Insane Gen II hydro Set Up Instructions

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Insane Gen IV “MOBSTER” Hydro Set Up Instructions
Important Dimensions:

-The engine placement is 27 3/4" from the transom to the center of the sparkplug.

-The servo tray will need to be mounted on the bottom of the radio box. The most common way is to glue a ¼” strip of hobby plywood to the bottom of the radio box and attach the bracket to the wood strip.

-10-16oz. fuel bladder is recommended for this build.

-The tail weight of the boat should be approximately 1 1/2 lbs.

-The total overall weight of the "complete" boat should be between 15 ½ - 16 lbs. for best results.


Hardware Installation:

 -I recommend the G4 Insane Hardware Kit. It is a one piece hardware kit for the transom.

-Start installation with strut on center of transom.

-Placement of the rudder is on the right of the transom.

-The Insane Sport Hydro Hydrofoil is what is recommended on this build. The turn fin is installed on the leading edge of the right sponson. The turn fin bracket needs to be mounted at 90 degrees and parallel with the bottom of the boat. The bracket should also be 3/16” up off the bottom of the sponson for best results.

-Mounting pipe bracket: There is a wood plate underneath the deck of the boat. This is where you can use wood screws to attach the pipe mount.

Blueprinting Sponson Ride pads:

-To blueprint ride pads on sponsons use a sanding block with 220 or 320 sand paper. Make sure ride pads are perfectly flat. Sand out any hook or bumps that maybe on the bottom of the ride pads. Sharpen inside edge and square off the heel for best results.

-The most critical part of the ride pad is from the heel forward about 6”.


Cowl Installation:

 -Install tab in front of cowl. Cut a slot in the rear of the nose cone at the top to accommodate tab on front of cowl.

-On the back part of the cowl install cowl locks to secure the cowl.


Strut Adjustment:

 -Use a flat board or flat surface to set strut. Start with the strut at 1" from the bottom of the boat to the bottom of the strut. When putting negative into the strut use a .08 feeler gauge. Looking at the strut assembly from the side while on the setup board, you should see about the thickness of a very thin business card worth of light under the front portion of the struts bottom.


-To tighten the boat up, lower the strut. To loosen the boat, raise the strut higher. Raising the strut will make the boat faster, but less stable in rough water. Always maintain 1/2 degree of negative at any strut depth especially when racing. This helps keep the boat on the water when jockeying for position and overtaking other boats.

Suggested Props:

-Propworks 6716 2 blade by Bob Austin


-Propworks 2716 2 blade with round tips by Brent Daily

-VooDoo Props “Mobster” with a back cut w/round tips– 3 blade by Greg
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