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SPPP Form 11 – Employee Training

All records must be available upon request by NJDEP.

  1. Municipal Employee Training: Stormwater Program Coordinator (SPC) must ensure appropriate staff receive training on topics in the chart below as required due to job duties assigned within three months of commencement of duties and again on the frequency below. Indicate the location of associated training sign in sheets, dates, and agendas or description for each topic.



    Title of trainer or office to conduct training

    1. Maintenance Yard Operations (including Ancillary Operations)

    Every year

    1. Stormwater Facility Maintenance

    Every year

    1. SPPP Training & Recordkeeping

    Every year

    1. Yard Waste Collection Program

    Every 2 years

    1. Street Sweeping

    Every 2 years

    1. Illicit Connection Elimination and Outfall Pipe Mapping

    Every 2 years

    1. Outfall Pipe Stream Scouring Detection and Control

    Every 2 years

    1. Waste Disposal Education

    Every 2 years

    1. Municipal Ordinances

    Every 2 years

    1. Construction Activity/Post-Construction Stormwater Management in New Development and Redevelopment

    Every 2 years

  2. Municipal Board and Governing Body Members Training: Required for individuals who review and approve applications for development and redevelopment projects in the municipality. This includes members of the planning and zoning boards, town council, and anyone else who votes on such projects. Training is in the form of online videos, posted at www.nj.gov/dep/stormwater/training.htm.

Within 6 months of commencing duties, watch Asking the Right Questions in Stormwater Review Training Tool. Once per term thereafter, watch at least one of the online DEP videos in the series available under Post-Construction Stormwater Management. Indicate the location of records documenting the names, video titles, and dates completed for each board and governing body member.

  1. Stormwater Management Design Reviewer Training: All design engineers, municipal engineers, and others who review the stormwater management design for development and redevelopment projects on behalf of the municipality must attend the first available class upon assignment as a reviewer and every five years thereafter. The course is a free, two-day training conducted by DEP staff. Training dates and locations are posted at www.nj.gov/dep/stormwater/training.htm. Indicate the location of the DEP certificate of completion for each reviewer.

Municipality Name / County / NJPDES # / Date

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