Mergers Alliance International Corporate Finance Network

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  • Mergers Alliance

  • International Corporate Finance Network



  • A dynamic international group of highly successful independent corporate finance firms

  • Focused on middle-market M&A

  • Always acting through highly experienced professionals / owners

    • Over 140 transaction professionals located in 20 offices
    • Operating around industry focus groups
  • Relationship based network

    • Constant social and work interaction
    • In depth knowledge of working together across member firms
  • Comprehensive coverage of all major economies

  • Many success stories - Consistently growing transaction value culminating in 2005 with member firms completing over 50 transactions with a combined value of +$2bn

Mergers Alliance – global members

A strong track record of growth

A strong track record of growth

Recent Successes

Marketing Collateral


  • Mergers Alliance members offer the following array of services:

    • Mergers & Acquisitions
    • MBO's/MBI's
    • Disposals
    • Exit reviews
    • Strategic advice
    • Financial restructuring

Industry focus groups

  • Industry focus groups formed to develop:

    • Deep sector knowledge
    • Extensive sector contacts
    • Marketing collateral
    • Marketing literature
    • Targeting activities
  • Regular Mergers Alliance Sector Team meetings (MAST)

Why Mergers Alliance?

  • All our members are independent firms with an in-depth knowledge of their respective territories and a long track record in cross border deals, offering high quality, practical advice every time

  • Each firm has a highly developed contact network. These contacts are brought to bear for the benefit of our clients, in sourcing business opportunities and providing local knowledge.

Why Mergers Alliance?

  • Our members know their local financial markets and the funding providers within their regions.

  • Due to the depth of relationships within the network we are able to offer a rapid response to our clients needs.

  • By maintaining a stringent list of criteria for membership, we can ensure that we are able to offer our clients the depth of relationship and personal attention that they require.

Contact Details

  • Stas Michael

  • Mergers Alliance Business Manager

  • Hudson House

  • 8 Tavistock Street

  • London

  • WC2E 7PP

  • Direct Line: +44 (0) 20 7559 6651

  • Mobile: +44 (0) 7866 030 464

  • Email:

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