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Nicola Thorne

LM Bolena

AKA: Bolena

Owner./s: Nicola Thorne

Age: 12

Sex: Mare

Height: -

Colour: -


Nicola is very passionate about endurance riding and rides at FEI level around the world. 

She has had the privilege to represent Great Britain twice on her very successful arab gelding, LR Bold Greyson, who is a horse of a lifetime. 

Based in mid Norfolk, she enjoys competing across the UK and Europe with her horses and has also traveled to Dubai twice which she admits was a huge challenge to take a horse from British winter and train them in the heat and the sands of the desert.

Nicola joined the board of  Endurance GB in the capacity of Welfare and Quality Director at the end of 2016. 


LM Bolena :

Twice successfully completed in Dubai in the FEI 3* 160 kms HH Sheikh Mohammed Cup

Dubai FEI 3* 160 kms 07/01/17 @ 15.59 kmph, 13th European horse home, placed 66 overall out of 263
Dubai FEI 3* 160 kms  09/01/16 @14.47 kmph
Royal Windsor FEI 2* 120 kms  12/05/17, 12th place @ 18.71 kmph

LR Bold Greyson : 

Twice completed for Great Britain, in the European Championships 2016 and in the World Championships 2018.
FEI 4* World Championships Samorin Slovakia, 16/09/16, 160 kms, 36th place out of 134 starters @ 17.88 kmph
FEI 4* European Championships Samorin Slovakia, 11/09/15, 160 kms, 31st out of 66 starters  @17.43 kmph

Other horses Top 3 results in 2016 and 2017:

1st  at Kings Forest GB, 16/04/17, FEI 1* 80kms on LM 42
1st and British National Champion at Keysoe  GB,  06/0816, FEI 3* 160 kms on LM 42
2nd at Kings Forest GB, 10/07/2017, FEI 1* 80 kms on LM 42
2nd at Haywood Oaks, 26/03/16, FEI 2* 120 kms on LM Ashirta
2nd at Williston USA, 12/03/16, FEI 2* 120kms on Flash Goldon
3rd at Williston USA, 11/03/16, FEI 1* 80kms on RB Cod
3rd at Bredasdorp South Africa, 01/10/16, FEI 2* 120kms on Tito
3rd at Ehrhardt USA, 27/01/17 FEI 1* 80kms on Indian Lucy
3rd at Ehrhardt USA 28/01/17 FEI 1* 80 kms on Geraldine

Caroline Cowley

HS Bellini

AKA: El Nino

OWNER/S: Caroline Cowley

AGE: 9

SEX: Gelding




Caroline has been riding since she was two years old and was lucky enough to get her first horse, Misty, when she was eleven.  Caroline had Misty for 27 years and is blessed to still have her granddaughter, Mistral, who qualified as a 3 * Endurance horse, and her 2 year old great grandson.

Caroline started Endurance about 12 years ago after being inspired when her father (Chris Baker) showed her the amazing photos of horses and riders going up Cougar Rock on the Tevis Cup 100 mile ride in California.  Caroline’s father is still the highest placed UK rider to complete the Tevis, finishing in 7th place.

Caroline has been riding internationally for many years and enjoys the experiences gained riding in different countries on different  horses over varied  terrains. Caroline considers it to be an honour  and a privilege to be part of Team GBR.



On El Nino (HS Bellini):

3rd FEI National Champion 2016

5th Euston Park 3* 2017 (first UK rider home)
2nd Kings Forest 1* 2017
2nd Haywood Oaks 1* 2016

On Mistral:

Winner Adonis ER trophy 2013

2nd College 2* 2013
2nd Haywood Oaks 3* 2013
5th Mont le Soie 2* 2012
Arab Marathon – 1st Part Bred (4th overall) 2012

On Sadhira:

Best young horse Kings Forest 1* 2013

Annie Joppe


AKA: Fant

OWNER/S: Annie Joppe

AGE: 16

SEX: Gelding




Annie initially started out as a wannabe eventer but only got to novice level. She quickly turned to endurance which ticked all the boxes for her as it required fitness, stamina, determination, family involvement and developing a unique bond with a horse over such long distances. 

She started off with a thoroughbred ex-racehorse before moving to Arab horses. After a few tricky starts, she clicked with a horse she had on loan who took her to advanced level and second place in the National Championships.

Since then Annie has had several Arab horses for endurance, one of the most notable being Dilmun who took her to the World Equestrian Games in Normandy.  She now has Fantom who has stepped out from Dilmun’s shadow and on whom she hopes to contest the 2017 European Championships.


With Fantom:

1st place 2* Cirencester Park 2011

2nd place 2* King’s Forest 2012
1st place National 80kms CER 2013
1st place 1* Boconnoc 2013 1st place 2* College EC 2013
3rd National Championships Golden Horseshoe 2015
1st place 2* College 2015
2nd place 3* King’s Forest 2016
3rd place 1* Royal Windsor 2017

With Dilmun:

4 x 3* completions over the course of 7 years as well as many 2* completions

Represented Team GBR twice: European Championships, Assisi 2009 And WEG 2014

Harry Ingram

Warrens Hill Chayze

AKA: Chayze

OWNER/S: Harry Ingram

AGE: 9

SEX: Gelding


COLOUR: Grey dapple grey


Harry started endurance riding competitively in 2006, and since then has learnt an enormous amount that has allowed him to go on and move through the ranks. He is now the Vice Chairman of Endurance GB, and is a strong advocate for bringing the sport to more people, especially young people in the UK.

As he moved through the ranks he soon learnt that to compete at the top level you need a special horse. He has two advance endurance horses, who he manages to train and compete around  his commitments.

Based in Surrey, Harry and his partner, ex-British team member Alice Beet, train their horses in and around the Surrey Hills. Perfect terrain for conditioning the equine athlete for stamina and endurance.

Harry never managed to break through as a young rider, but has recently had a number of very successful wins in the UK. Consolidated by well-placed rides in the top 20 abroad, Harry and Chayze are well prepared to take on the European Championships.  


with Warrens Hill Chayze

Fontainebleau (FRA) FEI 2* 120km 01/04/2017 14th place @ 17.8kmph

Euston Park (GBR) FEI 3* 160km 28/05/2016 4th place @ 15.46kmph
Kings Forest (GBR) FEI 2* 120km 16/04/2016 1st place @ 16.81kmph
Kings Forest (GBR) FEI 2* 120km 12/07/2015 1st place @ 18.03kmph

with Bronze Nahdir: 

Royal Windsor Endurance (GBR) FEI 2* 120km 16/05/2014 12th place (top Brit) @ 21.45kmph

Haywood Oaks (GBR) FEI 2* 120km 26/03/2016 1st place @ 16.75kmph
Shk Hamdan Festival - Euston Park (GBR) FEI 2* 120km 13/08/2016 8th place @19.1kmph

Rachael Atkinson

Tannasg Psyches Realm

AKA: Sykes 

Owner/s: Rachael Atkinson

Age: 9

Sex: Gelding

Height: - 

Colour: Chestnut


Rachael Atkinson is located in Lancashire where she owns a riding school with her husband and has competed in endurance with much success for twenty years.

In that time she's been lucky enough to represent GB on a number of occasions. Supporter by her family, husband Andrew and daughter Kate, the Atkinson team are a force to be reckoned with both on the senior and junior endurance circuit. 


Placed in FEI 160km races in England, France and Belgium. 

Reserve: Lorna Kidson

Sheer Bliss

AKA: Bliss

Owner/s: Sallie Dudley

Age: 9

Sex: Mare

Height: - 

Colour: Dark brown


Lorna has been competing in endurance for 16 years, riding and training her own horses as well as competing for other owners and trainers. She currently competes on Sheer Bliss who she has on permanent loan from her breeder Sallie Dudley. 

At home she has a pure bred Arab that is retired from serious competition but has returned to National level competition in 2017 to show a new endurance rider the ropes. Her foal, now 4 years old, will make his endurance debut in 2018 with a view to starting to compete at International level in 2020. 

As well as riding, Lorna works full time where she resides in Cheshire. 


Kings Forest 01/07/16 1* 6th Sheer Bliss 17.64kph (First Brit home)

Kings Forest 06/07/16 1* 3rd Sheer Bliss 16.86kph
Euston Park 28/05/16 3* 5th Sheer Bliss 15.46kph
Kings Forest 30/05/15 2* 4th Sheer Bliss 16.19kph
Winner of Seacliff 2* 2015 and Seacliff 1* 2017 Sheer Bliss
RoR Elite Endurance Champion 2013 Jack Dawson
Endurance GB FEI Championship award 2015 Sheer Bliss
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