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An Introduction to the KODT Articles Catalog (Issues #1 - #200)
I realized I hadn’t updated the Articles Catalog in a while and with issue 200 come and gone, I thought it was time to do some catching up.
200+ issues. Wow. A remarkable feat for any magazine. But especially remarkable because of all the great material packed between KODT’s covers for all these years. How does KODT do it? Passion. Passion for a good game, a good story, a good laugh.
So what’s a catalog of articles got to do with passion? Well, every line in these 64 pages represents an article, a story, an idea created by a passionate person. And if you’re taking the time to read through it to find one of those articles, I’m willing to bet you’re pretty passionate too.
This catalog sprang from my desire to find my favorite KODT articles by a means other than opening all 200 issues and hoping to strike pay dirt. It was initially just going to be a reference to the gaming material in the Game Master’s Workshop and Player’s Advantage sections. Jason Zavoda and others had already compiled thorough lists of some of the other regular departments and I didn’t think there was a need to improve on them.
But as I cracked open issue #1, I thought, heck if I’m going to go through every issue, I might as well be comprehensive. Had I know then that this list would run to around 3500 entries I’d have stuck with my original plan. I really should have taken a closer look at all those fat issues late in the run.
So how is this catalog organized? I decided early on it would be a waste of time trying to do this by issue or by title or author. Because when you go searching for a dungeon map or a movie review you know roughly what you’re looking for even if you don’t know the title or the author. So everything is grouped by categories.
For example: you remember an article about kewl Armor with Heat Resistance a few years back. So you find your Category: People, Places, Things and Beasts. Then you find the Department Title: All Things Magic. All the issues that Department ever occurred in are listed followed by the title of the article and author. Thus:
People, Places, Things and Beasts:

All Things Magic

K92 Armor of Heat Resistance (by Barbara Blackburn)

For those who want to search by title, author or key word, the gawds gave you a “Find on this Page” search function.
I didn’t put page references in because once you know what issue it’s in, it’s pretty easy finding the articles themselves.
My thanks go out to those who have gone before in compiling KODT article lists. And my admiration goes out to all those who have written so much for this magazine. I was genuinely stunned at just how much good stuff has been crammed between these covers for all these years. And if this little taste doesn’t sell you on ordering one of those sweet KODT back issue mega-pack deals or dusting off your old issues for another read through, well, you got no Gaming Soul, that’s all I’ve got to say. For the rest of us: Enjoy the trip down memory lane. Hoody-Hoo!
David Trotti

People, Places, Things and Beasts:

All Things Magic

Bait and Tackle

Casting Call

Deadly Trappings

Denizens of Tellene (Kingdoms of Kalamar)

Dungeon of the Month

Dungeons Ready to Occupy

The Good, the Bad and the Ugly

A Hacker’s Guide to Garweeze Wurld

HackMaster Adventures & One Shot Dungeons/Adventures

HackMaster Adventure Contest

Lands of Adventure: Historical Locations for your Campaign

Rogues Gallery

Rustlers of the Night

Who’s Who in KODT

General and Gaming Articles:

Game Master’s Workshop

Game Master’s Workbench

Player’s Advantage

Special Articles

Game, Media and Product Reviews:

Board Squawk

Brian’s Small Press Picks

Critical Mass

Disks of Wondrous Power

Editors Pick of the Month

Figuratively Speaking

The “Indy” Game Scene

Lookin’ At Comics

Lost Game Safari

Off The Shelf

The Quotable Gamer

Summon Webscryer

Zine Scene

Movie Reviews:

A Gamer’s View of the Movies

Media Hacks

Movies on the Battlemat: A Gamer’s Guide to Exploiting Films

A Gamer’s Rant on the Movies

Gaming the Movies


The Dread Frog Speaks

Face Off

Gamer’s Pulpit

Geek Unity

The Philosopher’s Stone

Tales From the Table

Tales of Character

Tweaks and Design Stuff:

Game Mechanic

Under the Hood

Other Items:

Comics (other than KODT strips)

Fuzzy Knights of the Dinner Table

Friendly Local Game Stores

Puzzle Monger and Other Puzzles

People, Places, Things and Beasts:
All Things Magic

K22 Introductory Article with 18 Items

K34 Magic Items & Artifacts from Garweeze Wurld (by Gary Jackson)
K37 Magical Swords (by Lloyd Brown)
K38 Magical Headgear (by Joe Kushner)
K59 Potion of Hell's Fury, Orbs of Attack (by Whitney Weston)
K60 Helm of the Dragonfly (by Steve Johansson)
K63 Yider's Coin of Enchantment, Ring of Near Misses (by Jolly R. Blackburn)
K64 Scepter of Chaos (by Jolly R. Blackburn)
K65 Coin Purse of Returning (by Jolly R. Blackburn)
K66 Shield of Pummeling +2 (by Jolly R. Blackburn)

Potion of Brownie Strength (by Steve Johansson)

K67 Parkal's Amazing Amulet of Armor Repair (by Jolly R. Blackburn)
K68 Gareth's Girdle of Weight Reduction (by Richard Jensen and Noah Kolman)
K69 Scarf of Flesh Weaving & Scarf of Flesh Devouring (by Kevin Vance)
K70 Digger's Spurs of Wondrous Speed & Becknor's Spurious Spurs of Hindrance

(by Barbara Blackburn and Scott Johnson)

K71 Dixtle Daxmoor's Belt of Shunning (by Jolly Blackburn)
K72 Bone Saw of Optimal Yields (by Jolly Blackburn)
K73 Hammer Shot of Self Flinging (by anonymous)
K74 Lokensa's Gem of Accurate Tracking (by anonymous)
K75 Biggley E. Bajum's Quill of Cheating (by anonymous)
K76 Ancient Saddle Blanket of Calming (by Barbara Blackburn)
K77 Grady's Rope of Bridges/Rope of Bruises (by Barbara Blackburn)
K78 Nudor's Cozy Hammock of Peaceful Rest (by Barbara & Amber Blackburn)
K79 The Now-You-See-Me-Now-You-Don't Tent (by Barbara & Amber Blackburn)
K80 Pipes of Small Charms (by Barbara Blackburn)
K81 Sword of the Gladiators (by Barbara Blackburn)
K82 Trap of Hefty Provisions (by Barbara Blackburn)
K83 Cloak of Armor Repair (by Barbara Blackburn)
K84 Dice of Change (by Thomas Birchmire III)
K85 Insta Patch (by Barbara Blackburn)

K86 Mug of Purification (by Christopher Loss)

K87 Girdle of Constriction Lessgor's Eraser
K88 Bandu's Quiver of Trick Arrows (by Ian Guistino)
K89 McDuggel's Far Sight Tube/Lessgor's Eraser (by James Maslanka)
K90 Green Rune Sword (by J. Maslanka)/Nose Ring of Scent ID (by B. Blackburn)
K91 Grappling Hook of Catching (by Jeff Graves)

Bandanna of Distorted Recognition (by Jeff Graves)

K92 Armor of Heat Resistance (by Barbara Blackburn)
K93 Kevamar's Homing Coins (by Brian M. Sammons)
K94 The Sword of the Brotherhood of the Frostbeard Berserkers (by B. Blackburn)
K95 Dwarven Deck of Blessings and Curses (by Benjamin Sharef)
K96 Balgrun's Whetstone (by Anonymous)
K97 Hathram's Helm of Honor (by Jerimy J. Grafenstein)
K98 The Wand of Examination (by Thomas Wilde)
K99 The Burning Earring of Friendly Fire (by Jolly & Barbara Blackburn)
K100 The Lyre of Hound Slaying (by Anonymous)
K101 The Ring of Selflessness (by John Simons)
K102 Sword of Purity/Dagger of Deceit (by Ian Guistino)

K103 Brooch of the Basilisk (by Ian Guistino)

K104 Ring of Glass Shattering/ Ring of Summon Bodyguards (by James Butler)

K105 Thunrick’s Armor (by Brian M. Sammons)

K106 Fralg Stones (by Brian M. Sammons)

K107 Alaglen’s Cube of Seige (by Robert Snyder)

K108 The Cummerbund of Tutelage (by Jerimy J. Grafenstein)

K109 Potion of Insane Toughness/Horrible Wasting (by A’llyn Ettien)

K110 Grimaddle’s Sparkling Baubles of Madness (by Barbara Blackburn)

K111 Boots of Bumbling (by Christopher Loss)

K112 Tome of Phyphor (by David R. Hill)

K113 Scale-Mail Bikini of Distraction/Spell Mirror (by James Butler)

K114 Salve of Restoration (by Ann McIntosh)

K115 Sparkling Helmet of Awesomeness (by Ann McIntosh)

K116 Tar Makvar’s Ring of Deterrence (by Jolly R. Blackburn)

K117 Demonpurge Staff (by Barbara Blackburn)

K118 Faenor’s Ring of the Vampyre (by Scott J Conover)

K119 Sprint Mail Armor (by David Reeder)

K120 Full Plate Armor (by David Reeder)

K121 Anti-Theft Bridle (by Barbara Blackburn)

K122 Earrings of Administration (by Ann Mcintiosh)

K123 La’k’Dell, Drum of Destruction (by Ann McIntosh)

K124 The Shield of Schye Gleyban (by Ann McIntosh)

K125 The Lotion of Comeliness (by Ann McIntosh)

K126 Jetra’s Leg of Comeuppance (by Jolly and Barb Blackburn)

K127 The Sheaths of Han’Norcan (by Brian M. Sammons)

K128 Quick Change Trunk (by Ann McIntosh)

K129 Rainbow Spark Dust (by James Butler)

K130 Bag of Tricks Variant (by David Reeder)

K131 El Spiritu: The Holy Revenger (by David Reeder)

K132 Krigg Stones (by Jolly & Barbara Blackburn)

K133 Talisman of Malfluous (by Barbara Blackburn)

K134 Alagden’s Cube of Siege (by Robert Snyder)

K135 Agrazen’s Vengeful Cutlas (by Barbara Blackburn)

K136 Fire Beans of Grumma (by Barbara Blackburn)

K137 Mysterious Plate Mail of Heroic Acts (by Barbara Blackburn)

K138 The Tome of Teeth (by Brian M. Sammons)

K139 Potion of Sustenance (by Barbara Blackburn)

K141 The Other Great Horned Helm (by Brian M. Sammons)

K142 Saxet’s Saw Chain (by Brian M. Sammons)

K143 The Alchemy Blade (by Brian M. Sammons)

K144 Titan’s Wand (by Derek Kagemann)

K145 Blood Dust (by Barbara Blackburn)

K146 Hat of Opulent Domicile (by Jolly & Barbara Blackburn)

Growth Biscuits (by Barbara Blackburn)

K147 Kaa’s Pipe of Pointing (by Jolly & Barbara Blackburn)

K148 Yagamov’s Amazing Flea Circus (by Derek Kagemann)

K149 Boots of High Steps (by Barbara Blackburn)

K150 Scruffy Kitty (for DWG RPG) (by Barbara Blackburn)

K151 Tome of Shadows/Tome of Light (by Barbara Blackburn)

K152 The Ramming Helm of the Ram (by Brian M. Sammons)

K153 The Sword of Justice (by William A. Wiarda)

K154 The Fantastic Feathered Cloak (by Brian Sammons)

K155 Shawl of the Washer Woman (by Derek Kagemann)

K156 The Parchment Ring (by Barbara Blackburn)

K157 Deadman Pendant (by Barbara Blackburn)

K158 The Pilgrim’s Pillow (by Derek Kagemann)

K159 J’Sin’s Mask (by Brian M. sammons)

K160 Iron Net of the Slaver (by Barbara Blackburn)

K161 Milhouse’s Stone Scouts (by John Garnier)

K162 Arrows of Separation (by Brian M. Sammons)

K163 Potion of Exquisite Deliciousness (by Barbara Blackburn)

K164 The Gauntlet of the Gauntlet (by Brian M. Sammons)

K165 Protector Hood (by Barbara Blackburn)

K166 Sword Hilt Dispenser (by Barbara Blackburn)

K167 Box of Sorrows (by Barbara Blackburn)

K168 Lady Magella’s Necklace (by Barbara Blackburn)

K169 Staff of Speedy Escape / Panic (by Patrick Bird)

K170 The Dythalid Pool (bi Isaac Shaker)

K171 Esarin’s Collar (by Kurt Evans)

K172 Mirror of the Assassin (by William Mindflayer)

K173 None

K174 Celdon’s Spear and Quillizard (b Steve Willett)

K175 Scourge of Pain (by Barbara Blackburn)

K176 Fortress of Retreat (by Isaac Shaker)

K177 Neener Neener’s Magic tooth (by Jolly and Barbara Blackburn)

K178 The Armor of Sorn (by Brian Anson)

K179 Vosted the Drunken Rod of Cleansing

K180 Potion of Perlious Rancor (by Isaac Shaker)

K181 Draman’s Custom Guardians (by William Maldonado)

K182 Potions of Desire (by James Butler)

K183 Scrying Fish (by Barbara Blackburn & the D Team)

K184 Old Dela’s Book of Potions (by Barbara Blackburn & the D Team)

K185 The Holding Bag (by Mike Gilbert)

K186 Salbotha’s Sensational Spinning Shield (by Brian M. Sammons)

K187 Boots of Endurance (by Barbara Blackburn)

K188 The Searching Stone (by Barbara Blackburn)

K189 Lothario’s Siren Necklace (by Tristan Placone)

K190 The Staff of Fire and Darkness (by Isaac Shaker)

K193 Shields of Transport (by Barbara Blackburn)

K195 Arianelle’s Tiara (by Carolyn Stogdill)

K196 Bloodthorns (by Barbara Blackburn)

K197 Boots of Honor (by Barbara Blackburn)

K198 Mundane Magic (by Christopher Stogdill)

K199 Featherpack (by Barbara Blackburn & Carolyn Stogdill)

K200 Ekkra’s Charm Collar (byBarbara Blackburn)

Bait & Tackle

K83 Barney the Gate Guard, Four Legs and an Attitude (by Jolly R. Blackburn)

K84 All’s Ale that Ends Ale, I smell a Rat, Heart Breakers, Where there’s Smoke, There’s Thieves (by Rick Moscatello)

K85 The Gauntlet, Demon for Sale (by Scott W. Roberts),

An Arresting Situation (by Rick Moscatello)

K86 On Hallowed Ground, The Drunk and His Friend (by Jolly R. Blackburn)

K87 When a Fruit Becomes a Pickle, Welcome to My Parlor (by Randall Nelson)

K88 Door Repair Kobolds, Dwarf Chess, Dwarven Riding Lizard (by Scott Roberts)

K89 Orcish War Party v.1, O.W.P. v.1.2, O.W.P v.1.3 (by Rick Moscatello)

K90 Wizard’s Tower Ward, Wolf Pack, Abandoned Farm (by Scott Roberts)

Weapon Tax Scam (by Jolly R. Blackburn)

K91 Strange Horse, Friendly Shopkeeper, Deadly Festival, Strawberry Fields, Cursed Fish (by Barbara Blackburn)

K92 Armor to Die For, Punks Pack a Punch, Special Delivery (by Brian Sammons)

K93 Crystal Statue Island, Unicorn’s Horn, Haunted Forest Path (by Scott Roberts)

K94 Church of Spring-Heel Jack, The League of Interior Design, Coins of Misfortune, The Drinking Fog (by Normie Salvador)

K95 Clan of the Cleansing Claw, Tithes to the Rat King, The Lone Bowman, Chocolate Zombies at the Pawn Shop (by Normie Salvador)

K96 Crystal Statue Island, Unicorn’s Horn, Haunted Forest Path (by Scott Roberts)

K97 Good Eatin’, How Long Can You Go, Forest of the Conquistador, Surf’s Up

(by Barbara Blackburn)

K98 Beast or Famine, A Cold Dish (by Brian M. Sammons)

K99 One Bad Bard, What Foul Beast is this? (B. Sammons), Buzz Buzz (M. Walsh)

K100 Innkeeper’s Daughter, Prophet, Hellhound Pups, Smart Familiar (S. Roberts)

K101 Snowy River, Children of the Crossbow, Well of Worlds (by Normie Salvador)

K102 The Death of Horses, Ransom at River’s End, Queen Marionette,

And Not a Drop to Drink (by Normie Salvador)

K103 Ink, Proof of Death, HorseShoe Road Inn, King of the Bean (by N. Salvador)

K104 Things that go bump, Rolling Thunder, Mountain Divided, False colors (by NS)

K105 Clan of the Cleansing Claw, Tithes to the Rat King, The Lone Bowman, Chocolate Zombies at the Pawn Shop, Old Soldiers Never Die (by N. Salvador)

K106 One Hundred Hang, The Hatchet Job, China Moon, Seige of Six Towns (by NS)

K107 Inn’n’Out, The Man Cometh, Dark Horizon, Wrinkle in Space/Time (by NS)

K108 In With the Tide, Dead Men Tell, Possession is 9/10, Home Wreckers (by NS)

K109 Tower Under the Lake, King is Dead Long Live the King, Man Cometh (by NS) The Witch (by Rob Mitchell) Insane Aquarium, He’s No Angel (by Matt Duvall)

K110 The Town Vanishes, The Wasting Land, Wake-Up Call, A Good Night’s Rest, Training Days (by Whitney Weston)

K111 One Drop Gains a Kingdom, Orcs at the Dam, Blood Will Tell, Return to Wild, Trees Grow in Brookville, Storm of Fekkefyms Keep, Reluctant Gods (by NS)

K112 Hostile Hostel (by Jerry Duginski), Discord Among Friends, Damsel in Distrust, Finders Keepers, This Is Black Makar? (by Randall Nelson)

K113 Farmer’s Daughter, Not What I signed Up For, United Orc Front, Organlegger, You Can Take it W/ You, Vampire Suicide, Wolves in Human Guise (by NS)

K114 The Tail, The Sands, Easy Pickens (by Barbara Blackburn)

Dusk of Honor, Bloody Banner, Well of Souls, Nice Pets (by Julie Gresham)

K115 Sleeping Giant, From where the River Flows, Path Not Taken, What Lies Beneath?, (by N. Salvador) Wake up Call, A Real Deal (by Barbara Blackburn)

K116 Mix & Match, Run the Gauntlet, Love Hurts, Demon Seed (by Jerome Montes)

Where Children Are, Runaway Princess Bride, Prncs & Prophecy, Wrong Word

K117 Things Go Bump, Rolling Thunder, Mountain Divided, False Colors (by NS)

Rescue Op, Vicious Vagabond, Tune Singer, You’re It, Lesson(by A MacIntosh)

K118 Cursed Treasure, Pass of Statues, Dragon Tester, Intriguing Artifacts,

Ghost in the Manor (by H. Woodhurst), The Wedding, Dungeon For Sale,

Lost Child (by Ann McIntosh), Hostile Hostel (by Jerry Duginski)

K119 Earth: Battleground Zero, Mob Mentality, Rage of the Harridan,

The Blackout Bandit (by Whitney Weston)

K120 Read the Fine Print & Redux, A Picture is Worth 1 Curse (by Normie Salvador)

Money or your Honor, Town with Teeth, Eye of Shadows, Just a Taste (by AM)

K121 Babe in the Woods (by Beth Quittman), Good Monster, Sound of Melodies,

The Man in The Woods (by Barbara Blackburn), Oracle of Chifter, The Job,

Cheap Labor, Crazy Caravan (by Ann McIntosh), Piper Never Pays, School of Hard Knocks, The Postman (by Brandon Marsh)

K122 Tree Grows in Brookville, Storm of Fekkefym’s Isle, A City Dies Slowly,

Reluctant Gods, One Drop Gains Kingdom, Orcs at Dam, Blood Will Tell (NS)

K123 Marooned on Machina World, Race for Core, Aylavon Contagion (W. Weston)

K124 Don’t Give Up the Ship, Vengeance from Beyond Time, (by Whitney Weston) Treasure of Kree Kulk, (by Barbara Blackburn) Judgement of Loch Marmil

(by Ann McIntosh), Promised Child, Escape Clause (by Brandon Marsh)

K125 Gawds Save the Queen, The Stroke of Midnight (by Beth Quittman),

The Traveling Minstrels, An Important Message (by Barbara Blackburn),

Good Deal on a Boat, Roadkill, Barbarian Bait (by Ann McIntosh)

K126 Reverse Treasure Map, Goldenrod, Under the Willows, Clean up this Town

(by A. McIntosh); Wheel of Mystery (by Barbara Blackburn)

K127 King’s Ransom (by Douglas Fries), Beauty Contest, The Twin (by A. McIntosh)

K128 Daddy’s Little Girl (by Barbara Blackburn), Vengeance is Mine, Trail of Tears, Keeping Up Appearances (by Ann McIntosh)

K129 Waylay Station, Minotaur on the Bounty, O’Captain my Captain, Pieces of Eight, Drive-By, “A Knight, a Sell Sword, His Wife, Her Lover” (by Bill Urban)

K130 What’s the Matter with Hairy, Tossing Bones, The Value of Pie (by McIntosh)

K131 Fancy Duds, Golden Fields, The Gauntlet (by Ann McIntosh)

K132 Snack Shack, Beg This, Bony Situation, Testing-testing, Time is of the Essence (by Ann McIntosh)

K133 Waylay Station, Minotaur on the Bounty, Oh Captain my Captain, Pieces of Eight, Drive By (by Bill Urban), The Lady is a Vamp (by Jeb Clothes)

K134 The Brothers Grim, 4 Angry Unmen, Ship of Fools, I predict a Riot

(by Bill Urban)

K135 Confessions Dark and Deep, Swords to Plowshares (Brian Sammons)

K136 The Wrecked Ship, Zombies!, The Angel’s Visit, The Bells, Smuggler’s Hideout, The Black Pillar (by Stefen Styrsky)

K137 The Wizard’s Tower (by Stefen Styrsky), Where Wolf?, The Great Old Ones (by Brian Sammons)

K138 The House of the Mage, Orc Hunters, In the Belly of the Whale, The Lost Barge, A Perfect Opportunity (by Stefen Styrsky)

K139 The Oracle (pt 1 & 2), God’s Blood, The Green Chapel, The Fountain, The Black Obelisk, The Kata of Respite (by Stefen Styrsky), The Weeping Prophet,

Wrong Stash, Wrong Inn (by Ann McIntosh)

K140 Cougar on the Prowl, The Good Samaritan, Preacher in the Wilderness, Cabin of Death, Raiders of the Stage, The Mutilator, Free Horse?, Traveling Show, Cattle Drive, Charitable Contributions, Hung Jury (by CEB Brown, Barbara Blackburn and Killian Red)

K141 Masked Man, Zombie Pirate Island, Locked Smithy Theft (by Brian Sammons), Fool For a Day, Good Knight (by Barbara Blackburn)

K142 Jade Warrior, Free Bath, Singularity, Faulty Wiring, Burning Down the Town, Just a Joke (by T. Cumming), Lonely Heart, Home for Sale (by B. Blackburn)

K143 Home Sweet Home, Friendly Group, Faithful Wench, Sibling Rivalry, Treasure Map for Sale, Housekeeping, Djinni Bottle, Desperate Cries (by B. Blackburn)

K144 Shipped Out, Servant Games, Sea of Slime, Red Rocks, Traveling Band, Camping is Fun, What do you grow here?, Horses for Sale, Extra Baggage (by B. Blackburn)

K145 Special Delivery, Party Time, Camping Buddy, Prepared for Emergencies,

Help an Old Lady, Treasure of Doom, Market Mayhem, Missing Love,

Beastly Feast (by B. Blackburn)

K146 New Friends, Jail Bait, Wooden Soldier, Sad Little Girl, Naked Capture, Research, Bag of Parts, Wolf Party, Screening Visitors, Season of Giving

(by Barbara Blackburn)

K147 A Lich in the Library, Promises, Protection, A Lost Child, Rival’s Revenge

(by Heather Woodhurst), Blushing Bride (by Barbara Blackburn)

K148 Pit Fighter, Collaborator, Royal Captive, Tame Monster, Unexpected Ally, Unexpected Enemy, Rightful Heir, Bandit King (by Stefen Styrsky)

K149 The Lost Idol, Sand Storm, Sand Ooze, The Oasis, The Other Oasis,

Monkey Idol, Death on the Road (by Stefen Styrsky)

K150 The Hunter, The Fog, A Healer’s Touch, A Silence So Loud (by B. Sammons)

K151 The Last Man Standing, A Trap in a Bottle, Dogs of War, St. Valpastine’s Night (by Brian M. Sammons), Spirit Faun (by Nick Oefinger)

K152 The River is Wide (by Ann McIntosh), Bait & Switch, Life Imitating Art, The Bad Smith, Flotsam and Jetsam (by Brian M. Sammons)

K153 Prison Transfer, Brazen Bull Head, Collapsed Execution Seating, Arrow Squad, Wizard in a Turkey Shoot (by William A. Wiarda)

K154 Olaf’s Map, Olaf’s Scroll Case, Olaf’s Hut, Minotaur’s Maze, The Vigilante (by Tom Fritchman)

K155 Dogs of War (Brian Sammons), Werewolf School (Barbara Blackburn), Alley Antics, Bring Da Noise, Clap for the Wolfman (Derek Kagemann)

K156 Easy Money, Horses Everywhere, Lumberjack, Take me Home Tonight, Hide and Seek (D. Kagemann), Don’t Give the Finger, Watering Hole (A. McIntosh)

K157 Orc Raid, Imaginary friend, Beggars/Choosers, Caravan to Hell, Let’s Make a Deal (by B. Blackburn), Max Law and Order, Seed of Doubt (by A. McIntosh)

K158 Mercenaries, Organized Crime, Axe Store, Alms, Hanged Garden, Trapped Tavern (by Tom Fritchman), Pitch Black (by Barbara Blackburn)

K159 To Build a Fire, Double Cross to Bear, Unholy Resting Place, Emeraldic Plague (by Bill Urban), Uncanny resemblance, Wrong Campsite (by B. Blackburn)

K160 Last Words, Flittering Fairies, Tall Tales, Lost Caravans, Vision of the Past (by Heather Woodhurst), It Costs an Arm and a Leg (by Barbara Blackburn)

K161 Dead and Buried, The Four Horsemen, A Mine is a Terrible Thing to Waste, The Ghost in the Mist, Body Guards (by Brian M. Sammons)

K162 What a Time to Go, Night Sweats, Entry Point, Games of Chance, Wrong Girl (by Barbara Blackburn)

K163 Wild West Edition – 3:10 to Misery (by J. Blackburn), Blue Eyes, Mining Trouble, Homestead, The Hanging Tree, Bad Hand, Taken, Wanted Dead or Alive (by B. Blackburn), Spurred on (by Tom Lynch), Innocent Man, Heaven’s Gate (by Jonas B.), 8 Coaches Long (by Mike B.)

K164 Where There’s Smoke, Mamma’s Boy, Temple Trap, Tender Trap, Deal, Rat’s Nest Inn, Minstrel of Doom, Pushy Salesman, Hasty Retreat, Shifting Sand, Endless Street, Birdson, Swingin’, Card Sharks, Persistence of Forgetfulness (by Barbara Blackburn)

K165 Staff of Gothic Mansion, Case of Missing Maiden, Armor of Immortality, Vampire of the Tower, Price of Youth, Willing Gladiator, Perfect Potion, Don Kill-Xote, Dead War, Father & Son (by Isaac Shaker), Blood Suckers, Drinks on the House, Rain of Frogs (by Brian Sammons)

K166 Too Much Good Stuff, Drover’s Revolt, Overzealous Fanboys, Hangover 1, 2,3,4 (by Goblin King), Mining Beast, Table is Set, Face a Mother Could Love, Man at the Helm, Angels in the Alleys, Arrogant Apprentice, Tax Season, Potion Plot, Reluctant Insurrection (by Isaac Shaker)

K167 Silver Bug, Matching Boots, Cartographers Rejects, Pebble of Death, Gift from the Enemy, One-Armed Man, Wager, Celebrate, Greater Good, Seeds of Discord, Tower of Howling, Feeding Dog, Holy Sow (by Barbara Blackburn)

K168 Pipe Organ, Iron Heart, Widow’s Lair, Molten Doom, Munchies, Call of the Wild, Puppetmasters, Ghost Girl, Boneyard Brouhaha, Funeral Procession, Under the Shady Tree, Devil Book (by Barbara Blackburn)

K169 You Only Cheat Yourself, Those Who Can’t Teach, Land with no Crime, Running Man (by Benjamin Lomax), Batts in the Belfry, Deep Green, Real Enemy, Righteous Woman, The Long Arm, Piece of the Continent, Marked Men, In the Fold, Keep the Old, Naked and Helpless (by Charles W. Kiley III)

K170 The Hexed Horses, Never Stand Between a Dragon and her Eggs, Amazing Act, The Bite, A Quest for a Cure, Lair of the Sleepless Dragon, Sorcerer of Sound, For Better or for Horse, Race for the Reward, Forest Fire Fun, Cursed Man in the Green Cloak (by Isaac Shaker)

K171 A Bitter Taste, Tangy Turf War, Wizard wants a Polly, A Dog’s Loyalty 1,2,&3

(by William Mindflayer), Scenarios 1 through 5 (by Kurt Evans) (Semi-connected scenarios as Characters advance from Level One to Five)

K172 A River Trickles Through It, Druid Where’s My Water, Amazing Race for the Artifact, Hide and Seek, Lockdown, Help Wanted, What a Jerk, Hideous Pet Tricks, Lakeside Troubles, But – We’re Innocent, The Ore’s The Thing (by Heather Woodhurst), Danger on the Highway (by Barbara Blackburn)

K173 None

K174 None

K175 The Haunted Lake of Doom, Innocent Until Proven Culty, Fear the Flight and the Flood, A Fruity Farce, Vengeance of the Wrong (by Isaac Shaker), Best Foot Forward (by Barbara Blackburn)

K176 Jury Duty, Price Wars, Love Potion #9, From Dusk ‘Til Dawn (by Benjamin Lomax), Haunted Lake of Doom, Great Diamond Robbery, Fear the Fight and the Flood, Fruity Farce, Innocent Until proven Culty (by Isaac Shaker)

K177 Vengeance of the Wrong, Gophers and Grendel’s Mother, The Concealer Behind the Plot, Convict Knight, Undead Orphan (by Isaac Shaker), Unfair Fighting Challenge, Reduce, Reuse, Recycle, Till the River Runs Dry, Royal Idol (by Brian Sammons)

K178 Bad Omens, Broken Things, Slow Pokes, Fight For it, Wrong Road, Sing a Song, Angry Wagon, Tour of the City, Trouble on the Vine, High Crimes and Misdemeanors, Thief in the Night, trip Home (by Barbara Blackburn)

K179 Grape Treasure, Stained Reputation, Colorful Recruiting Practices, Roe, Roe, Roe your Boat, Vosted (by Barbara Blackburn)

K180 Scary Ex, Draft Dodger, Dance with Dragons, Mom’s Back (by Benjamin Lomax), Something Borrowed, Something Blue, The Caper, Crook and Kid, End to Migration, Brain Guy (by William Maldonado), Quiet Little Lake, Overdressed (by Barbara Blackburn)

K182 I Knew It, Not For the Fireplace, The Chimney Predator, Closing the Case 1,2,3, Should Have Been Alphabetized (by William Tucker)

K183 I Knew It, Not For the Fireplace, The Chimney Predator, Closing the Case 1,2,3, Should Have Been Alphabetized, The Wrong Brand of Oil, The Diversion (by William Tucker)

K185 Academic Grounds 1,2,3 (by William Tucker), Immortality by Exchange, The Thriller, justice By Telepathy, An Entirely Different Clark Kent (by Benjamin Lomax), The Library (by Barbara Blackburn)

K186 A Bridge over Troubled Death, Something, Fire Starter, Travelling Merchant of Death, The Hunter Hunted (by Brian M. Sammons), Rock and Roll, Hireling Trouble, Mind Games (by Barbara Blackburn)

K187 Double Dog Dare, It could be you, Streets of Sage, Devil Survivor (by William Maldonado), Arms Sale, Stranger Danger, Drop in Sometime, Rescue Mission, Face Book (by Barbara Blackburn)

K188 Lone Island, Rebel Cry, It’s in the Song, Nivek, Aung’s Son, Strange Rain, This Treasure is Hot, Parts is Parts, This is Only a Test, Shaken and Stirred (by Barbara Blackburn)

K189 Gold’s Gym, The Champion, Teamster’s Local 187, The Spice of Life, Battleship, The Beast, Iron Man, Hogwarts (by Benjamin Lomax), Healer Squealer (by Barbara Blackburn)

K190 A Titanic Trick, A monster in the Lead is worth two in the Berry Bush, Curiousity Trapped the child’s Head, Slander of Bardic Proportions, To Greed or not to Greed (by Tristan Placone), Drought or Dread, ooze on the Water, Job Fair, Door Prizes, Field of Dreams (by Barbara Blackburn)

K191 Rush of Wings, Friendliest Bar in Town, Crazy Lady, Undead Town, Red Wagon, Down the River, Man Cave, A Rain of Rats (by Barbara Blackburn)

K192 28 Days Later, Tally Me Banana, Portable Ho (by Benjamin Lomax), Curses (by Barbara Blackburn)

K193 28 Days Later, Tally Me Banana, Portable Ho, Tracks of My Tears (by Benjamin Lomax), Curses, Pipe Dreams, Secret Mission (by Barbara Blackburn)

K194 You Don’t Say, Entourage, Job Offer, The Little Green Box, Dark Water, Snack Shack, Helpless?, Grave Robbers (by Barbara Blackburn)

K195 The Hangman’s Noose, A Horse with No Name, I shot the Sheriff, The Hangman isn’t Hanging, (by Benjamin Lomax), Show Down, Ghost Town, Cry of the Wolf (by Barbara Blackburn)

K196 Salty Dog, Bunch O Sheep, Injury to Insult, Motherless Child, The White Stone, Butterfly Kisses (by Barbara Blackburn), Bad Company, Gimme Back My Bullets (by Benjamin Lomax)

K197 Can you dig it?, Warriors did it, Busted, Warriors Come out to Play (by Benjamin Lomax), Roadside Hospitality, Eggs for Breakfast, Who Said that?, Rescue? (by Barbara Blackburn)

K198 My Kingdom for a Soapbox, Save the Crates, Pull a Rabbit out of a Mess (by William Maldonado), Our Drunk Friend, For the Sake of Argument, Unholy Stench, No Wrath Like…, Weight of Office (by Barbara Blackburn)

K199 Whole Lotta Love, What is and Should Never Be, Lemon Song, Thank You, Heartbreaker (Benjamin Lomax)

K200 The Cleansing, Prince Hunt, Restless Natives (by Barbara Blackburn), Living Loving Maid, Ramble On, Bring it On Home (by Benjamin Lomax)

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