Payroll Tax Guide For Northern Territory Employers and Businesses

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Payroll Tax Guide

For Northern Territory Employers

and Businesses

Department of Treasury and Finance


Introduction 3

Disclaimer 3

Abbreviations 4

Making it Easier for Businesses and Taxpayers 5

What is Payroll Tax? 6

What Is Meant by Wages? 7

Common Errors Made in Payroll Tax Returns 11

How do you know if your Business should be Registered as an Employer for Payroll Tax? 12

When Does a Business Need to Register and Start Paying Payroll Tax? 13

Exempt Employers 13

Which State ‘Owns’ Payroll Tax When Employees Work in More than One State or Territory? 14

Other Types of Taxable Wages 20

Fringe Benefits 25

Introduction 25

Shares and Options 29

Principles 29

Contractors, Subcontractors, Consultants and Payroll Tax 32

What is a ‘Relevant Contract’? 32

Calculating Your Payroll Tax 41

Introduction 41

Information you will Need Before Lodging your Monthly Return 41

Examples of Payroll Tax Calculations 43

Lodging and Paying your Payroll Tax Returns 46

Cancellation of Payroll Tax Registration 47

Grouping and Payroll Tax 48

Who Has a ‘Controlling Interest’ in Various Business Structures? 53

Tracing Provisions – Direct, Indirect and Aggregation of Interests in Companies 58

Introduction 58

Fundamental Principle 58

Exclusion from a Group 61

Administration of Payroll Tax 62

Record Keeping 62

Interest and Penalty Tax 63

Investigations, Assessments and Reassessments 64

Objections and Appeals 65

Instalment Arrangements 66

Appendix 1: Payroll Tax Nexus Rules 71

Appendix 2: Exempt Rates – Motor Vehicle and Accommodation Allowance 72

Appendix 3: Fringe Benefits 73

Appendix 4: Relevant Contract Analysis Schedule (under separate cover) 73

Appendix 5: Tax-Free Entitlements (Annual Deductions), Payroll Tax Rates and Interest Rates 74


This guide is a plain English source of payroll tax information for Northern Territory (NT) employers and businesses based upon legislation, rulings and guidelines in force as at

1 July 2015.

While designed for everyday working use, it should not be considered as a replacement for legislation and official guidelines, rulings and circulars issued by the Commissioner of Territory Revenue. There are references and electronic links throughout the document to relevant publications.

This publication is designed to give the reader detailed guidance on identifying and implementing the components of an employer’s payroll tax returns. For those readers seeking a general overview of payroll tax, without policy and operational detail, the sections entitled ‘What is Payroll Tax?’, ‘How do you Know if Your Business Should Be Registered as an Employer for Payroll Tax?’ and ‘What is Meant by Wages?’ should be reviewed.

If any uncertainty exists with a particular aspect of the information provided, please seek advice from your professional representative or contact the Territory Revenue Office by telephone on 1300 305 353 or by email at

These contacts can also be used to report any aspect of the guide that users believe could be improved.

The main laws applicable to payroll tax in the NT are the Payroll Tax Act (PRTA) and the Taxation Administration Act (TAA).

Earlier legislation continues to apply to payroll tax liabilities incurred before 1 July 2015, the date of commencement of this update of the guide.


While the information within this document has been prepared in good faith by the Territory Revenue Office, and all reasonable efforts have been made to ensure the document is accurate and comprehensive, it is emphasised that this guide does not constitute a formal ruling.


AAR Annual adjustment return

ABN Australian Business Number

ADA Annual deductible amount (taxpayer’s annual tax-free entitlement)

ATO Australian Taxation Office

BAS Business activity statement

Commissioner Commissioner of Territory Revenue

DGE Designated group employer

EFT Electronic funds transfer

ESS Employee share scheme

FBT Fringe benefits tax

FBTAA Fringe Benefits Tax Assessment Act 1986 (Commonwealth)

FIFO Fly-in, fly-out

GST Goods and services tax

ITAA Income Tax Assessment Act 1997 (Commonwealth)

LAFTA Living away from home allowance

MDA Monthly deductible amount (taxpayer’s monthly tax-free entitlement)

NT Northern Territory

PRTA Payroll Tax Act (NT)

SA South Australia

States Includes the Australian Capital Territory and the Northern Territory

TA Travel allowance

TAA Taxation Administration Act (NT)

TPAR Taxable Payments Annual Report

INTRA TRO’s on-line integrated revenue application

TRO Territory Revenue Office

Making it Easier for Businesses and Taxpayers

The Territory Revenue Office (TRO) is committed to making it easier for businesses and taxpayers to understand and accurately calculate and pay their payroll tax obligations, regardless of whether they have a Territory-only or multi-state operation.

To achieve this, TRO has:

provided this plain English language guide designed for an audience of people associated with accounting, payroll and taxation functions in businesses;

along with other states, participated in the payroll tax harmonisation program, to ensure taxable wages are treated consistently in each state;

developed a single on-line contact point for all payroll tax-related information, guidelines, forms, guides and legislation; and

provided access to the Integrated Revenue Application (INTRA) on-line returns facility, which automatically calculates a taxpayer’s tax-free entitlement, net taxable wages, and payroll tax liability from wages information loaded by the taxpayer from its accounting and tax records.

Links to Further Information

References are made throughout this guide to various Revenue Circulars, Payroll Tax Rulings, Commissioner’s Guidelines, Information Bulletins and forms. These can be downloaded from the TRO website at

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