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Coaching for Leaders Programme (CLP)
The Coaching for Leaders Programme (CLP) uncovers and engages with the basic aspects of coaching in the work context. It exposes middle managers to coaching theories and models, ethics, personal discovery, transformation and the practical aspects relating to coaching skills. The CLP responds to the increasing need in the corporate environment for leaders and managers with coaching knowledge, skills and abilities within organisations.

Who should attend?
For participation in the CLP you must have a Senior Certificate, a NQF level 6 qualification or equivalent and at least two years’ managerial experience. Applicants who are not on management level need similar qualifications with at least 10 years’ working experience

What are the benefits?
The CLP will benefit middle managers aspiring to add coaching skills to their personal leadership toolkit but who do not necessarily want to become full-time accredited coaches in organisations.

How much does it cost?
R30,000 This amount includes provision of online learning materials but excludes the cost of books if required.

When can you apply and register?
The application and registration process for the CLP takes place from 1 June until 15 July 2017. Attendance at the CLP study school is compulsory and the dates thereof will be provided.
Where can you find more information and contact us?
Please access this link for more information on the CLP content and other short learning programmes offered by the CBL.
Dumisani and Letsai at the CBL will also answer any queries you may have and provide additional information or details as required.

Dumisani Kewuti

Tel: 011 652 0263


Letsai Mashishi

Tel: 011 652 0217


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