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3.2Interest of the project

  • Link between joint programs and employability of the graduates

    • Perception of students?

    • Perception of Joint Programs by employers? Employer needs?

    • JP/DD as a real advantage in comparison with conventional programs in professional life?

    • Academic validity of JD/DD?

  • Guidelines to improve and adjust the JP/DD to students and labor market demands

  • Quality assurance of our JD/DD

  • use the results as a recruitment/marketing tool

3.3Implementation and constraints

3.3.1Alumni contact strategy

Response rate 30%








Management of alumni relation

Alumni relation office

ALUMNI POLITO is an external non-profit association, 11000 members, agreement with Polito concerning collaboration on:

Networking with former students (annual meeting)


Training for Architectural Professional Practice Exam

Cultural activities


UPC Unit: “UPC Alumni

Alumni organization that collects and manages alumni data

Employability observatory (OEIST) inquires alumni after 12-18 months, 5 and 10 years

Transfer and Technology Office (TT) does activities with alumni

Alumni Association :

TU Darmstadt Alumni Network (

Alumni network

Alumni networks of our French partners

Available data

alumni data base

ALMALAUREA: Consortium of Italian universities:

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