President’s Report June 11, 2013

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President’s Report

June 11, 2013

  1. Building Liaison

    1. The purpose of building liaison is to build a collaborative labor-management decision-making process. The minutes of those meetings need to be recorded and sent to the building colleagues and the WPTA.

    2. It will be important as we move forward that these building liaison meetings occur monthly. Shabnam Tapia is available for the elementary schools and Carol Tito is available for the secondary schools if help is needed at the table.

    3. These minutes can be written and sent by a rep (not necessarily the Sr. Rep) prior to the monthly council meeting.

    4. These are the minutes used to develop the District liaison agenda.

  1. Representative Council

    1. Request that all reps attend a minimum of 4 meetings per year.

    2. A building should be represented at each meeting

    3. Attached is a copy of the building reps for the 2013-14 school year. Please be sure to indicate who will be the head rep for the 2013-14 year on the “master”. This will be posted ASAP.

    4. Attached is a copy of the TRO summer school offering for reps. It is expected that new and re-elected reps attend. Each rep will receive a mailing after elections are finalized

  1. Elections

    1. Election results were sent to head building reps on May 21st to be posted. A copy is posted on

    2. The executive board passed the following motion put forth by Glen Setterstrom and seconded by Lonnette Tuck:

      1. I cast 1 vote for Kerry Broderick, President; Anthony Russo, Secretary; Les Roby, Treasurer; I move that the ballot be closed on said names.

        1. Yes - unanimous

  1. 2013-2014 Budget

    1. WP budget passed 2:1, however, only 900 people voted.

    2. Please get out a vote in your community if your local school budget is up for ratification on June 18th.

  1. WPTA Budget

    1. Dues will be as follows

      1. AFT: $213.36

      2. NYSUT: $346.00

      3. Local $250.00

    1. Review of budget

  1. APPR Update

    1. Meeting 6/17: tentative agenda:

      1. review and discuss all of the “other than teacher” rubric work

      2. expect an answer to the following question: “Why can’t all of the administrative team agree to be all in, that is agree to be held accountable for their work and design a rubric that demonstrates that commitment”?

      3. presentation of concerns of end of year testing

    1. There will be NO changes to the APPR for next year.

    2. All composite scores are due to State Ed by October 15th (no rush on our part). We need to do this right and not rust

    3. We are currently negotiating the input of SLO and local score data. Please be sure your building members are NOT inputting scores at this time. A follow-up email should follow later this week

    4. Roster verification

      1. all teachers received a letter from Peg (copy attached) that asked teachers to verify their rosters.

      2. This is extremely important since some students may not have been removed from a teacher’s roster

      3. If a student is on the roster, but not in class, please see your AP

    1. If a student is currently on your roster and NEVER took the baseline, this student doesn’t count towards a teacher’s score. The same applies for students who took the baseline but never took the summative assessment.

  1. Negotiations

    1. We are at fact finding.

    2. Fact finder is: TBD

    3. Actual fact finding is in the fall.

    4. This is what to expect with fact finding: The arbitrator is assigned to conduct an arbitration process leading to a public, non-binding decision that is usually the basis of the final settlement. This requires both sides to submit briefs that include the proposals discussed with evidence. No new proposals can be included.

  1. Solidarity Events

    1. Petition for parents about testing

      • Open letter and petition about testing – see attached

      • You may sign this as a parent – not as a teacher!!!

    1. Race for Solidarity

      • Saturday May 18th - we had several runners

      • Proceeds go to NYSUT Disaster Relief Funds

    1. June 8, 2013 March on Albany

      • rally in Albany for public education

      • turn out in Albany was very good

    1. Retiree Celebration

      • June 5th at Vintage on Main Street; 5-7 pm

    1. End of Year Celebration

      • June 13th 3-7 pm

      • North Street Tavern (1128 North Street, at the Maple Moor Golf course)

      • Please post the attached flyer and get the word out to the members.

9. VOTE-COPE and Political Action (PAC)

    1. Need everyone to help with “in-district” visits to legislators

    2. Contact Glen Setterstrom if interested - we will put you on an email list (your home email only)

    3. This is what your VOTE-COPE contributions do!!!

10. WPTA Scholarship Winners

a. STAR program (2 - $250 scholarships) - Matthew Riordan and Marissa Cole


$1000 - Clair Cangialosi

$1000 - Gina Moricone

$500 - Taiana Plllard
11. WPTA Summer Information

    1. Many reps have signed up for “summer school”. This is important as we face another challenging year.

    1. The office will be open part-time beginning June 24th.

To help us better serve you during this time and answer any questions you have as soon as possible, it is best to e-mail your request and/or question to If you call the office, please leave a DETAILED message so we can help you without a call back. Dental and vision claim forms and provider listings are available outside the WPTA office on the first floor at the Staff Development Center or online at under the “Benefits” link.
c. New Teacher Orientation - 8/26-8/29

8/26 - Mentee luncheon

8/28 - WPTA sponsored lunch

8/29 - WPTA sponsored lunch

Please plan to come and meet new teachers on one of these days. Drop in!
d. In preparation for common issues that may be occurring before our meeting in September, some scenarios are attached.

12. Student Status Eligibility - Dental and Vision Care Plans

If you have a dependent child who is a full-time student, forms for the Fall semester

(September 1st-December 31st) are available from the Teachers Association office or on our

website at If you have a dependent who will be graduating college

and/or is no longer a full-time student and wants to continue dental and vision benefits under

COBRA, forms are available at the Teachers Association office. Please contact Karen McGuire

at for either form.

13. Motions

The WPTA will donate $365.00 for 1/4 page advertisement in the annual White Plains PBA

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