Human Body Systems Flip Book

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Human Body Systems Book
This is an in class, individual project- not a group project. Your textbook, paper, net book, colored pencils and anything else needed to fit the requirements of the project should be brought to class each day.

The latest the book will be accepted is Thursday Apr. 3rd and Friday Apr. 4th

You are to use only ONE sheet of paper per page. Therefore, you may need to write and draw small.
Your book must include:

Page 1: Name of the book

Page 2: Table of Contents (look at your Biology book for an example)

Page 3: Integumentary System (pg. 893)

  • Explain the differences between the epidermis and dermis

  • Draw the picture on page 894 figure 34.1-label the parts

  • Figure 34.1- define letters A-E

  • What are the functions of the integumentary system

  • Write 4-5 complete sentences about skin injury and healing( pg. 898)

Page 4: Skeletal System (pg. 899)

  • Explain the differences in the axial skeleton and the appendicular skeleton

  • Explain the differences is joints and ligaments

  • Draw or trace figure 34.6 (pg. 900)

  • Draw or trace figure 34.8 (pg. 902) label the parts

  • What are the differences between spongy bone and compact bone?

  • Describe the formation of bone

  • What are the functions of the skeletal system?

  • How do bones store minerals?

  • Describe bone injury and disease

Page 5: Muscular System (pg. 905)

  • Name the three types of muscles

  • Draw the three muscles pictures on pg. 905 figure 34.11

  • Describe skeletal muscle contraction

  • Describe muscle strength and exercise

  • Draw the picture on pg. 908 figure 34.13 and label the parts

Page 6: Digestive System (pg. 917)

  • What are the functions of the digestive system?

  • What happens when you chew?

  • What chemicals are used to digest food in your mouth?

  • Describe the process of swallowing your food

  • Draw the mouth on pg. 919 figure 35.2, label the parts

  • Describe the process of the stomach

  • Describe the process of the small intestine

  • How is food absorbed in the small intestine?

  • Describe the process of the large intestine

  • Draw the picture on pg. 924 (Nutrition pyramid)

  • Describe the vital nutrients

Page 7: Endocrine System (pg. 926)

  • Describe the endocrine system

  • What is negative feedback?

  • Draw the picture on pg. 91 figure 35.11

  • What are the actions of steroid hormones?

  • What are the actions of amino acid hormones?

  • How do adrenal glands play a role in your body for stressful situations?

  • What is the thyroid and parathyroid hormones?

Page 8: Nervous System (pg. 943)

  • What are the basic units of a neuron?

  • Draw the picture on pg. 943 figure 36.1

  • Describe a neuron impulse and a neuron at rest

  • How is an impulse transmitted?

  • Describe the difference in white matter and gray matter

  • Describe the parts of the Central Nervous System

  • Describe the parts of the Peripheral Nervous System

  • Draw figure 36.9 on pg. 950

Page 9: Sensory System (pg. 951)

  • Describe how you are able to smell

  • Describe sensing light

  • Describe sense of hearing

  • Describe your sense of balance

  • Describe your sense of touch

  • What are the effects of drugs on the body?

  • Describe what happens to your sensory system when you misuse drugs

Page 10: Respiratory System (pg. 971)

Page 11: Circulatory System (pg . 975)

  • What is plasma?

  • What are the components of blood?

  • Describe oxygen in the blood

  • Describe carbon dioxide in the blood

  • How are white blood cells important?

  • What is a blood clot?

  • Draw figure 37.6 on pg. 978-label all the parts

  • Describe the important of the heart

  • Describe the flow of blood through heart

Page 12: Urinary System (pg. 985)

  • What is the importance of your kidney?

  • What is the filtering unit of the kidney?

  • How is urine formed?

  • How is the urinary system related to homeostasis?

Page 13: Vocabulary- add a list of terms at the end of the book. Alphabetize the terms under the proper system headings.

EXTRA CREDIT: 10 points

Page 14: Over and beyond… make a list of 10 Who/What am I questions.

Example: I protect you by keeping water in and foreign particles out. What am I?
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