Lesson 2 Category: General English Topic: The Hanging Gardens of Babylon Author(s)

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Hsin-chou Josephine Huang

Lesson 2

Category: General English

Topic: The Hanging Gardens of Babylon

Author(s): Reina Z, Elisa L, Andrea G

Source (URL): http://www.angelfire.com/ny/anghockey/hanginggardens.html
Short summary: The Hanging Gardens of Babylon were one of the seven wonders of the ancient world. The powerful ruler of Babylon, Nebuchadnezzar, built the gardens between 604 and 562 BC for his beloved wife, who missed the mountains and meadows of her homeland. To ease her pain, he designed the lush gardens, which presented major engineering and architectural challenges because Babylon is in a flat, desert-like area. The clever designs of its artificial mountains and irrigation system enabled Nebuchadnezzar to defy nature.

  • Revered (verb):敬畏 to very much respect and admire someone or something.

Nelson Mandela is revered for his brave fight against apartheid.

  • Evokes (verb):喚起(記憶等) to make someone remember something or feel an emotion.

That smell always evokes memories of my old school.

  • Worthy (adjective):足以... deserving respect, admiration or support.

The donations will go to a worthy charity.

The painting portrays a beautiful young woman in a blue dress.

  • Majesty (noun):權威 If something has majesty, it causes admiration and respect for its beauty.

This music has majesty, power, and passion.

  • Astounded (adjective):被震驚的very surprised or shocked.

 I was astounded to hear that Tim had left.

My predecessor worked in this job for twelve years.

  • Marveled (verb):...感到驚異 to show or experience great surprise or admiration.

We paused to marvel at the view.

  • Insanity (noun):精神錯亂when someone is seriously mentally ill.

He was found not guilty of murder by reason of insanity.

  • Reign (noun):統治時期 the period of time when a king or queen rules a country.

Shakespeare lived during the reign of Queen Elizabeth I.
Preview: This article is about the Hanging Gardens of Babylon, the story behind them, and the marvelous architectural and engineering advances they represent.

1) Which ancient wonder of the world do you think this picture represents?

2) What do you know about the ancient wonders of the world?

Outline: The Hanging Gardens of Babylon

  • The Hanging Gardens of Babylon

  • The history behind it

  • Defeating Nature

  • The Gardens

  • Its technology

Related materials/links: http://dictionary.cambridge.org/define.asp?key=26994&dict=CALD


Lesson 2_The Hanging Gardens of Babylon.

Comprehension Questions:

1. ( ) What kind of places does the list of seven ancient wonders include?

A) Great manmade structures.

B) Places with awesome natural scenery.

C) A list of places to go.

D) Places ranked most popular.

2. ( ) Why were the Hanging Gardens created?

A) To prove that plants can survive in the desert.

B) Out of love.

C) For recreational activities.

D) Because deserts need plants.
3. ( ) Why is it said that the Hanging Gardens defeated nature?

A) Because the gardens held a lot of plants.

B) Because the gardens were built in the sky.

C) Because they were built in a desert-like area.

D) Because the gardens were self-sustaining.
4. ( ) How were the plants maintained?

A) With rain.

B) With an irrigation system.

C) With watering cans.

D) All of the above.
5. ( ) What was the water source of the Hanging Gardens?

A) The Yellow River.

B) The Nile River.

C) The Tigris River.

D) The Euphrates River.
6. ( ) Why were the gardens included in the list of the seven ancient wonders of the world?

A) Because of their manmade technology and beauty.

B) Because of the types of plants that they held.

C) Because of their environmental purpose.

D) Because of their location.
7. ( ) What is the main point of this article?

A) The seven wonders of the world.

B) The hydro system of the gardens.

C) The history of the hanging gardens.

D) The development of the hanging gardens.
8. ( ) What is the most amazing aspect of the gardens?

A) The irrigation system.

B) The engineering advances.

C) The beauty of the gardens.

D) All of the above.
9. ( ) How was the area kept cool?

A) With fountains and trees.

B) With splashes of water.

C) With the breeze from the river.

D) With a special chain pump.
10. ( ) Do the gardens still exist?

A) Part of them.

B) Yes.

C) No.

D) Maybe.
Written recall

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