March 2015 We made a corruption map for the Capital! What were the “landmarks” and why did they qualify for the Tour of Great Corruption Sites

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We made a corruption map for the Capital! What were the “landmarks” and why did they qualify for the Tour of Great Corruption Sites

We placed corruption on a tourist map of Bucharest. Sunday, dozens of citizens participated in the first edition of the Tour of Bucharest’s Grand Corruption Sites. Travelling with Clean Romania’s coach or by foot, citizens could visit the following objectives: the block from Zambaccian that belongs to Adrian Năstase, the block from Floreasca belonging to the former Udrea-Cocoș couple, the house from Mihăileanu which belongs to Traian Băsescu, the real estate developments in Dămăroaia-Bucureștii Noi, the Basarab Passage, the Ciurel Puncture, Hala Matache, Tineretului Park, the Cathedral Plazza tower and the tower near the Armenian Church. Below you can find images from the tour (in reverse order of their visit, and the reasons that ”reccomended” these objectives for the Tour of Grand Corruption Sites

Here you can read an account of the event:

The Capital’s Tineretului Park cannot be deforested. The Court’s decision arrives however after 200 trees were already cut

The Bucharest Court of Appeals has rejected the request from Marioara Micşunescu, where she was demanding the court to force the Bucharest City Hall to issue a notice for the deforestation of the two hectares of land it owns in Tineretului Park, pieces of land where it wants to build new neighbourhood blocks. Unfortunately, while the issue was being considered, over 200 of the Park’s 415 trees have already been cut. The decision given by Court of Appeals is definitive.

The review of the Forestry Code, demanded by Klaus Iohannis, is irritating those who defend forests. Is the President aiding the known lumber company Holzindustrie Schweighofer?

Good news and bad news. President Klaus Iohannis has sent the new hunting law to Parliament this week for review, as demanded by the Nature 2000 Coalition. At the same time, Iohannis sent for review the new Forestry Code. If in the first case civil society saluted his decision, the second action has generated major dissatisfactions, expressed both on social media, and by NGO representatives that ensure forest protection. According to them, the main beneficiary of the Forestry Code review is the Austrian company Schweighofer-Holzindustrie, which has lobbied for the measure.

A new victory for the civil society against Mayor Gheorghe Nichita. He is forced to make available a number of documents demanded by citizens

Marian Petru

Iasi showed up on the map of Romanian civic movements in 2013, after the linden trees from the city’s central boulevard had been cut, at the demands of the City Hall driven by Gheorghe Nichita. Two years since the trees have been eliminated, the “fight” between civic groups and the municipality is just as strong. The last episode features a court decision as the main issue of dispute.

The civic group “Iasi loves linden trees” along with the organization “Ask for participation” have announced this week that they won a trial with the Iasi City Hall.  The issue concerns the 2014 refusal of the city hall to make public documents available (according to Law 544/2001 concerning the freedom of access to information of public interest). Those documents served as the basis for the forest demarcations in Expozitiei Park and the Copou Garden in Iasi.

Victory for the civil society. School 80 from Bucharest has re-become a historic monument. The fight goes on in the Court

The Bucharest Court of Appeals has annulled the Order of the Ministry of Culture no. 2576/12.11.2013 by which School 80 on Calea Dudești nr. 191 was no longer classified as a historic monument. The decision was given at the demand of the Save Bucharest Association.

Iohannis, in agreement with the Nature 2000 Coalition. The Romanian President has sent back to Parliament the Hunting Law

President Klaus Iohannis has decided to refrain from promulgating the Hunting Law and he sent it back to Parliament with proposed annotations that are almost identical to those put forward by the Nature 2000 Coalition  (the Nature 2000 Coalition is a member of ARC).

The Nature 2000 Coalition Romania has asked President Klaus Iohannis to send back to Parliament the bill concerning the modification and completion of the Hunting Law, adopted by the Chamber of Deputies on the 25th of February 2015. Civil society claims that this law, in its approved form, brings serious prejudices to the right to property as guaranteed by the Romanian constitution and that it will automatically attract the European Commission’s infringement notice, because the hunting season has been increased for certain species that are still in mating season, thus breaking the EU directive concerning the Conservation of Wild Birds.

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