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Prof. Imam Suprayogo: "Two Heritages of the Prophet Muhammad SAW"
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Prof Imam Suprayogo

The Prophet Muhammad SAW left two legacies that should be hold by the ummah if they want to be save, lucky and happy in this world and in the afterworld. The two legacies are Al Qur'an Al Karim and Al Hadits. Al Qur'an consists of 114 Surah and 6666 verses that are related one another, while Al Hadits is the implementation of Al Qur'an. This is described by the Rector of Maulana Malik Ibrahim Malang, Prof. Dr. Imam Suprayogo in his sermon in Widyaloka building on Thursday, (25/2). This event is conducted by the Universitas Brawijaya (UB) center for Religious Studies to commemorate the Birthday of the Prophet Muhammad SAW on 1431 H. The theme of the current commemoration is "Make the Momentum of the Prophet Muhammad SAW's Birthday as the Chance to Improve the Mentality and Discipline in Togetherness of Islamic Solidarity".

Interrelation of verses and surah in the Qur'an al-Karim was also then analyzed. "Every letter in the Qur'an always begins with reading Basmallah except Surah At-Tauba. Basmallah reference implies Asma Allah, the Most Compassionate and Merciful", said Imam. This is thought to prove that love is the key to life. "QS. At-Tauba discusses the war and only in this letter Basmallah not mentioned. This can be interpreted that only in a state of war only, love does not apply. But the most important lesson is, if all creatures possess love how peaceful the worldwill be", he explained.

In these sermon, Imam then talks about six surah that have relevance to one another. The six surah are Al-Fatihah (the opening), Al-Baqarah (cow), Ali Imran (Imran's family), An-Nisa '(women), Al Ma'idah (dish) and Al An'am (cattle). "Al-Fatiha is an introduction in which the sentence also signify Ar-Rahman Ar Rahiim. This contains a lesson that love is the key", he said. The next surah is al-Baqara, according to Imam, this surah is about the nature and human behavior. The surah said that human is divided into three: Muttaqin (people who devoted), people who are not clear, and al Kafirun (infidels). The surah told the story of the cows that Moses brought to the Israelites. "When they are about to find a cow to be slaughtered, it is told that the Israelites were asking lots of questions, which is one of human nature", he explained. In addition, it is also mentioned that human nature is contrary and defiant. "Man always do the forbidden and not doing the things that are ordered. If you read over and over, Surah al-Baqara told the basic of human nature that are pessimistic to educate children", said Imam.

The next surah, Ali Imran, told about ideal family. By reading this surah, the psessimism will be gone. "This surah told that human has bad nature and behavior, yet if taught correctly, he will be good", he said.

The subsequent letters of An-Nisa '(women), Al Ma'idah (dish) and Al An'am (livestock) is key to building an ideal family. Women are the key to the ideal family and a prosperous country. History has proven that a good mother will give birth to the family and a good country, but on the contrary, a poor woman will give birth to the poor nation and even families. "She was like a madrassa, or school where our next generation of knowledge taught", he said. Related to this he tells that the wife of Pharaoh, Assia, who is a female role model. With these ideals, he also managed to educate Moses become human choice and chosen by God as a prophet. This is different from the story of Prophet Lut a.s. who was married to an evil woman, which eventually destroy the family. Even nations that led the Prophet Lut was devastated by the rise of same-sex enthusiasts who finally incurred the Wrath of Allah SWT. The key to ideal family then, is meal and cattle that could be interpreted as economic which is said in Al Ma'ida and Al An'am.

In the end of his speech, Imam said that Rasulullah SAW possess a noble character and exemplary that is relevant to the present time. Because of such behavior, Since he was a little kid, he earned the nickname of Al Amin (The trusted One).[nok]

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