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Thunder over Thunder
The Global Consciousness Program that has been moving us as a totality since 1615 is no longer a secure foundation. In 2027, everything changes. We are already feeling those changes now. There are Locks and Keys.  The Keys that opened the locks for the past 400 years are no longer going to work.  There will be new keys.  When you allow the mechanics of you to work correctly these changes will not matter. You will be able to navigate through it all. 

The Global Consciousness program is not personal - it is the bigger program at work. We can already experience those changes around us now.  We are moving towards a mutation in 2027 - it is an evolutionary shift. To understand this shift can help you to understand what is happening now on a global scale and what will continue to happen in many different ways. 

The image below shows the locks as well as the keys for the present cycle and the next. The locks are always the gates of the G - Center. Love and Direction is the foundation for the outer program and a very important part of our unfolding totality. All the gates of the Cross of the Vessel of Love (25,46,10,15) and the Cross of the Sphinx (13,7,1,2) are the locks for every cycle since the beginning – 16513 BC. Each of these 8 locks will have a different key as one cycle is completed and another cycle begins. Only keys change.

It is interesting to see that along with Love and Direction, fear is also a fixed pattern of the larger program. In each cycle, there is a gate of fear that is a key for a lock in that cycle. These gates are all Splenic Center gates - concerned with survival. The cycle we are in right now has gate 32 as a key – the fear of failure. In 2027, the fear theme moves to the key of gate 57 – the fear of tomorrow.

This cycle we are in right now and have been in since 1615 has very specific keys that will open its locks. These specific keys will no longer open the locks after 2027. It seems that the locks are already mutating in preparation for the new keys. Which means the keys for us now aren’t quite working as easily as they did before. You know how it is when you have to jiggle an old key to get it to open a lock.

You can see in the image that each of the locks has a keynote. I only want to look at one of the eight locks and the key that opens it now and the key that will open it in 2027. The lock is Gate 2 - it is the most yin of all gates and it is “The Plan”. It is the global driver – the driver of the world. It is what moves everything in a global direction. When you look at the four gates of the Cross of the Sphinx, Gates 7, 1 and 13 are all gates pointing to the throat. These gates are going to express direction and each one has a different perspective. But Gate 2 is the only gate that points to energy. It points to the Sacral Center. It controls the energy, no matter what perspective is expressed in the other three gates.

The Plan is a mystical labeling of the keynote for Gate 2. In the plan, you come in (birth) and you go out (death) and the life in between is directed by where the totality is going. There is no good birth. There is no bad birth. There is no good death. There is no bad death. There is simply the going in and the going out and the life in between. It is a door that swings both ways. In the big program, the door opening and closing – for a fraction of a second in between – that is our life. We are still that half breath relative to the life of Earth. This is the space between the door opening and closing – one half a breath of the Earth – our life!
The beauty for me of Human Design is it gives us the way to move through life from our own authority and from that the understanding that nothing is personal grows. It can all seem so important – every little thing in our life – but in the bigger picture – we are no more than a half breath. But even that half breath has a life, has experiences, has a way of seeing – and when the neutrino stream passes through and drops off information – it also picks up information. All these experiences get fed back to the larger consciousness field.
Right now the key to the Plan is Gate 42. Gate 42 is the end of a cycle. Gate 42 is part of collective circuitry – it is abstract – it is about the experience. Gate 42 is the end of an experience – it is where the cycle is completed. Right now, the Global direction is to complete the cycle. The Global driver is taking everything to that completion.
Gate 42 is one of the four gates that make up the Cross of the Maya. All of those four gates are keys right now in this cycle. The Cross of the Maya is essential to our development. What that is saying about this cycle is that we must master the Maya in order to complete our process. The only way any of us can ever master the Maya is by understanding our own nature. Human Design is referred to as the Mechanics of the Maya. By living the strategy of our type and authority, we get to live out our own nature and we can live at ease in the Maya. Without this, the Maya can be painful, confusing and deeply uncomfortable. By experimenting with the strategy of type and honoring the mechanics of our make up, we get to relax into the Maya and enjoy the ride into the future.
Gate 42 is about allowing things to come to a natural conclusion. The next evolutionary step cannot be taken until this cycle comes to a close. And this has been the plan and the global direction since 1615. Gate 2 points to the energy of the sacral and Gate 42 is energized by the sacral to complete the cycle. They work together – lock and key. It is taking over four hundred years to close this cycle
The Plan from 1615 has been about bringing things to an end. We only feel it so greatly now because it is in our time that the cycle does end. This is not doomsday. Since 16513 BC, this closing cycle has happened five other times with Gate 42 as the key for the lock of Gate 2. This present closing is the sixth time a cycle has closed and a new cycle begins. The Cross of the Maya is always part of the closing of the cycle. This cycle must end so that the new cycle can begin. All the keys that were keys for this era are coming to an end: inner truth, community, diversification, logical details, skills, experimentation, and collective organization.
We are already feeling the beginning of the new cycle. In 2027, the key to the Plan will be Gate 51– the Gate of shock. It is interesting to note that Gate 51 is the only gate out of the Heart Center that is not part of tribal circuitry. It is ‘The Arousing’ – Thunder over Thunder. Shock is needed to clear the air – to take people out of the pattern of the past 412 years - to begin the next cycle. Thunder is a jolt and as Thunder over Thunder – more of a cosmic boom. Shock brings unpredictability. And with Gate 51 as a key – and since Gate 25 is always a lock - the whole Channel of Initiation (25-51) is defined in this next cycle. For our human program the channel of initiation is about learning to walk your path on your own. It is often a leap into the unknown – as well as experiencing the wonder of one’s own unique spirit.
The Global Consciousness program does not begin a cycle with the first line – it begins with the sixth line. The 51.6 is Separation. It is about being separate. In times of crisis when all those around are confused and in disorder, the ability not to succumb to panic but to have the will and vitality to survive it alone. As Gate 51 enters line 6 in 2027 – Separation is the theme. It becomes clear how important it will be for each of us to live our own truth. How important it will be to stand in our own truth and to trust our inner authority and decision making process to guide us through whatever crisis may arise and whatever shocks occur. It is important to know that the mutation has started. Even if we don’t fully understand Global Cycles, knowing these shifts are happening can be an impetus to living our strategy so that each step we take is correct in order to meet the challenges ahead from the integrity of who we are.
When I looked up Gate 51, line 6 – I felt it gave a glimpse into the future. As the key for global direction, it says much. There will be times of crisis and the only way to not succumb to panic is to be strong in one self. For me, the only way I am ever strong and protected is when I am living my strategy and honoring my inner authority.

Mary Ann Winiger

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