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Press release
Deißlingen-Lauffen, 07 August 2018 00:21:59

New: the Whirlcare Smart Spa - the smartest spa of the world

World premiere at the aquanale 2017

With its brand new invention, the Smart Spa, Whirlcare Industries is setting standards for the next generation of spas. Thanks to the newly developed, intelligent voice control, wellness-hungry people can experience relaxation and hydro massage in a completely new way. However, controlling the Smart Spa by voice command is just one of many highlights that the new Whirlcare Smart Spa provides:

With a bi-directional interface to smartwatches and smartphones, the Smart Spa integrates easily with an existing smart home system and can be simultaneously controlled from anywhere in the world via the Whirlcare app. The intelligent combination of voice input and the WiFi function makes it possible to access music streaming services such as Spotify, Amazon Music and others, and to play music through the integrated high quality surround sound system.

In addition to the above-mentioned wellness features, the Whirlcare Smart Spa also comes with these extras as standard:

  • Intelligent seat and usage recognition

  • Digital aroma chamber system to add an aromatic scent to the water.

  • Gentle Softskin/Oxygen Skin Enhancement Technology

  • Individually adjustable LED lighting in many colours

  • More than 120 hydrojets

  • Individually adjustable jets

  • 27 individual massage programs

  • Fully automatic cover

The world premiere of the Whirlcare Smart Spa was celebrated at the aquanale (07/11/2017–10/11/2017)in Cologne. Series production will start in 2018.

Quality made in Germany

Particularly of note is the fact that: The new Whirlcare whirlpool was not only developed and designed in Germany, but will also be completely manufactured in the newly built production facility in Deißlingen-Lauffen from next year. All production steps are digitally monitored and controlled according to the "Industry 4.0" principle. Whirlcare Industries attaches great importance to the quality of the purchased components, most of which are also manufactured in Germany. Special parts such as the smart control have been and will continue to be developed by Whirlcare itself. True to the slogan "Designed and Made in Germany", Whirlcare Industries once again proves its claim to the highest quality standards.

About Whirlcare Industries

Whirlcare Industries is a subsidiary of Whirpools World OUTLET GmbH – Europe's largest spa and wellness provider based in the Swabian Deißlingen-Lauffen. Years of experience in the field of spas has shown that customers often have to be satisfied with an either/or scenario. So Whirlcare Industries came up with the idea of developing its own spas, which combine the most innovative technologies with health promotion, energy efficiency and modern design. Whirlcare spas have been developed using the latest medical knowledge. The ideas and desires of many Whirlpool customers were considered and implemented. In order to ensure the high quality of the whirlpools, assembly takes place in Germany.

Whirlcare Industries has made it its goal to write its own special story. Only the best is good enough, which is why Whirlcare Industries attaches great importance to innovation and always offers more than most suppliers. All of the very few spa manufacturers in the world produce models based on the latest findings and technical options for therapeutic private use. Fundamentally, Whirlcare offers more features and more benefits than traditional whirlpools with optional accessories on every model. Many technical features and details are exclusive to Whirlcare spas.

Further information:

Press contact

Jan Olaf Hansen

Whirlcare Industries GmbH & Co. KG
Römerstraße 160
78652 Deisslingen-Lauffen

Tel .: +49 7071 / 3665-212



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