. I am not in the position to give you any advice on personal matters, However I would strongly recommend you read YA WA DUDU abundantly. This, Inshallah, will bring love between you and your husband. May Allah (S.W.T), with the Wasilla of Our Holy Prophet (S.A.W), help you overcome this testing time.
Can you read Namaz whilst you have trophies of men, in front of you?
When reading Namaz, no pictures or trophies of people can be in front of you. Anything that resembles living thing can not be present whether it is a picture or trophy.
QUESTION 337 TOPIC : Holy Quran
If you go to mosque without wudu and read Quran what will happen?
It is not permissible for you to touch the holy Quran without wudu. If, however, you read the Quran by heart (i.e. without opening it) then that’s ok. Without wudu it is not allowed to touch the Holy Quran. To do so intentionally is a grave Sin.
Does Allah (SWT) forgive you if you have done anything bad?
If you sincerely repent and ask for forgiveness then Allah (SWT) will forgive you. Allah (SWT) is all knowing, all forgiving and most Merciful. Also refer to question 2.
If you have killed or murdered anyone what would happen on judgement day?
You will be asked about it and Allah (SWT) will punish those who take life unfairly, it is a grave sin to kill someone without cause. May Allah (SWT) guide us all to the straight path and may Allah (SWT) forgive our sins.
Are you allowed to keep pets like dogs, cats etc?
You are allowed to have cats and dogs (only as guard/ guide dogs). Remember that

Angel of Rahmat (mercy) doesn’t enter the house that has dog in it.

QUESTION 341 TOPIC : Urdu Books
Are we allowed to put the Urdu book on the floor?
If the Urdu book contains Quranic Ayahs or has Allah (SWT)’s or our Holy Prophet (SAW)’s or any other Prophets (as) names then you should not put the book on the floor.
If you have been good and have some things bad would you go in hell first and then heaven because you have done some things good?

Good and bad deeds are weighed and on judgement it is decided whether one goes to hell or heaven. If a Muslim that has more bad deeds than good then he/she will go to hell and after he/she had paid their price for their sins then Allah (SWT) will grant then heaven.
QUESTION 343 TOPIC : Boy Friends / Girl Friends
If you are young and not a Muslim are you allowed a girl/boy friend?
Islamic law doesn’t apply to those who are not Muslims. If you are a Muslim you are not allowed to have a boy/girl friend.
QUESTION 344 TOPIC : Boy Friends / Girl Friends
Are you allowed to go out with a girl or boy?
If you are referring to dating then the answer is No. This is prohibited in Islam.
QUESTION 345 TOPIC : Shaitaan
At 12.00 if you are walking, does shaitaan be looking?
Shaitaan can see you all the time.
On judgement day what would be in hell?
There are various torments in hell. It is dreadful even to think of the torments. In sum, it

has the torments of fire, chilling cold, snakes, scorpions, poisonous animals etc. The flames of its fire rage high and overtake the infidels with violent force. The fuel of hell is humans and stones.

QUESTION 347 TOPIC : Boy Friends / Girl Friends
Can you have a boyfriend or girlfriend?
No matter how many times this question is asked the answer is “NO”, it is strictly prohibited, and it is Gunnah (sin) and gives cause to many other sins.
Are there such things as ghost’s good/bad?
Ghosts (jinn) are also a creation of Allah (SWT). They, like humans, can be both good and bad.
If you didn’t have time to do wudu and you enter a mosque will you be forgiven?
You are allowed to enter a mosque without wudu as long as you are paak (ghusl isn’t Wajib upon you). You should not touch the holy Quran or read Namaz without wudu though.
If you lie what would happen on judgement day?
Lying is a big sin. Allah (SWT) curses those who lie. Therefore one MUST refrain from lying. On the day of judgement the liars will not even smell the scent of paradise (i.e. they will not even come near paradise).
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