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OCAK 2013

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Cey Kimya Geri Donusum Makina Sanayi ve Ticaret Ltd.

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Marmara Geri Donusumculer Sit. Marmara Cad. No:4 Cayirova

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+90-262-658 1500

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Turkish Company located in Kocaeli, Turkey, manufactures the machinery and equipment to produce plasticizers and provides innovative solutions for plasticizer production process is currently seeking new opportunities to work with multinational companies. They offer turn-key facility delivery or toll manufacturing. Their simple DOTP production process briefly guarantees; Production period (Adding catalyser – Beginning of vacuum) is less than 14 hours, Maximum reaction temperature is 210°C, No need for pressure and process is open to atmosphere, The ester rate of the produced DOTP is always greater than %99, Excess alcohol can be used on the next batch without any purification, No chemicals are used to clarify the colour of produced DOTP. The Company spent extensive amount of time and knowledge to the research and development of DOTP production from process engineering to mechanical engineering. This created a production system that is much more efficient in consumption, much faster in reaction time with less waste occurrence in production. Its turn-key DOTP production facilities have been delivered to the 5 largest chemical companies in Turkey.

Yüklə 91,22 Kb.

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