Name Surname: Alper erdoğan class: B1-en-n-04

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B1 CORE L.-WEEK 2 1 (1)A


Name Surname:Alper ERDOĞAN

Class: B1-EN-N-04

Number: 21247022

Date: 11.03.2022

Part A: Complete the sentences with the PAST SIMPLE, PAST CONTINUOUS or PAST PERFECT form of the verbs in the box. Use each verb once.

turn on finish eat open do leave stay listen wear go

  1. She went to Hotel Buena Vista, but I ___went_______ in Hotel Primavera!

  2. As Bilal closed the door, he realized he ___had left_______ the keys in the car.

  3. Yannick __was listening________ to music when someone knocked the door.

  4. When I got to work, I saw that I _was wearing_________ one black shoe and one brown shoe.

  5. When we arrived, it was cold because Dad __hadn’t turned on_______ the heating.

  6. Bella started the course last year, but she _didn’t finish_________it.

  7. Goa was new to us because we _had stayed________ there before.

  8. It was too hot so I _had opened_________ the window.

  9. The police want to know what you _were doing_________ between 6.30 a.m. and 7.00 a.m. yesterday.

  10. The food tasted horrible, so we __didn’t eat________ it.

Part B: Put the verb into the correct form, PAST CONTINUOUS or PAST SIMPLE.

  1. ‘__Did you go________________(you/ go) out last night?’ ‘ No, I was tired.’

  2. ‘How fast ‘_were you driving______________(you/ drive) when the accident ‘____happened_______(happen)?’

  3. When I was young, I ___wanted___________(want) to be a pilot.

  4. The film wasn’t very good. I ____didn’t enjoy_____________(not enjoy) it very much.

  5. It was hard carrying bags. They ____were______________(be) very heavy.

  6. I __was cycling___________(cycle) home yesterday when a man ___stepped__________(step) into the road in front of me. I ____went_________(go) quite fast, but luckily I __managed___________( manage) to stop in time and _____didn’t hit________(not hit) him.

Part C: Use your own ideas to complete the sentences.

  1. Matt phoned while we _were playing football__________________________.

  2. The doorbell rang while I _was reading a book__________________________.

  3. We saw an accident while we _were traviling__________________________.

  4. Ann fell asleep while she _was listening the music__________________________.

  5. The television was on, but nobody _wasn’t watching__________________________.

PART D: Put the verbs in brackets into the PAST SIMPLE or THE PRESENT PERFECT.
1.Ann: Hi, Bill! I __haven’t seen_________________ (not/see) you for ages. How __have you been __
Bill: Great! In fact, I _just came back________(just/come back) from holiday.
Ann: Where _did you go_____________(you/go)?
Bill: I _traveled______________(travel) to Canada to visit my parents.
Ann: __Did you have___________________(you/have) a good time?
Bill: Yes, it _________was________(be) wonderful.
2.Ann: I’m looking for my glasses. ___Have you seen__________________ (you/see) them anywhere?
Bill: No, I hope you ___haven’t forgotten____________(not forget) to take them when you ___left______(leave) the library.
Ann: No, I’m sure I ___put__________(put) them in my bag together with my books.
Bill: OK. Where ___have you last seen_____________________(you/last/see) them?
Ann: They were on my desk an hour ago, but now they __disappeared_____ (disappear)!
Bill: Glasses don’t just disappear! Check again.

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