Master of Electronics and Mechanical Engineering (eme) Application Form 2015-2016

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Master of Electronics and Mechanical Engineering (EME)

Application Form 2015-2016

Last name:       First name:      

Gender:  Male  Female
Citizenship:       Date of birth:      

Country:       Phone number:      


Higher undergraduate degree (specify the date of graduation and institution):





Institution / University

Date of Graduation

















Work Experience:


Year and duration

Description of work activities










French and English languages:

No minimum level in French language is required. However, all applicants are required to provide certification of having obtained the minimum level of B1 proficiency as laid down by the Common European Framework of Reference by one of the internationally recognised organisations: Paper-based TOEFL (min score = 475), Internet-based TOEFL (min score = 50), TOEIC (min score = 550), IELTS (min score = 4.5), Cambridge (= FCE), etc.

Specify your English test:       Specify your score:      
Note: Applicants are required to take tests in both French and English at the end of the course in order to be eligible for the EME degree. The following minimum scores must be reached: 400 for TCF, 650 for TOEIC (or equivalent). The sum of the scores for TCF and TOEIC must be higher than 1200.

Details on your application:

Please specify the major that you aim at considering in the Master:

 Electronics  Mechanical Engineering
Have you received an ERASMUS scholarship to enrol in the Master?

 Yes  No

Documents to be sent with your Application Form

  1. Letter stating your motivations to undertake the Master.

  1. Full CV.

  1. Copies of diplomas and or degrees obtained after High School (with a certified translation in English or French language).

  1. Copies of transcripts for each year of studies after High School.

  1. Copy of ID card or passport.

  1. Birth certificate.

  1. For non-native English speakers: official attestation of English level (see above).

Deadline for submission of applications

May 15, 2015 for students who need a VISA

June 15, 2015 for students who do not need a VISA

Application results will be sent by E-mail from end of May until mid July.
Applications to be sent to:
Pr. Jean-Mathieu Mencik

Institut National des Sciences Appliquées Centre Val de Loire

Campus de Blois

3 rue de la chocolaterie

CS 23410

41034 Blois Cedex, France

Email :

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