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Preface 3

Introduction 6

Position of this Study 7

Racism & Islamophobia 8

Chapter 1 – Islam and Muslims Today 9

First, Understand Islam 9

Different Versions of the Quran 11

Different Kinds of Muslims? 12


The Purpose of Islam 13

Next, Understand Muslims 15

Muslims in Britain 15

Muslims in the Philippines 16

Muslims in Saudi Arabia 17

Conclusion 19

Chapter 2: Salvation – Comparing Christianity and Islam 21

Islam Teaches Another Gospel 21

There is but One Gospel 22

Christian vs Islamic Salvation 23

“Salvation” in Islam 23

Buying Salvation 28

Conclusion to Salvation in Islam 29

Chapter 3: Women in the Quran vs Women in the Bible 30

Attitudes towards Women and Marriage 30

Women and Marriage in the Quran 30

Women and Marriage in the Bible 32

The Virtues of a Woman 33

Conclusion 34

Chapter 4: Intercession with the Father 36

Chapter 5: Mohammad – Hypocrite and False Prophet 39

Muhammad the False Prophet 39

Chapter 6: The Errors & Blasphemy of the Quran & Islam 44

Errors of the Quran 44

The House of Imran – Al El Imran سُوۡرَةُ آل عِمرَان 44

The Blasphemy of the Quran 48

Jesus was not Crucified 48

God did not have a Son 48

Appendix 1 52

The Life of Muhammad: An Inconvenient Truth 52

Early Life at Mecca 54

Preaching and Persecution at Mecca 55

The Hijra: Flight from Mecca to Medina 56

Medina and the Genesis of Jihad 57

The Consolidation of Power 57

The Qurayza Massacre 59

The Origin of Islamic Imperialism 60

The Taking of Mecca 63

Jihad and Jizya 64

The Legacy of Islamic Imperialism 66

Appendix 2 67

The Life of the Prophet Muhammad (Peace and blessings of Allah be upon him) By Leila Azzam & Aisha Gouverneur (3) 67

Appendix 3 68

References 73


We live in a time of deception and political correctness which prevents truth from being spoken and issues discussed. One of those issues is that of Islam.

As we look around the world it is obvious to anyone that has eyes to see, that the vast majority of terrorism is being committed in the name of Islam. Yet the majority of world leaders and the media flatly refuse to acknowledge the fact.

As Christians, our remit from God is to spread the Gospel among all peoples and that includes Muslims. But how can we do that if we don’t understand anything about that religion? How can we do that if merely criticizing Islam is something that is banned in certain places around the world? Well the answer is “not much”. We are severely limited through that lack of understanding and freedom of speech, which brings me to the reason for this book.

This book is intended to try to give a clear view of Islam from the point of view of a Christian. There will be some who read this book and accuse me of “Islamaphobia” and other politically correct nonsense. To that I say “I am not interested”. The reader should be aware of the attacks that both Muslims and secular people make at the views I have expressed in this book. What we must hold on to is the truth of God’s Word, which is why I have called this book “Islam in the light of the Bible”.

What is written here is a combination of some of my own personal experiences, as well as a sound Biblical approach (using the King James Bible only) to show how Islam is a false religion and is most certainly not of God. As you read through this book, you will be presented with a significant portion of the Islamic text called the Quran. I urge you to read it and learn from it. In parallel, you must read God’s Word and then you make the comparisons as I have shown in this book. Don’t just take my word for it!

I have only covered certain topics here, hopefully enough to provide you with an insight into this subject, which is huge. I would recommend you use a copy of the Quran in English to accompany your studies. I personally prefer to use the online “Quran Explorer” and Quran and Hadith apps on my tablet.

It’s important to know something of the Quran. It’s also important to learn how to counter the arguments that Muslims make, assuming that is, that they let you speak at all!

Witnessing to Muslims is very hard work and you will need to be aware that for them it is a whole way of life. It forms their day-to-day living, their politics, their society, culture and belief system. To speak against such deeply rooted and enforced beliefs is going to be met with a great deal of resistance. Tread with care and walk with God.
Steven Chriscole (Elect Bible Ministries) 2016


To Lynette: The light of God shines through you.
I would like to take this opportunity to thank Pastor Stephen Anderson of Faithful Word Independent Baptist Church, Tempe, Arizona, USA. If not for his thorough and unrelenting understanding of God’s Word, it would not have been possible to write this booklet.

Please take the time to visit his church website, where you will find a huge catalogue of teaching that he provides via download, royalty free.
Please take a few minutes to visit our website at:

where you will find an ever increasing number of studies available, free of charge.

Also on our site are selected audio preaching mp3’s from Pastor Anderson. Again, there is no charge to download.


As the title of this study suggests, I will explore Islam, Muhammed and the Quran as it compares and contrasts to the Bible.

For scriptural references, I will be using the King James Version of the Bible (the only truly authoritative and accurate version of God’s Word in circulation today) and I will also be providing quotes from the Quran, the version of which is but one English translation of many Arabic versions in existence today.

We need only look around our world today to see that Islam has become a major issue facing a great many countries. What is desperately needed for both Christians and Muslims, is a much clearer understanding of this religion, its origins, its history and its belief systems.

There is so much debate about Islam today, and also such a great deal of ignorance, which is only made much worse because of Western countries’ need to be seen as “progressive”, “tolerant”, “accepting” and most importantly of all, “non-racist”.

These factors (among others) come together to form what seems like an all-powerful form of political correctness, which stifles free speech and is used by Islamists to further the spread of their religion by invoking the newer accusation of “Islamophobia”.

These attitudes present a significant problem when attempting to educate people about the truth of Islam. However, what makes it even more difficult is the attitude of Islamists themselves, who are instructed from within their own teachings that the Quran and their prophet Muhammed are perfect in every way and any criticism of them is totally forbidden.

This study is not meant to be a tool for evangelizing Muslims. As with all things, discourse is the key to understanding. This study is intended to open the door to an understanding of Islam for the student, so that you may be sure that you will know at least some of the most important points where Islam differs from the Bible. As you will see, these differences are not small, but major.
After completing this study, you should have gained a new insight into Islam. There is a great deal more that I could explore, but by doing so I would need to write a book, not a study. We will not be covering topics such as:

  • Jihad – the Islamic imperative to engage in “Holy War”.

  • Taqiyya – Islamic deception.

  • Kitman – Lying by omission.

  • Women wearing veils.

  • Jizya – forced extortion of money from “non-believers”.

  • What the Quran says about “non-believers”.

  • Female Genital Mutilation.

  • Establishment of a world-wide Caliphate.

  • Shariah law and Islamic punishments

  • Forced Conversion to Islam

  • Apostasy

With so much I am not covering, you might wonder what else there could be to discuss and learn. If you look at the above list again, you will recognise that to discuss most of those topics requires us to spend a great deal of time studying the Quran and the Hadiths, which focuses study on Islam and not on our own faith. That is not our aim here.

That is not to say that you shouldn’t learn more if you wish. All the above topics are studies in their own right and the more we know about Islam and its practices, the more clearly we can see it for what it really is.

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2015 -> Mühazirə Mövzu: Sertifikasiyanın mahiyyəti və məzmunu. Plan əsas terminlər və anlayışlar
2015 -> Mühazirəçi: T. E. N., Prof. İ. M.Əliyev FƏNN: avtomatikanin əsaslari mühazirə 15
2015 -> Ali təhsil müəssisəsinin Nümunəvi Nizamnaməsi"nin və "Azərbaycan Respublikası Nazirlər Kabinetinin dəyişiklik edilmiş bəzi qərarlarının siyahısı"nın təsdiq edilməsi haqqında Azərbaycan Respublikasının Nazirlər Kabinetinin Qərarı
2015 -> AZƏrbaycan respublikasi təHSİl naziRLİYİ azərbaycan döVLƏT İQTİsad universiteti
2015 -> Mühazirəçi: T. E. N., Prof. İ. M.Əliyev FƏNN: avtomatikanin əsaslari mühazirə 22 MÖvzu: telemexanik sistemləR

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