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Blake Invitational

1 Kamiak NB Aff

Aff Black Rage

What is meaning? Philosophy ponders this question without ever interrogating the meaning of “is”. The presumption of the static misunderstands the blurry nature of the world that renders meaning a product of connections, Malins Peta (2004). Machinic Assemblages: Deleuze, Guattari and an Ethico-Aesthetics of Drug Use. Janus Head, 7(1), 84-104. AKB

However it is… body is multiple.




Only affect can account for the indeterminacy of the ethical moment – ethics come about when previous structures of thought are upended by new situations with new actors. Traditional ways of thinking define the terms of morality so as to justify themselves; causes us to be complicit in flawed epistemology. This necessitates that obligations and action can only be derived from affect, Bryant 11. Levi R. “The Ethics of the Event: Deleuze and Ethics without Αρχή” Daniel Smith and Nathan Jun, Deleuze and Ethics. 2011. AKB and Kamiak NB grammar modified

As I suggested …of the ethical.

But, affective fields are not pure– whiteness apriori constitutes the conditions by which subjects come to be in and navigate the world, positioning blackness as always already non-subject and thus creating structuring orientations in which the potentiality of blackness is ontologically foreclosed, Yancy 12. George. “Look A White!”.Chapter 1: Looking at Whiteness – Finding Myself Much like a Mugger at a Boardwalk’s End. 2012. AKB

That Nicole comes …level of coming-to-be-in-the-world.

The standard and ROB is to vote for the debater that best performativity and methodologically engages in affective acts of deconstructing whiteness. My body is always already bound up in systems of whiteness, positioned as specific identity categories, qualities, and parts.



Part Two: Method

We advocate a methodology of Black Rage not only as a form of engaging with debate, but also as the method by which plea bargaining in the CJS is abolished. I’ll grant you links to any topical disads – as I defend the implementation of the affirmative in an individual an affective sense.

The violence enacted on Black folx in the CJS is widespread and plea bargaining is one of the master’s favorite tools; the affirmative strips the master away from their tool and embraces the fed up nigger within. Similar to the Black Panthers who followed Oakland police officers around to protect their community we aren’t necessarily a reform of the CJS, but rather a demand that refuses to be ignored.

Luke and Lawson 16 (Luka and Lawson, 2016, Cardozo Law Review, February, The Underbelly Of The Beast: Misdemeanor Practice In The Era Of Broken Windows And Saturation Policing: How Bad Arrests Lead to Bad Prosecution: Exploring the Impact of Prior Arrests on Plea Bargaining,, Dr. Kutateladze is the research director and Dr. Lawson is a senior research associate at the Institute for State and Local Governance. Requests for additional information about this study should be directed to Besiki L. Kutateladze (Institute for State and Local Governance, City University of New York, p. 980-5)

It is a …s are created to ensure.

Part Three: Offense

Black rage is more than just me yelling – it’s a specific mechanism by which to understand material relations and their relationship to the non-material. We rework whiteness’ control over action, tearing MLK away from a peace-loving minister and embracing the fed up, threatening, emotional affirmation of rage from the slave song to protest. Rage is multiplicative, different for different folx in different situations, but get one thing fucking straight the denial of my ability to performatively engage in rage is a willed act of psychological violence against my body, Jordan 1. Taryn. The Politics of Impossibility: CeCe McDonald and Trayvon Martin— the Bursting of Black Rage. 12/17/14. Kamiak NB

Black rage is …our lives together.

Net Bens:

1 Possibility – our method opens up space to use a diversity of tactics to resist oppression – the question is not one of solvency but of possibility, focusing not just on the outcome but with the decision to act, Jordan 2. Taryn; Phd Candidate in women’s studies @ GSU; “The Politics of Impossibility: CeCe McDonald and Trayvon Martin— the Bursting of Black Rage”; ScholarWorks @ Georgia State University

The politics of …of the nationstate.

2: Survival Strategy ANALYTIC

3: Collectivazation Ind reason to prefer our fw because it motivates other bodies to be active in the movement. In the wake of the CeCe attack; the queer community at large was motivated to support a trans Black woman via things like the support CeCe committee and blog, Jordan 3. Taryn. The Politics of Impossibility: CeCe McDonald and Trayvon Martin— the Bursting of Black Rage. 12/17/14. Kamiak NB

I found that ….world to emerge.

And, we Control the internal link to theory; my body, my Blackness, is not wanted in this space or other educational spaces. White supremacy operates on the exclusion of Blackness as dangerous and reproduces this exclusion in the context of the debate space. Absent analysis on the way in which Black bodies are excluded we’re doomed to recreate oppressive systems, Schnyder

Damien Michael Schnyder (PhD, University of California’s President’s Postdoctoral Fellow) "First Strike,"

Ms. Fox’s clear …of Black subjects




Reject arbitrary rules that force Black debaters to engage in intellectual gymnastics, Smith.

Elijah Smith, Graduate assistant @Wake Forest University, CEDA and NDT Champion 2014, September 4th 2013, A conversation in Ruins: Race and Black Participation in Lincoln Douglas debate, Victory Briefs, ) Kamiak NB

It will be …students cannot escape.

Theory All

"A: You must not restrict Black debaters from engaging in fugitivity; to clarify: you may not read disclosure theory against Black debaters."

"A: If the negative has offense that contests the aff framing they must normatively justify with a delineated text in the 1NC; to clarify: you must give us a conception of subjectivity and a way to guide all action that your offense functions under"

"A: If the negative challenges the aff on a theoretical layer they must also read a counter role of the ballot which justifies their theoretical offense; to clarify: you must specify the role of the ballot your theoretical offense functions under even if it's my own."

"A: If the negative reads a pic then they must also have a solvency advocate that criticizes the part of the aff they pic out of and advocates for the aff minus that part."

"A: If the negative reads TT, they must have an explicit ROB text that clarifies they operate under truth testing as a delineated text in the 1NC."

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