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Resepe Project

Intelligent Sensors Netowork Development for Permetral Defense

The aim of RESEPE (Intelligent Sensors Network for Perimetrañl Defense) project is to develop and validate sensor integrated networks for detection and location in sequrity and defense applications.
This project is the logical continuation of RESINDE (Intelligent Sensor Network for detection and location) Project which was developed in the frame of a COINCIDENTE and PROFIT Programme in 2004 and 2005. RESINDE objective was to analys the feasibility of the idea, design it and verify a sensor network.


The main tasks TTI will develope allong the Project are:

- Design and Develop a new kina of sensor RADAR (omnidirectional, with very low consumption and small dimensions) which incluyes:

- piramidal Antenna for transmitting and receiving the RADAR signal.¡

- RF and base band equipment with low noise and low consumption

- Detection and signal processing circuits

- Design and Develop communication electronics of the sensor and central node.

- Design and Integrate node and sensors.


21 months

Date of Start: April 2006

TTI (Leader), INSA

Project co-financed by the “Ministerio de Ciencia e Innovaciónand the European Social Fund.

TTI, Parque Científico y Tecnológico de Cantabria, C/ Albert Einstein nº 14, 39011 Santander (Cantabria) SPAIN. Tlfno:+34 942 29 12 12 Fax:+34 942 27 01 39

Yüklə 13,4 Kb.

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