Jesse Owens

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“We all have dreams. But in order to make dreams into reality it takes an awful lot of determination, dedication, self-discipline and effort”

- Jesse Owens

Table of Contents
Topic Page
I. Coaches 3
Important Phone Numbers 4

II. Philosophy 4
III. Code of Conduct 4
IV. Physical Exams 4
V. Eligibility 4
VI. Attendance 4
VII. Daily Practice 5
VIII. Equipment and Facilities 5
IX. Personal Health 5
X. Injuries 5
XI. Meets 6
XII. Lettering 6
XIII. School Records 7 - 11

Team History
2008 Girls Season Bests 12
2008 Boys Season Bests 13

2009 Season Schedule 14
Contract 15


Scott Ferrell- Head Boys and Girls Coach

As a graduate of Malone College, he was an NAIA National Qualifier and a school record holder in the 4x100; this is Coach Ferrell’s 17th year at GlenOak. Prior to coaching here, he was an assistant coach for 2 years at Malone College, working with the sprinters, jumper and relays. The program has had 10 Federal League Championships, 9 District Championships, 4 Regional Titles and 96 athletes have earned All-Ohio honors Athletes have earned 5 State Championships and the Boys team was State Runner-up in 2001. He has served 4 years on the Midwest Meet of Champions coaching staff, helping with the sprinters, relays and jumpers. Coach Ferrell is the head girls cross country coach, a USATF Level 1 coach, and has National Pole Vault Safety Certification.

Chad Palmer- Boys First Assistant - Hurdles

This is Coach Palmer’s 12th year at GlenOak. He had been the Head Coach at Taft Middle School for 5 years. Coach Palmer ran at Akron University for 3 years, where he was named freshman of the year, and brings a wealth of knowledge with him. He coached Derrick Williams to 2 State Championships and 2 National Championships in the hurdles, and Brian Hartline to 2 State Championships in the hurdles. Coach Palmer is also a certified USATF Level 1 coach and a USA Triathalon Certified Coach .

Beth Winkler- Girls First Assistant - Girls Distance.

This is Beth’s 11th year at GlenOak during which time she has coached several regional and state qualifiers. Prior to returning to GlenOak from where she was a graduate and state qualifier in cross country, she was the assistant varsity boys cross country coach in Mentor for six years as well as the head junior high track and field coach. She is currently the girls assistant cross country coach at GlenOak and has National Pole Vault Safety Certification.

Bryan Krosse- Boys Distance

This is Bryan’s 8th year at the varsity level; he was previously the head coach at Taft Middle School and spent 4 years as assistant cross country and track coach at Massillon. He is currently the head boys cross country coach and has his USATF Level 1 certification.

Ric Thompson – Boys and Girls Pole Vault

Ric is in his 17th year. He was a cross country coach for 20 years, and brings with him a great deal of experience and knowledge. Ric led the 1988 Girls Cross Country team to a State Championship and has coached several other state and regional qualifiers.

Ben Hughes – Girls and Boys Shot Put and Discus

This is Ben’s 3rd year with the Golden Eagles. He is a 2001 graduate from Dover HS and was recruited by Ohio University as a thrower. Ben is a GlenOak Social Studies teacher and brings with him a successful athletic background and enthusiasm for coaching.

Danielle JonesHigh Jump

This is Coach Jones 1st year. She comes with tremendous athletic talent and coaching experience. At Alliance High School, she was a two-time State Champion in High Jump in 1993 & 1994. From there she went on to Mount Union College, where she was an All-American High Jumper and played on the women's basketball team that was National Runner-up in 1996 and third in the Nation in 1998. She has coached track and field at Alliance High School for 3 years and is currently teaching at Oakwood Middle School.

Tana Walther Field Events

This is Coach Walther's first year at GlenOak as a coach. She is a 2003 graduate of GlenOak where she was a 3 time All-Ohioian. She holds the school record at GlenOak in the Shot Put and Discus. She was a field event specialist while in high school. She went to Kent State and competed in Track and Field while in college.

Important Phone Numbers
Coach Ferrell- 433-1977 (h)

491-3800 (w)
Tom Brabson (Athletic Director) – 491-3850
High School- 491-3800

II. Philosophy
The philosophy of GlenOak Track and Field is to coach each athlete to strive for personal improvement and to reach his/her fullest potential. By doing so, the team still reaches its fullest potential in its pursuit of excellence. It is our goal to have the athletes peak during the championship phase at the end of the season. In order to do this, the basics of the sport must first be understood, so the more complex tasks may then be accomplished. We take into consideration an individual athlete’s ability, attitude, and strengths in relationship to the team. In doing so, we believe that it is our duty to put the best team on the track.
III. Code of Conduct

Read it carefully. It can affect your eligibility in more than just track and field. Your actions outside school can affect your participation as well.

IV. Physical Exams

Each athlete must have a physical exam on record in the athletic office in order to compete.

V. Eligibility

OHSAA regulations to be eligible states: you must be currently enrolled in a member school and have received passing grades in a minimum of Five (5) one credit classes, or the equivalent, in the immediately preceding grading period.

VI. Attendance
Practice is where excellence is achieved and improvement is made”

  • Attendance is mandatory.

  • Three unexcused absences is grounds for team dismissal.

  • You have the phone numbers...if you know you will not be there call or bring a

note the day before a known absence.

VII. Daily Practice
Purpose: To condition and build technical and event specific skills needed in track and field.
Where: GlenOak High School at the GlenOak Stadium.

Time: 2:45– 5:30pm


We practice and compete in RAIN and SNOW. Bring clothes for all types of weather.
You will need the following:
running shoes* extra socks LOCK

hat gloves rain gear

sweat shirt and pants shorts t-shirt

  • Running Shoes- Get a good pair. They will help keep you injury free.

VIII. Equipment and Facilities

Take responsibility and care of all equipment at practice and meets. We are privileged and fortunate to have a facility to call our own. Take care and respect all facilities and rules.

IX. Personal Health
It is important that athletes remain healthy throughout the season. This will require a proper diet and the proper amount of rest. Learn to budget time and other activities so that you are not overworked.
X. Injuries

Report all injuries to a coach as soon as they are noticed. We cannot help if we don’t know it exists.

The school has a certified trainer that is available throughout the week. If your child has a hard time seeing the trainer, call the athletic director (See Important #’s).

If a doctor is seen for an injury, a doctor’s note for release must be provided for reinstatement.

XI. Meets

All athletes will compete in dual meets. Invitationals and relay meets allow 2 entries and 1 relay per event; therefore, entries will be determined by finish places, times and coaches. Coaches will determine all line-ups for meets. We will determine in what the athlete competes; the athlete will determine if he/she competes based on attendance, attitude and practice performance.

Transportation is provided to and from all meets. Athletes are expected to ride the bus. Of course there are special circumstances.

  • Athletes are only permitted to ride home with their own parents or guardian.

  • Athletes are expected to remain at home and away dual meets until the conclusion of the team meeting following all events.

“ The day before, the day before”- It is most important to carbo-load and rest properly two days before a meet. We suggest a pasta meal for carbo-loading and to stay away from greasy foods the day before and day of competition.

The day of a meet, we suggest the athletes bring a snack of fruit or something light for before and between competitions.


Uniforms must be school issue and returned to the school at the end of the season.

  • Only plain white shirts may be worn underneath singlet tops. There may only be one visible brand logo. Underarmour has two logos. No designs or writing or different color thread seams may be visible.

  • Only black compression shorts or black leggings may be worn under the shorts of a uniform.

  • Shorts may not be rolled.

  • All competitors must start with shirts tucked in.

  • No jewelry or spirit bands (like Livestrong) may be worn during competition.

  • No metal or hard plastic may be worn in the hair

Warm-ups, sweatshirts, hats and gloves may be purchased by the athletes to keep.
XII. Lettering
Earning a Letter is accomplished by scoring eight (8) points during the season in either dual, invitational or relay meets. Performance standards may be used in special circumstances.

It is an expectation that all athletes will complete the season to their fullest capabilities and fulfil their obligation to the team. If this is not done, a letter may not be awarded.

XIII. School Records
1. School records will only be recognized for running events where Fully Automatic Timing (FAT) is used. Hand times must be five tenths (.5) of a second better.

2. School Records will not be accepted if races on straightaways and jumps are wind aided. If an anemometer is not available, the coaches will make the determination if a record will be accepted.

GlenOak Track & Field

Team History

*Since 1992


Jennifer Moore 1994 High Jump

Jennifer Moore 1995 High Jump

Adrienne Patterson 1996 4x200

Marianne Pusz 1996 4x200

Kristy Castillo 1996 4x200

Christin Perdue 1996 4x200

Dustin Fox 2000 Long Jump

Dustin Fox 2000 4x100

Matt Miller 2000 4x100

Josh Anderson 2000 4x100

Derrick Williams 2000 300m H

Derrick Williams 2000 4x100

Derrick Iannamorelli 2000 1600 m

Erin Henderson 2001 4x400

Liz Redd 2001 4x400

Lindsey Walker 2001 4x400

Erica McElroy 2001 4x400

Greg Howard 2001 4x800

Brandon Inboden 2001 4x800

Bryan Dixon 2001 4x800

Derrick Iannamorelli 2001 800 m

Derrick Iannamorelli 2001 1600 m

Derrick Iannamorelli 2001 4x800

Derrick Iannamorelli 2001 4x400

Derrick Williams 2001 110m H

Derrick Williams 2001 300m H

Derrick Williams 2001 4x100

Derrick Williams 2001 4x400

Matt Miller 2001 4x100

Josh Anderson 2001 4x100

Josh Anderson 2001 4x400

Dustin Fox 2001 4x100

Greg Williams 2001 4x400

Jericha Mann 2002 100 m

Lindsey Walker 2002 4x200

Erica McElroy 2002 4x200

Liz Redd 2002 4x200

Jericha Mann 2002 4x200

Keshia Smith 2002 4x100

Lindsey Walker 2002 4x100

Liz Redd 2002 4x100

Jericha Mann 2002 4x100

Jericha Mann 2002 200 m

Keshia Smith 2002 4x400

Liz Redd 2002 4x400

Lindsey Walker 2002 4x400

Erica McElroy 2002 4x400

Tana Walther 2002 Shot Put

Terra Walther 2002 Pole Vault

Brian Hartline 2002 300m H

Jericha Mann 2003 4x200

Lindsey Walker 2003 4x200

Kylie Malinowski 2003 4x200

Keshia Smith 2003 4x200

Terra Walther 2003 Pole Vault

Tana Walther 2003 Shot Put

Terra Walther 2003 Discus

Terra Walther 2003 Shot Put

Jericha Mann 2003 100 m

Brian Hartline 2003 110m H

Brian Hartline 2003 300m H

Brian Hartline 2004 110m H

Brian Hartline 2004 300m H

Ryan Kienzle 2004 3200

David Bernabei 2004 Pole Vault

Larry Gavin 2004 High Jump

Jericha Mann 2004 200m

Jericha Mann 2004 4x100

Kylie Malinowski 2004 4x100

Keshia Smith 2004 4x100

Dejaa Shearer 2004 4x100

Kylie Malinowski 2004 4x200

Keshia Smith 2004 4x200

Dejaa Shearer 2004 4x200

Jericha Mann 2004 4x200

Brian Hartline 2005 110m H

Brian Hartline 2005 300m H

David Bernabei 2005 Pole Vault

Jericha Mann 2005 100m

Jericha Mann 2005 200m

All-Ohio Continued
Aly Peddicord 2005 4x200

Natasha Aguiar 2005 4x200

Dejaa Shearer 2005 4x200

Jericha Mann 2005 4x200

Stephanie Noussias 2007 4x800

Stacie Clagg 2007 4x800

Jillian Black 2007 4x800

Emily Mazzaferri 2007 4x800

Emily Mazzaferri 2007 800m

Dejaa Shearer 2007 4x400

Jasmyn Hawkins 2007 4x400

Stephanie Noussias 2007 4x400

Emily Mazzaferri 2007 4x400

Anthony Smith 2007 4x100

Charles Pratt 2007 4x100

Drew Ayers 2007 4x100

Kevin Pratt 2007 4x100

Academic All-Ohio
Kristy Castillo 1996

Erin Kienzle 1996

Christin Perdue 1996

Marianne Pusz 1996

Christin Perdue 1997

Erin Henderson 2001

Liz Redd 2001

Lindsey Walker 2001

Liz Redd 2002

Lindsey Walker 2002

Tana Walther 2002

Chad Isler 2003

Brian Hartline 2003

Lindsey Walker 2003

Jenna Yeakel 2003

Jenna Yeakel 2004

Tony Frisbee 2004

Brian Hartline 2004

Ryan Kienzle 2004

Natasha Aguiar 2005

David Bernabei 2005

Matt Collmar 2005

Brian Hartline 2005

Aadam Soorma 2005

Jillian Black 2007

Stacie Clagg 2007

Stephanie Noussias 2007

Stacie Clagg 2008

Jessica Dunkle 2008

Emily Mazzaferri 2008

Srephanie Noussias 2008

Kyle Esber 2008

Stephanie Noussias 2008 4x800

Stacie Clagg 2008 4x800

Jessica Dunkle 2008 4x800

Emily Mazzaferrri 2008 4x800

Midwest meet of Champions

Derrick Williams 2001

Derrick Iannamorelli 2001

Liz Redd 2002

Chad Isler 2003

Larry Gavin 2005

Jericha Mann 2005

State Champions
Erin O’Rielly 1989 4x800

Louidajean Holloway 1989 4x800

Ashley Edwards 1989 4x800

Cheri Triner 1989 4x800

Derrick Williams 2000 300m H

Derrick Williams 2001 300m H

Linsey Walker 2002 4x200

Liz Redd 2002 4x200

Erica McElroy 2002 4x200

Jericha Mann 2002 2x200

Brian Hartline 2005 110m H

Brian Hartline 2005 300m H

Boys Team Championships

Federal League - 1976, 1977, 1978, 1979, 1980, 1981, 1982, 1983, 1984, 1991, 2001, 2003, 2004, 2005
Federal League Championship Meet – 1976, 1977, 1978, 1979, 1980, 1981, 1982, 1983, 1984, 1991, 2001, 2003, 2004, 2005
Stark County Champions – 2003, 2004, 2005
District Titles - 1976, 2000, 2001, 2002 Runner-up, 2003, 2004, 2005, 2007 Runner-up, 2008 Runner-up
Regional Titles - 1976, 2000, 2001, 2004 Runner-up, 2005 Runner-up
State Titles (Top 5) – 1977 - 4th place, 2002 - 4th place, 2001 – 2nd, 2004 – 4th place

Girls Team Championships

Federal League - 1988, 1989, 1991, 2001, 2002, 2003, 2005, 2006, 2007
Federal League Championship Meet - 1988,1989, 1993, 1996, 2001, 2002, 2003, 2004, 2005, 2006, 2007
Stark County Champions – 2003, 2004 Runner-up
District Titles – 1995 Runner-up, 1996 Runner-up, 1997 Runner-up,

Runner-up 2001, 2002, 2003, 2004 Runner-up, 2005, 2006, 2007 Runner-up, 2008 Runner-up

Regional Titles - 2002, 2003
State Titles (Top 5) – 2002 - 3rd place, 2003 – 5th place

2008 Season Bests

Event Name Time Site

4x800 S. Noussias, S. Clagg 9:18.07 Regionals

J. Dunkle, E. Mazzaferri

100 Hurd. Lexi Kyriakedes 16.00 FLC

100 M Aly Peddicord 12.51 Districts

4x200 A. Peddicord, J. Roby 1:43.79 Regionals

L. Kyriakedes, S. Noussias

1600 M Stacie Clagg 5:26.78 Districts

4x100 M. Hackworth, A. Peddicord, 49.22 Regionals

E. Simon, J. Roby

400 M Stephanie Noussias 59.99 Districts
300 Hurd. Lexi Kyriakedes 47.69 FLC

800 M Emily Mazzaferri 2:16.58 Districts
200 M Aly Peddicord 25.80 Districts
3200 M Stacie Clagg 12:07.9 Districts
4x400 S. Noussias, K. Cappello 4:00.91 Districts

J. Dunkle, E. Mazzaferri

High J. Dana Devore 5’4”
Long J. Alanni Harrell-Snell 17’2 Regionals
Discus Jane Looby 91’2” Districts
Shot Put Sarag Monnat 34’ 8” FLC
Pole Vault Liz Aslinedes 9’0 Dover
GlenOak Girls School Records

Event Name Time Year
4x800 Erin O’Rielly, Louidajean Holloway * 9:13.96 (FAT) 1989

Ashley Edwards, Cheri Triner

100 M Jericha Mann 12.01 (FAT) 2005

100 Hurd. Merritt Woods 14.82 (FAT) 2006

4x200 Aly Pedicord, Dejaa Shearer, 1:39.45 (FAT) 2005

Natasha Aguiar, Jericha Mann

1600 M Crista Prusinowski 5:06.5 1992
4x100 Keshia Smith, Lindsey Walker 47.92 (FAT) 2002

Liz Redd, Jericha Mann

400 M Natasha Aguiar 58.01 (FAT) 2005
300 Hurd. Marsha Cleveland * 43.09 (FAT) 1986
800 M Emily Mazzaferri 2:13.93 (FAT) 2007

200 M Jericha Mann 24.68 (FAT) 2005

3200 M Crista Prusinowski 10:50.36 (FAT) 1992
4x400 Dejaa Shearer, Jasmyn Hawkins *3:53.09 (FAT) 2007

Stephanie Noussias, Emily Mazzaferri

High J. Jennifer Moore 5’6” 1994
Long J. Sierra Larsuel 18’ 1” 2007
Discus Tana Walther 135’ 2003
Shot Put Tana Walther 43’ 4” 2003
Pole Vault Terra Walther *11’ 2003

* Denotes Stark County Record

2008 Season Bests

2007 Boys Season Bests
Event Name Time Site

4x800 K. Esber, A. Jeffries 8:10.27 Districts

M. Mazzaferri, K. Jones

110 Hurd. Todd Cizek 15.10 Districts

100 M Drew Ayers 10.93 Districts
4x200 L. Gavin, J. Szink 1.30.71 Districts

A. Smith, T. Cizek

1600 M Christian Jones 4:36.94 Fed. Lg
4x100 L. Gavin, A. Smith 42.73 FLC

E. Osborne, D. Ayers

400 M Kyle Esber 50.93 Regionals
300 Hurd. Justin Szink 39.94 Districts

800 M Marcus Mazzaferri 2:02.35 Districts
200 M Luke Gavin 22.79 District
3200 M Caleb Withers 9:59.75 Fed. Lg.
4x400 J. Szink, R. Monat 3:28.12 Districts

T. Cizek, K. Esber

High J. AJ Williams 6’ 4” Golden Eagle
Long J. Anthony Smith 21’ 2” Districts
Discus Robbie Conley 149’ 8” Dover
Shot Put Robbie Conley 52’ 0” Optimist
Pole Vault Ben Miller 11’ 0” Dover

GlenOak Boys School Records

Event Name Time Year
4x800 Greg Howard, Brandon Inboden 7:55.76 (FAT) 2001

B. Dixon, D. Iannamorelli

100 M Dustin Fox 10.83 (FAT) 2001
110 Hurd. Derrick Williams 13.68 (FAT) 2001

1600 M Derrick Iannamorelli 4:15.78 (FAT) 2001
4x100 Matt Miller, Derrick Williams *41.50 (FAT) 2001

Josh Anderson, Dustin Fox

400 M Derrick Williams 48.6 2001
300 Hurd. Derrick Williams * 36.25 (FAT) 2001
800 M Derrick Iannamorelli 1:53.96 (FAT) 2001
200 M Derrick Williams 21.87 (FAT) 2001
3200 M Paul Knott 9:10.4 1976
4x400 Josh Anderson, Greg Williams 3:18.24 (FAT) 2001

Brett Niarchos, Justin Bylicki

High J. Rick Brown 6’ 7 1/4” 1987

Long J. Dave Grantier 22’ 11 3/4” 1983
Discus John Slater 172’ 7” 1987

Shot Put Dan Dierdorf 60’ 8” 1967
Pole Vault David Bernabei * 15’ 1 1/2” 2005

  • Denotes Stark County Record

2009 Boys and Girls Schedule

March 28


10:00 am

Golden Eagle Relays


GlenOak HS

March 31

5:00 pm

Austintown Fitch


GlenOak HS

April 4


9:00 am

Crestwood -

Don Faix Invt.


Crestwood HS

April 7


5:00 pm



GlenOak HS

April 11

10:00 am

Lexington Invitational


Lexington HS

April 14


5:00 pm




GlenOak HS

April 18

3:00 pm

Dover Invitational


Dover HS

April 21


5:00 pm



Jackson HS

April 23




GlenOak HS

April 25


Stark County Championships


Perry HS

April 28




GlenOak HS

May 2


9:00 am

Austintown Optimist


Austintown Fitch HS

May 5

5:00 pm



Perry HS

May 8


Orange Bowl Relays


Akron Ellet HS

May 11



J.V. Federal League Meet


Lake HS

May 15



4:00 pm

Federal League Championship


GlenOak HS

May 20
May 22

Wednesday - TBA
Friday - TBA

District Championships


Hoover HS

May 27
May 29

Wednesday - TBA
Friday - TBA

Regional Championships


Austintown Fitch HS

June 5
June 6

Friday - TBA
Saturday - TBA

State Championships


Jesse Owens Track
Ohio State University

Please tear-off the last page and have your athlete turn in.

I have read and understand the team policies and guidelines. I agree to follow the team rules and understand the consequences of violating the aforementioned.

Athlete Date
Parent Date

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