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Name : Prof. Chandrakant Dnyandev Lokhande

Present position: Shivaji University, Kolhapur

Date of birth: 1st June 1956

Education: M Sc, Ph D (Ph D awarded without Viva voce exam)

Place of birth: Wasud-Akola (Solapur) Maharashtra, India

Present Address: Thin Film Physics Laboratory, Department of Physics,

Shivaji University, Kolhapur - 416 004

Ph.:(O)0231-2609229, (R)0231-2533807 9922231348 ( Mob.)

Fax: 91-0231-269153, E-mail: l_chandrakant@yahoo.com

Permanent address: At/Post Piliv ( Malshirus) Dist Solapur, Maharashtra

Teaching Experience: 21 years

Research Experience: 28 years

Research Area: Semiconductor Thin Films: Preparation, Characterization and


Patents: (37) (Indian 11 accepted, Korea 5 accepted), Applied (Indian)

20, World 01

Books: (3)

Review Articles: (10)

Research Publications: Papers published in International Journals : 330

Papers presented/accepted at Seminars/Symposia: 450

Total : 780

Citation index: More than 2400, Most down loaded articles (3) 2004-06.

Research Guidance: Ph. D. (Completed) 25 Working for Ph. D: 0 8

M. Phil. 05 M.Sc Projects: 60

Research Projects: Projects Completed (6) (60 Lakhs) On Going: (2)

Applied (2.5 Crores)

Honors and Awards:

1) Visiting Scientist: Brain Pool program, South Korea (2003-2004),

2) Alexander Von-Humboldt Fellowship: Germany (1996-1998, 1998, 2000, 2001)

3) Visiting Professor: Hanyang University, Seoul, Korea (2006)

4) Visiting Scientist: Brain Pool program, South Korea (2003-2004),

5) U.G.C. Commonwealth Fellowship: U.K. (1995)

6) Fellow: Institute of Physics, London

7) Research Associateship: Kwansei Gakein University, Japan (1994)

8) Visiting Scientist: Indo-Polish culture Exchange Programme, Poland (1991-92)

9) Research Associate ship: University of Carbondale, U. S. A. (1986)

10) Post Doctoral Fellowship: The Weizmann Institute of Science, Israel (1984-86)

11) Visiting Associat ship: Council of Scientific and Industrial Research, (94-97)

12) Visiting Fellow: Department of Science and Technology, (DST) (1994-95)

13) Visiting Fellow: Indian National Science Association, (INSA) (1993-94)

14) Senior and Junior Research Fellowships: CSIR, New Delhi (1981-85)

Research Collaborations:

1) Florida Solar Energy Center, USA (1993-1997), 2) Hahn Meitner Institute, Germany (1996- onwards) 3) Korea Inst of Science and Tech, Seoul, Korea, 4) Hanyang University, Seoul, Korea, 5) Gifu University, Japan, 6) Chonnam University, Korea

Research consultancy: Electroplating industry, LPG sensors, Hupri industrial area, Manugraph India, coloring of stainless steel
Life Memberships of Professional bodies:
1) Marathi Vigyan Parishad (MVP), 2) Material Research Society of India (MRSI), 3) Society For Advancement of electrochemical Science and Technology (SAEST), 4) Indian Physics Society, Kolkotta

Treasurer, Shivaji University PG teachers Association (SUPTA) (1993-97), Secretary, Science Form (1987-95), Executive member SUPTA (2007-2009)

Visits abroad:

Israel (2.5 years), Germany (3 years), South Korea (2.5 years),USA, Egypt, Switzerland, France, Italy, Poland, Austria, Belgium, China, Japan, Singapore, England, Russia

Referee to International Journals: (20)

Administrative Experience:

Departmental secretary (1990-1998), Lab in-charge (1995 0nwards), Secretary ASIST program, Member of faculty, purchase, admission, entrance etc committees, Selection committees for colleges etc. Conference Convener: 1) International conference on advanced materisals and applications (2007), 2) Shivaji Univ – Hanyang Univ. S. Korea Bilateral summit (2007), 3) National Seminar on Materials for Advanced Technologies (2006), 4) National Conference on Electronic Materials (1995) Shivaji University Co-ordinator: MOU with Hanyang Univ Korea, MOU with Gifu University, Japan

Chairperson: JECS meeting, Boston, USA (1998)

Members in other Universities: BOS North Maharashtra Univ(2002-2003), BOS Nanded Univ Nanded(2007-2010), Faculty Nanded Univ (2010).

Referee: M. Phil and Ph.D. of many Universities in India

Invited talks: BARC Mumbai, Mumbai Univ., Gifu Univ., Japan, Hanyang Univ., Korea, KIST Korea, Nagoya Univ. Japan, Univ. of Cardiff, U K, Noble Laureates Meet, Lindau Germany (2001),Univ. of Gottenhun Germany, Univ. of China etc

Resource person: many conferences and refresher courses

Reviewer: National Science Foundation, USA project proposals, Israel Science Foundation proposals

Member: Syllabus committee MPSC , PPSC

Scientific advisor: Patent office Mumbai, Govt. of India, Shivaji Univ. Kolhapur

Lectures: Patent filing and IPR acts, Career Opportunities.

Member: Research board of advisors, The American Biographical Society, USA (2000)

Member: Trustees, Marathi Vidnyan Parishad, Malshiras Vibhag (1999 onwards)

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