Instagram competition

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Instagram competition

You can take part in the Instagram competition by sharing pictures from your cycling trips with hashtag #UniOuluBikes. All participants enter a draw to win surprise prizes!

Taking part in the competition 

By participating you will accept the terms and conditions of the competition. In addition, all participants agree to comply with the terms and conditions of Instagram services.  

If your Instagram profile has been set to private, you must use the Instagram Direct- service and upload the photo directly onto @unioulu account and use the hashtag #UniOuluBikes. Only private persons over the age of 18 can enter the competition. 

You must have full rights to the photographs. If there are people in the photos, you must obtain their permission to use the photos. The copyrights of the photos will remain with the photographer.  

By participating in the competition you agree to potentially having your real name, Instagram profile name i.e. username and photo published on different social media channels of the University of Oulu. The university will not keep the photos or pass them on to third parties.  

Duration of the competition  

The competition takes place between the 1st of May and 22th of September 2018. Photos submitted after the 22th of September 2018 will not enter the prize draw.


The winners will be notified on the @unioulu Instagram account and they will get more information on how to collect the prize through the private direct message- function on Instagram. Prizes may already be handed out during the competition and all winners will be notified by the 30th of September 2018.

The winner complies with these terms and conditions. The University of Oulu does not accept any responsibility for the consequences if a participant acts against these terms and conditions. If the participant has submitted faulty or inadequate contact information or the organizer cannot notify the winner or deliver the prize for reasons beyond the control of the organizer, the organizer is not obligated to deliver the prize to the winner.

The organizer reserves the rights to change these terms and conditions.

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