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Translator English > French

Skype: magalifrance

Telephone : +27 82 257 8177

Born: 1972 @ Salon de Provence

French - Married - 2 daughters

Lives in Cape Town, South Africa


· 1997: Conference Interpreting - ESIT – (Superior School of Interpreters and Translators) Sorbonne Nouvelle – Paris (France)

· 1996: “Maîtrise” degree in English language, history and translation- Université de Provence - Aix en Provence (France).
· 1995: Erasmus University Exchange: translation - The University of Liverpool (UK)
· 1994: Cambridge University Certificate of Proficiency in English - Grimsby (UK)
Main Employers:

Since 2003: FREE LANCE: Cape Town: Translator and Conference Interpreter: MSF (Doctors without Borders), World Education, Sister 2 sister, Shade (NGOs active in the AIDS struggle)

2003: HONEYWELL - (aerospace - IT dpt) – Paris, Genevilliers.

2002: VEGA MEDIA - (press agency) – Madrid, Cairo, Dar Es Salaam, Port-au- Prince, Montréal

2000 - 2001: CARREFOUR HQ - (retail - IT dpt) – Paris.

1997 - 1999: CORIS - (medical assistance - HR) - Paris.

Translation work:

Environment and biology:

7 newsletters, posters, presentations, websites, training manual, questionnaires and glossaries about alien invasive species: exotic plants, animals and micro-organisms which impact negatively on biodiversity, ecosystems, livelihoods, habitats and human health when they establish themselves in a new environment. 240 pages => +/- 150 000 words


Feasibility study on the potential implementation of a treatment programme in Madagascar. 10 pages => 5 000 words

Plan of action for the roll-out of Anti Retro-Viral treatment in Cape Town, South Africa. 27 pages => 13 500 words

Economics and Development:

Retirement pensions: comparison of the main systems of pensions in the world to reform them. 20 pages =>10 000 words .

Report about the challenges of school systems in Africa: schooling fees, girls' education, enrolment ratio, completion of studies. 24 pages =>12 000 words.

Internal motivational posters destined to the African offices of an UN body. 30 posters => 3 000 words

Training programmes destined to civil society organisations and their role in the mining industry. 18 pages =>9 000 words.

Report about the plight of street-children in Madagascar faced with prostitution, HIV, starvation, drugs and violence. 12 pages =>5 800 words.

Culture and history:

Detailed descriptions of the different South-African sites offered for selection by the UNESCO, to be listed as World heritage. Explanatory panels destined to an exhibition. 60 pages => 30 000 words

Film festival in SA : programmes, introductions etc. => 3 000 words.

Poems destined to be read at a poetry event in Paris


Baby skin care guide of a cosmetic leader and packaging of lotions, creams, shampoo, baby products, perfumes, soaps, masks, sanitary pads. 30 pages => 10 000 words


Letters destined to participants in workshops about best practices in the mining industry. Documents destined to participants to a panafrican forum for corporate governance and best practices. Invitations and explanations about workshops on wheat culture in West Africa. Many letters and emails destined to West-African governments asking for permits, licences to do explorations, certificates, statements, thank you letters etc. A PhD questionnaire to teachers in Rwanda & South Africa, about the way they teach history. Advertisements for a well-known brand of soups and stocks. Packaging for fruit juices. IT: software translations. Users' manuals for an ERP system called ASW and software interface.

Total: about 460 pages or 260 000 words

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