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curriculum vitae of Craig John Bates

As Chief Executive of the Bates Group of Companies:

Managing Director of John L Bates & Associates Pty Ltd,

President of TQCS International (Group) Pty Ltd and

General Manager of Adelaide Microbiology Service.

Craig is internationally acknowledged as a leading expert in the development, implementation and certification of management systems.

Personal Details:

name - Craig John Bates

post nominals - Commander GradDipAppSc CMC MIMC FAICD MAOQ RAN Rtd

born - 2nd December 1957

nationality - Australian

family - Wife - Louise

Children - Tara (1985) and Sean (1986)

home interests - all sports and family activities

professional - Institute of Management Consultants - CMC Member

associations Australian Institute of Company Directors - Fellow

Australian Organisation for Quality - Member

Association of Accredited Certification Bodies - Member

social associations - Returned Services League

address - 12 Huntingdale Avenue

West Lakes SA 5021

home telephone - (08) 8235 9934 mobile phone - 0419 817 269

email - or

Recent employment history and responsibilities:
Chief Executive, Bates Group of Companies (JUN 00 – current)

  • overall operation of John L Bates & Associates, Adelaide Microbiology Service and TQCS International

  • formerly, overall direction of Food Quality Services in Victoria until sold to AgriQuality NZ in Aug 02.

Managing Director, John L Bates & Associates Pty Ltd (JUL 01 - current)

(previously General Manager: JUL 95 – JUN 01)

  • day to day functioning and development of Company including expansion interstate

  • financial accountability of Company performance

  • incorporation of best practice techniques into all business management

  • development of new consulting initiatives and Company activities

  • development of integrated management systems including environmental, food safety and HACCP Plans

  • consulting in QA/EMS/OH&S/Food Safety Management Systems

  • development and delivery of HACCP Courses

  • as General Manager, Adelaide Microbiology Service
    - establishment and management of Adelaide Microbiology Service (food & water testing laboratory)
    - all operational, financial and staffing issues
    - NATA accreditation and accuracy of testing results.

President, TQCS International (Group) Pty Ltd (JUL 01 – current)

(previously General Manager TQCS: SEP 95 – JUN 01)

  • establishment of new Company and expansion of operations interstate and overseas

  • financial accountability and marketing of new clientele

  • development and maintenance of JAS-ANZ accreditation

  • operational functioning of Company

  • development of various Quality Management Codes including Food Safety Program.

Senior Naval Representative - South Australia (MAR 94 - JUL 95)

  • represent Chief of Naval Staff as the Senior Naval Representative in SA

  • represent the Governor General of Australia in SA as his ADC

  • represent all RAN’s interests in SA, including public relations and defence aid to the community

  • management and financial accounting of Navy and the Birkenhead Naval Yard

  • coordination of all logistic and administrative requirements of visiting warships

  • efficient administration of Training Unit Adelaide and Diving Team 9

  • personal management of 200 full time and 400 part time naval employees in SA, and their families

  • management and financial accounting of the Naval Reserve Cadet organisation.

Officer In Charge, Navigation OOW & Maritime Trade Faculty (JUL 93 - MAR 94)

  • all navigation training in RAN including lead instructor for sub-specialist training

  • all Officer of the Watch training in RAN and management of the RAN Bridge Simulator

  • all Naval Control of Shipping training in the RAN.

Fleet Navigation Officer (SEP 91 - JUL 93)

  • responsible to Maritime Commander Australia for setting and maintaining standards of navigation and OOWmanship throughout the Fleet, including ship safety and pollution prevention

  • personal adviser to the Maritime Commander on all navigation, bridgemanship and seamanship matters

  • investigate and recommend action re navigational incidents and expert witness on all navigation matters.

Employment profile:

JUL 01 - now Managing Director, TQCSI International and John L Bates & Associates (JLB)

JUN 00 - now Chief Executive Officer, Bates Group of Companies

SEP 95 - JUN 01 General Manager, Total Quality Certification Services Pty Ltd

JUL 95 - JUN 01 General Manager, John L Bates & Associates

DEC 95 – now General Manager, Adelaide Microbiology Service.

Royal Australian Navy service (22 January 1974 - 28 July 1995):

RAN post nominals Commander GLEX PWO N+ RAN

MAR 94 - JUL 95 Senior Naval Representative – South Australia and ADC to GG of Australia

JUL 93 - MAR 94 Officer In Charge, Navigation OOW and Maritime Trade Faculty, HMAS Watson

SEP 91 - JUL 93 Fleet Navigation Officer, Maritime Headquarters Australia

OCT 88 - SEP 91 Navigating Officer, HMA Ships Brisbane and Westralia

SEP 87 - OCT 88 Senior Navigation Instructor, HMAS Watson

MAY 83 - JAN 87 Navigating Officer, HMA Ships Torrens, Parramatta, Success and Adelaide

JAN 80 - MAY 83 RAN operations at sea, HMA Ships Yarra, Curlew, Barbette and Cairns

JAN 74 - JAN 80 RAN Training, HMA Ships Creswell, Melbourne, Watson and Bombard.

Current Directorships/Committees:

  • John L Bates & Associates Pty Ltd (Executive Director from July 1996

  • TQCSI International (Group) Pty Ltd (Executive Director from July 1996)

  • Association of Accredited Certification Bodies (Chairman from October 2005)

  • ACSQHC - Accrediting Agencies Working Group (Member from June 2011)

  • Australian Organisation for Quality (AOQ) – silent Q Working Group (from September 2011)

  • JAS-ANZ Technical Advisory Committee (Member from June 2012)

  • Standards Australia Committee – Quality Assessments & Audits (QR-006)

  • Standards Australia Committee – Conformity Assessment (QR-010)

  • Standards Australia Committee – Certification & Testing Forum (SD-002)

  • Standards Australia Committee – Occupational Health & Safety Management (SF-001).

Former Directorships:

  • Australian Institute of Management Consultants (Non-Executive Director, 2001-2003)

  • Food Quality Services Pty Ltd (Executive Director, 1999-2002)

  • South Australian Committee of Institute of Management Consultants (1998-2004).

Current Mentorships & Appointments:

  • Telstra Stadium (since January 1999) – Australia’s premier sporting venue (2000 Olympics venue)

  • Sarin Group (since January 2008) – Australia’s leading tuna fishery & processor

  • Century Manufacturing (since January 2009) – engineering and fabrication provider to Defence

  • Australian Packaging (since June 2009) – packaging manufacturer, including food manufacturing

  • Listed on Register of Business Consultants (, IMC and ICMCI Registers of Management Consultants ( and, and the Society of Industry Leaders (


Academic -

  • Higher School Certificate (NSW matriculation), RANC DEC 75

  • Creswell Course, RANC JUL 78

  • Diploma of Maritime Studies JUN 80

  • Graduate Diploma of Applied Science in Navigation AUG 87

Professional (General) -

  • Certificate in Vocational Instruction NOV 87

  • Total Quality Management, AGSM DEC 93

  • Lead Assessor Training, PE Batalis/QAS FEB 95

  • Registered NIES Consultant JUN 95

  • Enterprise Review Practitioners Course, SACFM JUN 95

  • Diploma of Company Directorship, AICD (pass - Order of Merit) NOV 96

  • Certified Management Consultant, IMC JUN 99

  • RABQSA Registered Lead Auditor (Quality) JUL 00

  • Registered Lead Auditor (Environmental & OHS) JUL 00

  • Certificate IV in Assessment & Workplace Training NOV 02

  • Lead Auditor - Marine Stewardship Council (fish sustainability) JAN 03

  • RABQSA Registered Lead Auditor (Food Safety/HACCP) JUL 05

  • RABQSA Registered Skill Examiner FEB 06

  • RABQSA Registered Principal Auditor (Environmental) MAY 06

Professional (Major International Naval Warfare) -

  • RAN Long Navigation Course (PWO Phase 2) DEC 84

  • Joint Warfare Course AUG 87

  • RAN Surface Warfare Officer’s Course (PWO Phase 1) AUG 87

  • RN Advanced Navigation Sea Check (Dagger N - dux) – UK NOV 91

Professional (Other RAN) -

  • Junior Officer’s Administration Course APR 79

  • Harbour Watchkeeping Certificate NOV 79

  • Minor Fleet Unit Bridge Watchkeeping Certificate NOV 79

  • Ocean Navigation Certificate FEB 80

  • Full Bridge Watchkeeping Certificate JUN 80

  • Explosives Custodian Course AUG 80

  • Security Officer’s Qualification NOV 80

  • Minor Fleet Unit CO/XO Desig Course NOV 80

  • Intermediate Navigation Course MAR 81

  • Registered Publications Officer’s Course AUG 82

  • Project Management Course OCT 83

  • Instructor Technique Course NOV 87

  • ADF Senior Officers’ Media Awareness Course JUN 94


  • Defence Force Service Medal May 1989

  • Australian Active Service Medal with Kuwait Clasp March 1991

  • Returned from Active Service Badge June 1991

  • Australian Service Medal with Kuwait Clasp June 1991

  • Kingdom of Saudi Arabia Gulf War Medal June 1991

  • Defence Force Service Medal with First Clasp January 1994

  • Australian Defence Medal June 2007

Career Highlights:

  • Being selected to enter the RAN and attend the Naval College at Jervis Bay as a 16 year old (1974).

  • Qualifying for the Bridge Watch-keeping Certificate, completing six years naval officer training (1980).

  • Boarding Officer for HMAS Barbette, apprehending the illegal fishing vessel Yuan Tsuan (1982).

  • Qualifying as a specialist warfare officer, sub specialising in navigation (1987).

  • Serving in the Gulf War as Navigating and Operations Officer of HMAS Westralia (JAN-JUN 91) - responsible to the Command for all operational commitments of the ship, ensuring its safety from the enemy, maintaining the ship at the highest level of operational readiness and integration with the US Allied Forces.

  • Graduating as dux of the RN Advanced Navigation Sea Check in the UK (1991), recognised as the highest navigation qualification in the world.

  • Responsibility for setting and monitoring navigation policy/standards for the RAN (1991-1994).

  • Retiring from the Navy after 21 years of service and joining John L Bates & Associates Pty Ltd (1995).

  • Establishing Total Quality Certification Services Pty Ltd and managing JAS-ANZ accreditation (1995).

  • Appointment to executive directorships of JLB and TQCSI (1996).

  • Development of ANTA accredited, HACCP and Food Safety Program training (1997).

  • Implementation of quality, environmental & OHS management systems into Olympic venues in Sydney (1997-2000).

  • Developing TQCS Small Business Quality Management Codes, including the HACCP Code (1996) and its subsequent registration by JAS-ANZ as the first accredited HACCP Code in the world (2002).

  • Coordinating NATA accreditation for AMS and building of the new microbiological laboratory (1998-2000).

  • Coordinating QA/micro testing response to Salmonella poisoning in Nippy’s Orange Juice (1999) and testifying as expert witness at subsequent trial (2002), for Domino’s Pizza re an E.coli poisoning death (1999-2000) and for Conroy’s Smallgoods re Listeria deaths (2005-2006).

  • Coordinating the acquisition of Food Quality Services Pty Ltd (1999) and its subsequent sale (2002).

  • Establishment of TQCSI’s first international operations in Asia (China, 2000).

  • Purchase of Bates’ Group of Companies and appointment as Managing Director of JLB and TQCSI (2001).

  • Development of Lead Auditor Training Courses and certification by RABQSA (2001).

  • Appointment as Vice President of the Institute of Management Consultants in Australia (2001).

  • Expansion of TQCSI operations into the Middle East (2006), northern Africa (2008) and western Europe (2010).

  • Development of first international office for JLB in Japan (2004).

  • Development and delivery of world’s first ISO 22000 Course (Japan 2005).

January 2019

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