Minjoo lee (이민주)

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MINJOO   LEE    (이민주) <李珉柱>


2004 Artists in residence program(Stand studio, The Netherlands, Den Haag)

          Artists in residence program(Changdong studio, Seoul)

2000 Artists in Residence program(Vermont Studio Center, U.S.A.)

1982  M.F.A. Graduate School, Seoul National University

1980  B.F.A. The department of Painting, College of Fine art, Seoul National University

1976    Entrance, Seoul national University(as a Top Student)

*SOLO EXHIBITIONS(&2person shows)

2008 The 34th solo exhibition-The light for the new birth(Finearts people gallery, Pensilvania. USA). 

2007 Resonance amid lights(Hanjeon art plaza gallery, Seoul)

The connection between War & Peace(Gallery Artodrome, Germany)

2006  *The 30th solo exhibition -Gasan gallery "The joy of resonance"

2005 *The 29th  solo exhibition -Gana Insa Art center-"Blue-X:Resonance among lives"

2006 *Ho Art Fair-Ho gallery, Seoul Universal resonance"

      *KPAM-Seoul Art center

      *The 28th  solo show-Gallery Wooduk-resonance among lives

2004 *2person show-"The power of blood-sisters meet brother"(Changdong studio  center gallery, Seoul)

*"The 27th solo show: Anecdotes: The war for peace!?"(Gallery at Korean delegation to UN ,New York)

        *The 26th solo show-The power of blood (White space, The Netherlands, Den Haag)

        *The25th solo show-"Resonance among  lives"(Art forum  New  Gate, Seoul)

        *The 24th solo show-"Anecdotes; The war for peace!?"(POSCO gallery, Pohang) 

2003 *The 23rd solo show-The song of Gong-Myung-Pil-Sun"(Jung gallery, Seoul)

     *The 22ndsolo show-"The clash of civilizations and the resonance of them"(Mulppa  art center, Seoul)

        *The 21st solo show-"Special fan painting by Minjoo Lee"(Adagio gallery, New York)

        *The 20th solo show-"The 50th anniversary of the cease-fire"(Gallery All, Korea)

        *The 19th solo show(Metropolitan art center, New York)

2002 *The 17th solo show-Universal Resonance(Gallery Chosun, COEX convention center, Seoul)

      *One-Woman show -Universal Resonance "East meets West"(Galerie im  Neuenkranzler Eck, Berlin

2001 *The 16th Solo Exhibition-Searching for my Animus through my father-Fatherland-Reunification of                            Korea(Gongpeong Art Center, Seoul)

2000 *The 15th Solo Exhibition-"Healing Brush stroke"(Julian  Scott Memorial Gallery, U.S.A.)

      *The 14th Solo Exhibition-"The Decoration on The Void"(Choi Gallery, Seoul)

1998 *MANIF4!-Seoul International Art Fair(Seoul Art Center. Seoul)

        *The 12th Solo Exhibition-"Resonance"(Korean Culture &Art Foundations Art Center, Seoul)

        *The 11th Solo Exhibition-Resonance "Salvation"(Icon Gallery, Seoul)

1996 *The 10th Solo Exhibition-"The Void &The Substance 7-Praying"(63Gallery, Seoul)

        *2person Show-"Aboriginal Esquisse" (Recycling()(Icon Gallery, Seoul)

1995 *The 9th Solo Exhibition-"The Void &The Substance  6-The Deliverance from The Icon"(Icon Gallery)

1994 *The 8th Solo Exhibition-"The Void &The Substance  5(Icon gallery, Seoul) 

        *The 7th Solo Exhibition-"The Void &The Substance 4-Climbing up"(Hong-in gallery, Dae-Jeon)

1993 *The 6th Solo Exhibition-The Void &The Substance 3-White shadow(Seoul Art Center)

       *The 5th Solo Exhibition-"The Void &The Substance 2"(Galleria gallery, Seoul)

1992 *The 4th solo Show-"The Void &The Substance 1"(Gallery Madrid National University, Spain)

1991*The 3rd solo Show-"The Infinite Meditation for TAO"(Gallery SchloB Greiffen Horst , Krefeld, Germany)

1989  *The 2nd one woman show  -"Material+Brushwork"(Gallery Hyundai, Seoul)

1987 *The 1st One Woman Show-The Wall(Kwan-hoon Gallery, Seoul)

Selected International Art Fairs

2002-2007New York Art Expo(Javits convention center,New york) ,Puertorico art & wine fair, Montreal Art Expo(Canada)

     11tth Europ'Art Geneva -Palexpo Geneva-Sponsored by 3Heartlee Art-F &Korean Culture &Art                                   Foundations Art center(Geneva, Switzerland)

    15t-16th Europ'Art Geneva -Palexpo Geneva-Sponsored by  Gallery Jung)

    5th MAC21-(Marbella, Spain)

    4th-8th International Kunstmesse (Zurich, Switzerland)-Sponsored by Gallery Jung ,Samsim art )

    7th-8th Innsbruck art fair(Sponsored by Dansung gallery &gallery PICI, Seoul)

1998   4th MANIF(Seoul, Korea)

1997 2nd Barcelona Art Expo -Sponsored by Eunha Gallery(Barcelona, Spain)

1996 CIAF-Sponsored by 63gallery(Seoul, Korea)

Selected Awards &Grants

2007  Grant of International Exchange Program(Korean Culture &Art Foundations Art Center)

2004 Grant of an artist's solo show(Korean Culture &Art Foundations Art Center)

2002The23thinternationalfanpainting(Internationalfanpaintingaward ,Tokyo  museum,   Japan)

2001  The 22th international fan painting (Tokyo museum,  Japan, -Excellent artist)

2000  Grant of International Exchange Program(Korean Culture &Art Foundations Art Center)

1999    Freeman Alternate' Grant(Vermont Studio Center, USA)

1995 Grand prize in the competition of Koran fresh artists(Gallery Seoho, Seoul)

         The 16th international fan painting (Tokyo museum, Japan,-President's Award)

1988    Seoul Fine artists' award

1987   Grand oriental culture exhibition (Special mention)

1986   The 4th new art exhibition(Grand prize)

        Excellent 100 Korean artists (San Francisco Hoam art  center, CA, USA -Prize of creativity)

1985   The 4th Seoul Art Festival-Special mention

1984   The 8th Art &Culture Competition (Special mention)

1979   The 10th Korea College Art Competition (Silver Prize)

Selected International Exhibitions

2006 Bangladesh Biennial(Bangladesh)

      Korea-China ink paintings(Kwansanwol museum, Shincheun, Chaina)

2005 prominent artists from Korea(George Mason Univ, Washington ,USA)

      India-Korea exchange exhibition(Habitat center,&Montage gallery, New delhi)

      International fan painting(Tokyo museum, Japan)

     Korea-Japan 100artists"the wave of emotion and ardor"(A's gallery, Ginza, Japan)

     Korea-Miyanma invitational exhibition(Langun museum)

     Korea-Russia Art Fair(centrol dome exhibition hall, Moscow, Russia)

2004 Korea-Kenya(Niroby museum, Kenya)

      Wave of emotion and ardor(A'S gallery, Ginza, Tokyo)

     International fan painting(Tokyo museum, Japan)

2003.Korean contemporary art exhibition(Xian museum, China)

     Art of ink in Xian(Xian Sanchi historic museum, China)

      Wave of emotion and ardor(Japan)

     Art of ink in America(Mobile museum of art, Alabama, USA)

     "Silk road "(National museum of Tashikent, Uzbekistan)

      International fan painting(Tokyo museum, Japan)

     Korea-Taiwan exchange exhibition(Unlimhyun exhibition hall, Taiwan)

2002 From Korea to Japan(Chuwa gallery, Tokyo)

      Art of ink in America(Contemporary craft gallery, portland, USA)

      International fan painting(Tokyo museum, Japan)

2001 Nature-Rise &Fall Oodori Museum(Satporo,Japan)

      Korean Beauty, Chuwa gallery(Tokyo, Japan)

      International fan painting(Tokyo museum, Japan)

2000 Art of Ink in America, Newark Museum, (Newark,USA)

      Eco-feminism in Korea, Nash Gallery,(Minesota, USA )

       International fan painting(Tokyo museum, Japan)

1999Art of ink(Doizaki gallery, LA, USA)

     International fan painting(Tokyo museum, Japan)

     Special exhibition of Korean artists(Gross Kunst Ausstellung, NRW, Dusseldorf, Germany)

     Korea-France contemporary painters9Espaslisliu, France)

1998 Korea, Netherlands invitational Artists(Netherlands)

      International fan painting(Tokyo museum, Japan)

1997 International Art EXPO at Carnegie Hall(New York, USA)

       Salon Comparaison (Paris, France)

       Invitational Exhibition-(India National Museum of Fine   Art, India)

1997 The Exhibition of Korea contemporary artists  (Barcellona, Spain)

       117 MANO DE ARTE Exhibition (Madrid, Spain)

  The Invitational Exhibition of Korean Contemporary Artists (National Contemporary Art   Museum, Mongol)

1995 The 16th international Exhibition of Fan Painting (Tokyo, Japan)

       A New Asian Jump (Korea Cultural Center,Tokyo, Japan)

1994 The 15th international Exhibition of Fan Painting  (Tokyo, Japan)

        A New Asian Jump (Korea Cultural Center, Japan)

1993 the 14th international Exhibition of Fan painting (Tokyo, Japan)

1992   Salon de la Jeune Peinture(Grand Palais, Paris)

1992 The 13th international exhibition of Fan Painting (Tokyo, Japan)

        Grands et jeunes d'aujourd'hui (Grand Palais, Paris)

        B.I.A.C (Biennale internationale d'art Contemporain (Brignole, France)

        Korea-the Young Spirits of 24 Korean Artists

        ( Germany-Pusan-Cheongju)

        The 12th International Exhibition of Fan Painting (Tokyo, Japan)

1990  the Light from the East (Kiev. USSR)

       The2ndYoungArtistsExhibitioninMuscot( Oman)

1989 Berlin Contemporary Art Festival (Berlin, Germany)

       International Paper Art Exhibition in Japan '89 (Japan)

1988  The Invitational Exhibition of Munster City (Germany)

       InternationalBiennaleDerPapierKunst(Germany, Denmark)

1987 Korea-Japan Exchange Art Exhibition(Tokyo, Japan)

Selected National Exhibitions

2007. Traveling Museum."(National contemporary Art Museum in Korea)

2006."DangKuPoongWol"Dog painting Exhibition(gongPeong art center, Seoul)

       Open Asian Exhibition(Kyunghyang gallery, Seoul)

2005.Seoul-China selected ink painters(Seoul Metropolitan art center, Seoul)

      Gallery Ho representative artists Show1(6.1-8.30)(Ho gallery)

      Gallery Ho representative artists Show 2(9.1-11.30)(Ho gallery)

      Seoul Art Festival( Seoul Metropolitan art center,Seoul )

      Contemporary Korean Paintings(Ho gallery)

2004 Artist hosted exhibition for congratulation of United States of America independence day(Dragon hill lodge,                   Yongsan compound, Seoul)

      Post-U Cultural festival(Daegu cultural center)

2003. Korean style  feminism(Sejong cultural center, Seoul)

2002 New millenium of Oriental painting(Gongpyung art center, Seoul)

2001 Nature-Rise &Fall(Seoul Metropolitan Museum, Seoul)

       Neo-Wave "Terror "(Gallery Kwanhoon, Seoul)

2000 Wisdom of classic books-contemporary life(```Gongpeong Art center,Seoul)

      Laugh of Artists(Seoul Art Center)

      Dream of New Millenium(Korea National theater, Seoul)

1999 Surprising Ideas(Sun Gallery, Seoul)

1998, 2000 Gwang Ju Biennial(Gwang Ju,)

1998 Title, Untitle, Notitle( Kumho Museum, Seoul)

1996 MANIF2!(Seoul Art Center, Seoul)

      CIAF(COEX, Seoul)

      Antiflat on flat(Seongok Museum, Seoul)

1995 Moving Museum(National contemporary Art Museum in Korea)

Selected Performances

2004 *"Ceremony for a new life"(White space, The Nethrlands)

       *"The power of blood-sisters meet brother"    (Changdong  studio   center gallery, Seoul)

       *Anecdotes: The war for peace!?(Gallery at Korean delegation to          UN, New York)

2003"Circular movement for world peace"  at the opening ceremony of Zurich International art fair(Kongresshaus, Zurich, Switzerland)

2002"Meditation for world peace through GongMyungPilSun" at the opening  ceremony of Zurich  International art fair(Kongresshaus, Zurich, Switzerland)

   She participated in more than 400group exhibitions in Korea, France, Spain, Germany, Japan, China, Tiwan, USSR, Mongol, Oman, India, USA,  and Arab Emirates.

The articles about her art work were published more than 130 times in Korea, in USA and in Switzerland .

Now she belongs to 10kinds of artist associations.

She was selected as one of  the important judge members in Cheonranamdo art competition ,Public officials art competition and juvenile art competition titled "War" and she also had a role of vice chairperson of Korea fine artists association.


*president  of Samsim art   *adjunctive professor of  Kyunghee University


 National museum of Contemporary art /Kyunggido Museum, Korea National theater /Seoul Art Center

Gongpeong Art Center /Museum of Sunggyunkwan Univ./Museum of Korea Univ.

Hankuk Yokurt building/Blue hospital/Dong-A Museum/Art forum New gate

 Gallery Jung/ Museum of Park, Soo Keun/Bleuel electronic AG(Zurich,Switzerland)

 Sparkasse Schwyz(Zurich,Switzerland)/Martin Wachsmann(Zurich,Switzerland)

Korean cultural center in New York, USA/Korean Embassy in Geneva. Switzerland

George Mason University in Washington, USA and etc.

 minjoolee@chol.com                   www.koreart.biz  http// art500.arko.or.kr/yiminjoo



 Resonance among lives, Radiation of subconsciousness, Rhythm of nature and Reflection of salvation      <, , 그리고 >

New vision to the contemporary art from Asia Asia ,from Korea, Korea

"Tradition to Tomorrow"-'Resonance among lights'

Oriental art from the Eastern point of view                     

The Structural Duality of Chaos and Cosmos: Animus and Pathos

The language of MinJoo Lee is strait forward and appealing. It is delivered immediately. It faces her surroundings and the reality. She contemplates and solves problems on her own. the answers are then embodied in her paintings as a way back to the outer world. I carefully make comments of her paintings. They contain abundant forms, diverse meanings and many surrealistic symbols. I become skeptical about making any statement. Then I'm urged to tell everything I share with her. Maybe I was  taken over by her revealing messages. Or the messages themselves are reaching and penetrating.

She deviates from the restrictive  classification of materials and instruments. She utilizes the extremely civilized multimedia and the very traditional ones inherent to the traditional oriental painting to gain maximal expression of her inner world. She is very proactive. Could we ever see the frontier of her art world in terms of the artistic method and the area of concern itself?

Cosmos or Chaos

You may not be introduced to her art word casually. You should pass tension and nirvana then the metaphor of a void and a fullness, and finally the sophistication. Then you would see all the energy, rhythm, liveliness and motion. The strokes are traditional and liberal; The canvas is emotional and impulsive at one time and very moderate the other times.

The seemingly chaotic status does not reveal the lack of others. It rather represents the conflicts among immature orders to achieve the integration of the energy. They altogether connote some maximal plastic possibility. In her art, cosmos and chaos are not contradictory: they are complementary and resonant.

The itinerary

The artist has been using various art media and materials such as Indian painting, calligraphy, seal engraving, cubic, and even handmade paper paste relief. The aesthetic achievements of the traditional art world have been well integrated in her original art forms.

The artist is concentrating more on Indian ink and its automatism now. Her bold and drastic strokes might reinstate previously deconstructed objects back onto the canvas. Yet, in her divertimento with Indian ink, the ink itself has tempered and deep power, differentiated from other plain ebony colors.

Requiem for Father

Her artistic motives have included her ego, our society, our country, people, the world and the universe. Now her empirical meditation leads her to the search for animus and fatherhood. Her thought is very realistic and salutary. Why would it be that she commemorates her father now ten years after he passed away?

"My father was very practical and progressive. He pursued peace and integration yet, formally and informally, privately and publicly. It does not mean he was a pacifistic. He respected tradition but he was free from old legalism. He might have been paternalistic in that he worked and supported his family himself all his life. But he was a true feminist abolishing the discrimination of women. He loved his family dearly but lived and worked propatria.. He contributed the development of deserted bank of Hangang River. He initiated the globalization designing airports and constructing airstrip. His patriotism has been penetrating into me as water does into a piece of sponge. To me, fatherhood is patriotism and my country is my fatherland."

Her ego is very important to the art but she knows how to respect objective values. She is self-confident and consistent. She is also adaptable. She is an elite advocating what is righteous. As a person she is considerate. She reminds of a personality, well disciplined, positive, sincere, moderate and generous, what she calls fatherhood.

Why is it that there is some pathos of Electra? As a woman and artist, representing double minority in this society, she should be strongly encouraged as a true humanist.           


Minjoo Lee(이민주, 李珉柱)

Artists in Residence programs(Stand studio-Den Haag, The Netherlands/Changdong studio-Seoul, Korea/Vermont studio-Vermont,USA)1982 M.F.A. Graduate school, Seoul National Univ.

1980 B.F.A. The department of painting, College of fine art

Minjoo Lee had solo exhibitions 34times in Seoul, Daejeon, Pohang(Korea),NewYork, Vermont, Philadelphia(USA), Berlin, Krefeld, Forchheim(Germany)and Madrid(Spain).She has awarded in Paris, Vermont, Tokyo and Seoul about 15times.

And she participated in more than 400group exhibitions in korea,Japan,China,Taiwan,France,Spain,Germany,Russia,Mongolia,Oman,India,UAS,United Arab Emirates, Switzerland,The Netherlands and Austria. The articles about her art workswere published more than 200times in Korea, USA, Germany, Switzerland , and so on.

Art Fairs

Barcelona Art Expo, MAC21(Spain)/Europ'Art Geneva, International Art Zurich,Art Show Zurich, (Switzerland),/Innsbruck Art Fair(Austria)/International Art Expo at Carnegie hall, New York Art Expo(USA)/Montreal Art Expo(Canada)/Puertorico Art& wine FairPpuertorico)/KIAF, MANIF(Korea) and etc.


National museum of contemporary art(Korea), Kyunggido Museum(Korea)

Park, Sookeun museum/Seoul art Center/Korea national theaterGeorge Mason University(USA)/Korean cultural center in New York(USA)Korean Embassy in Geneva(Switzerland)/BB International fine Arts GMBH(Switzerland) and etc.

20th Vice chairperson of Korea fine arts Association(Korean National committee of IAA)


President of Samsim Art/ Adjunct professor of Kyunghee University

Artist's Address

minjoolee@chol.com art500.arko.or.kr/yiminjoo.index.htm


Fax:82-2-594-1693 C.P:82-11-9256-0606

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